August 2015

Bread Fruit Stew Recipe

Bread fruit or kadachakka stew is a delicious Indian cuisine. This is nearly similar to jack fruit. We can make different dishes with ripe and raw bread fruit.Ripe one used to make desserts. It is highly fibrous and nutritious. It is a delicious substitute for any starchy crop,vegetable and potato. Today I am going to make the raw fruit with coconut milk. It goes well with rice,appam and chapati. Stew

Kashmiri Pulao Recipe

Kashmiri pulao has been kids favourite dish. It is a very popular Kashmiri rice recipe prepared with fresh fruits, nuts and dry fruits. I love it very much, as it is mildly spicey and little sweet dish due to that i used to pair it with any spicy gravy veg or non veg like paneer butter masala or spicy chicken curry etc. Kashmiri cuisine have many rich and flavourful dishes

Chakka Pradaman Recipe

Chakka Pradaman For Vishu Jack fruit pudding is one of the most delicious mouth watering kheer,usually prepares for Vishu Sadyas, as it is available in summer. This is the traditional sweet of Keralites. If you preserve jack fruit jam or varattiyathu, can use to make pradaman for onam sadya. Jack fruit is always healthy as it contains fiber ,vitamins and minerals. Ingredients Jack fruit-20 bulbs Jaggery-150 gm Cashew-15 nos Coconut milk


Mushroom pepper fry also called as pepper mushroom, is a tasty side dish which can be served along with roti, chapati or paratha.  Not only for roti, it can also be served along with rice and any gravy.  It can be served along with rice dishes such as pulao.  This dish has got a peppery flavor.  I have made this using button mushrooms, but you can use any variety of mushrooms


Sundal is a South Indian dish which is usually made during Navarathri or vinayaka chathurti celebrations as an offering for god.  It is made with dry legumes.  You can make sundal with all kinds of legumes including, black or white chana, peanuts, green peas, rajma and many others.  It is very easy to prepare, tasty and healthy.  Since we are making use of dry chana, it is very important to

Beans Carrot Thoran

  Hi friends, today i am presenting a very common and simple kerala recipe. And it is a thoran, a combination of beans and carrot . As it looks colorful. it is healthy too.   Beans Carrot Thoran Recipe Ingredients :- Oil – 1 tbsp Mustard seeds- 1/2 tbsp Small Onion – 3 nos Beans – 250 gm carrot – 250 gm Turmeric powder – 1 tsp Curry Leaves salt

Mango Stew Recipe

Mango is the national fruit of India,Pakistan and Philippines. This is  summer, the season of mangoes. We can make so many dishes with ripe and raw contains phyto nutrients such as vitamin c , folate etc. Mango has high fiber content which helps in digestion and weight loss. Today i am going to make a special dish with raw mango. I can’t tolerate the sourness ,so i will make

Puli Inji / Inchi Curry Recipe

Puli Inji is a traditional side dish of Kerala. Usually serves in sadya. It is very delicious because it contains sweetness sourness and spicy. It helps in digestion because ginger helps to increase the blood flow. Ginger is an antioxidant and it prevents the production of gas in the intestine. This dish is an essential part of celebrations. We can keep puli inji till one week outside without  getting damage.


Moru kachiyathu is a favourite amoung most of the Malayalees.  There are certain dishes which are  simple but yet very close to the heart and this is one such dish.  It is very easy to make, simple and tasty.  Even bachelors can try making this dish.  My cousin who leaves abroad always makes this dish for lunch along with some potato fry or with an omelette.  He told me that it

KFC Style Kentucky Fried Chicken Recipe

We love fried chicken, and KFC used to be one of our favourite. There is definitely way to enjoy a healthier and better fried chicken prepare at home. There is a trade secret how KFC makes the best tasting chicken, which no one knows. If we prepare at home we can definitely say that its a healthier snack for our kids, with no food colour and preservaties(pesky ingredients like ajinomotto).


Semiya payasam is a South Indian dessert made with semiya / vermicelli. Payasam is prepared on special occasions and since Onam is nearing, I thought of sharing this tasty payasam with you all. Semiya payasam, I would say is an easy payasam which can be made by all and during all occasions.  Though we make parippu pradhaman or some other payasams with coconut milk, this is a favourite among my kids

Pochero Recipe

Pochero is a dish that originated from Spain and well known across the world especially in countries such as Paraguay, Colombia, Mexico, Uruguay, Argentina and Philippines. The name puchero simply means stewpot. I grow up eating puchero or pochero because it’s my dad’s favorite dish. So, my mom often prepares it for lunch usually on Sunday so the whole family is at home. This pochero recipe is my mom’s recipe,

Kozhuva Irumbanpuli Peera Vechathu/Anchovies simmered with Coconut

Anchovies/Kozhuva are known by different names in kerala, like netholi, chooda, podi meen etc. The fresh anchovies are use to make this dish. The frozen anchovies will not give you the authentic taste of the recipe. Meen peera/pattichathu is normally cook along with coconut scrapings and kudumpuli/ Fish Tamarind. But today for a change I am going to make this recipe along with bilimbi/irumban puli as a souring agent. Its

Pan cit(Chinese noodles)Recipe

Pancit is a traditional dish of Philippines is originated from Chinese were ancestors of Philippines,thus they influenced by Chinese Indochinese believe that every diet should provide dietary balance. So they preferred noodles with vegetables and non veg together in one division. Noodles are requiring minimal cooking time.   There are varieties of pancits according to the noodles we use. It is delicious and healthy. Here i used cellophane noodles,which are

Wonton Soup

Last week, I went to Cubao with my son. We didn’t have breakfast before we left for office. So, we decided to eat in Chowking, a popular Chinese fast food chain. I ordered chicken that comes with wonton soup. It is the first time I tried wonton soup and I find the soup delicious. Ever since I tasted Chowking’s wonton soup, I never stop craving for its taste. I wanted

How To Make Aloo Kasoori

The potato fenugreek leaves recipe is very quick, simple and easy one to prepare in less time with very few ingredients, its avery nutritious vegetable mixing with flavours from the fenugreek leaves also known as methi leaves. Kasuri methis is nothing but dries methi/fenugreek leaves. This dish is delicious in addition to being healthy. Aloo kasuri methi is a delicious dish along with potatoes. Here am using baby potatoes, if

Chicken Ala King

Chicken ala king is a chicken recipe consists of chicken breasts, vegetables and cream sauce. This dish usually served with bread or on top of pasta. In my household, we eat ala king with rice. My kids love the richness and creaminess of this dish so I always prepare this dish once a week. My chicken ala king recipe is a version suited for my family’s tastebuds, so feel free

Palak Chicken Curry / Spinach Chicken Curry - A North Indian Dish

Palak Chicken is one of the most popular and delicious dishes in North Indian Cuisine. It is a wonderful blend of chicken curry and spinach.I am sure all will love this dish.This is a nutrient rich, low-fat and low-calorie meal that is great to have on rotation as part of a healthy diet.     Palak Chicken Curry / Spinach Chicken Curry Recipe Ingredients : Palak(Spinach) – half kg Chicken – 250

Kerala Dal Curry - Kerala Parippu Curry

Onam is coming, so I am updating few sadya recipes. Kerala Onam Sadya or any Kerala Sadya/Feast Nadan Parrippu Curry is an inevitable part. The best combination of Kerala Dal Curry is ghee and pappad. Its an superb and really easy recipe. Its a dal based curry mixed with a spiced coconut mixture and forms an integral part of onam sadya. In kerala sadya this parippu curry is the first

Siomai Recipe

Siomai is a popular dumpling snack that you can easily make. This dim sum is loved by many people, and the numerous food stalls selling siomai is evident that this type of food is enjoyed by many.  Satisfying  cravings for great tasting siomai is never a problem even if you can’t get out to buy some. That’s because you can easily make a great tasting dim sum that is worth