Noodle Recipes

Chinese Mixed Noodles

Hello Buddies!! I am again back with a very popular yummy dish, kids favorite Mixed Noodles. A healthy fast food  that you can make at home. It is a popular chinese meal. Sometimes on a busy day, we can have it without any other side dish. Sometimes Iused to cook it for my kid lunch box. Most of the kids would love the dish. This recipe is my son favourite

Pan cit(Chinese noodles)Recipe

Pancit is a traditional dish of Philippines is originated from Chinese were ancestors of Philippines,thus they influenced by Chinese Indochinese believe that every diet should provide dietary balance. So they preferred noodles with vegetables and non veg together in one division. Noodles are requiring minimal cooking time.   There are varieties of pancits according to the noodles we use. It is delicious and healthy. Here i used cellophane noodles,which are

Chicken Schezwan Noodles Recipe

Hello, buddies. What a magnificent Sunday it is! Sunday afternoons are meant to whip up easy and delicious recipes in the kitchen. Chinese food is so quick, ones you are done chopping the veggies, its just a matter of minutes to put the food on the plate. The stir-fry technique is one of my favorite cooking techniques of all time. It’s a lifesaver and the food cooked that way is

Veg Hakka Noodles Recipe with Step-by-Step Pictures

Indo-Chinese dishes are one of my all time favorites. Never can I say no to a bowl of piping hot manchow soup or a platter of hakka noodles. Today I am sharing the recipe of one of the most iconic Indo-Chinese dishes, Veg Hakka Noodles! It is a very simple, quick recipe and nutritious recipe. I have added capsicum, carrots, french beans and cabbage to my recipe. You can add

Honey-Garlic Maggi Recipe

Hello foodie buddies. Today I am sharing a lip-smacking and yet surprisingly simple recipe. It’s Saturday and who wants to cook lavish lunch instead of hanging around and watching TV? This is my attempt to give our favorite, beloved Maggi a makeover. You can use the usual noodles too. But then you will need to use those Maggi tastemakers anyway. But then the Maggi noodles would be left without any


  Chow Mein simply means ‘stir-fried noodles’. This dish is one of the popular items appears in the menu of all Chinese restaurants using chicken breasts and chow mein, one of the most popular Chinese recipe can be made at home even by a beginner. INGREDIENTS : Wheat Noodles – 400 gm Chicken Breast, boneless and skinless – 2 pieces Onion – 1, small Capsicum – 2 medium, cut into

Easy Pancit Palabok Recipe

Pancit Palabok is one of my most favorite dishes. Love the orange sauce and the different toppings. I love the different mix of textures and flavors in every bite. I eat Pancit Palabok as much as I can. When I throw parties, you can be sure that Pancit Palabok will always be present on my table. I also order it when I eat out—my favorite is in Jollibee. Pancit Palabok