AlphaTauri has announced the livery debut date for 2023, along with the confirmation of the new car's name

AlphaTauri has said that they will unveil the new version of their team’s livery for the 2023 season at a launch event that will take place in New York City. On Friday, AlphaTauri revealed that they will beat both Aston Martin and Ferrari to it – at least for the car’s color scheme – with an unveiling of their 2023 livery on February 11th. Both Aston Martin and Ferrari have

Maja Blanca Recipe

Maja Blanca is a very easy Filipino dessert dish. It is also known as “Coconut Pudding” and is made with coconut milk, corn starch and sugar. The first maja blanca did not include corn and milk, but these were added later to improve flavour and texture. My mother used to make Maja Blanca during special occasions. I remember sneaking in the kitchen when no one was around and grab a

banana pudding

Banana Custard pudding / Simple Banana Pudding Banana custard is an easy chilled dessert that we can be prepared in very few minutes. It will takes less than 5 minutes to prepare.  This banana pudding is prepared by using chopped bananas, custard powder and raisins. You can also use any dry fruits and vanilla essence for making this pudding. Here I will show you the simple method of preparation. Lets

Bilimbi juice / Irumban puli juice

Bilimbi juice / Irumban puli juice Bilimbi juice is a healthy and very easy to make. It have many nutrition fact and health benefits. Bilimbi fruit is popular in different names in languages.  The fruit are small, cylindrical shape. It contains antioxidants and has astringent effect due to its high acid. Bilimbi helps to control hypertension.  This fruit are known to reduce blood sugar level. This is the simple way

surpeise cake

Surprise Cake recipe / surprise inside cake Surprise Cake recipe / surprise inside cake is my daughters favorite she like pink color. I will just give you a simple method of surprise cake. You can make any surprise that you wish. Take 1 colored sponge cake and cut in to any shape using a cutter. Let’s see the making bellow with detailed recipe with images and videos. Please do try

red velvet cake recipe

Red velvet cake Red velvet cake is a traditional, moist layer cake. This cake is commonly served in Christmas and Valentine ’s Day.  This cake is too tasty and it’s have a nice red color. The making of red velvet cake recipe is bellow with detailed images and video. Please do try it and send your feedbacks with us. Ingredients  for making red velvet cake Flour 1 up Butter 50gm

Fruit Cocktail Graham Icebox Cake

Well form the word itself, I guess you already got the idea. Fruit cocktail graham cake is a dessert, specifically a cake, which is made up of fruit cocktail and graham biscuits. There are many recipes that you can do with graham crackers, and this is one of them. To describe its output, it looks like a mango float but what differ in it are the toppings that you have

Coffee Jelly Recipe

Coffee jelly recipe made easy here. Feeling sleepy? Need Energy? Lots of paper works and don’t have time to sleep? Grab this amazing coffee jelly that keeps you alive from head to toe, from all your veins and from your whole soul. This dessert is full of energy and has stimulating ingredients that has a special role in our daily life. It can probably help you from your entire works.

semiya payasam

Semiya sabudana payasam / kheer Semiya sabudana payasam / kheer is a traditional dessert in kerala.  In kerala festivals payasam is common dish. There so many payasam recipes, we are already show you different payasam recipes in yummy recipes. This is one of my favorite payasam. Its very simple to make within 25 minutes. We can serve hot and cold both are too tasty. Let’s see the making of vermicelli

Caramel Pudding

Caramel Bread Pudding / Steamed Bread Pudding Caramel Bread Pudding / Steamed Bread Pudding is the delicious, yummy dessert and it’s very simple to make. We can make bread pudding in different methods. This is the steamed bread pudding recipe.  I and my kid love this very much this pudding with caramel flavor. The detailed recipe is bellow with images and video. Please do try and send your feedbacks. Ingredients

Pastimallows Recipe

Pastimallows: Well from the name itself, I’m guessing you already know what food this is. Yes, you’re right! Pastimallows is a combination of pastillas and marshmallows. These two are one of the kid’s favorite when it comes to sweets. So just imagine combining it into one bite, amazing right? This one is very easy to make, it’s like 123 or ABC, and you can finish making it just 15 minutes.

Cassava Cake Recipe

Cassava cake is a yummy, fudgy and flavorful dessert made of grated cassava, coconut milk, eggs and condensed milk. There are so many delicacy and souvenir shops that sell special cassava cake. Ralo’s, Rodilla’s are some of the few. Usually topped with macapuno, custard or grated cheese, Cassava cake is a delectable treat everyone would love. But don’t worry, you can make at the comfort of your home. Cassava, also called

Pineapple Pudding Recipe

Pineapple gelatin pudding, or simply Pineapple Pudding, is an easy and simply fruit dessert to make this summer. It’s a perfect treat for those pineapple lovers but can’t eat the fresh ones. It’s summertime! It also means that it’s time to harvest those tropical fruits. And one of my favorites is pineapple. My dad harvested some from the farm and brought home today. I was wondering what kind of dessert

How to Make Oreo Popsicle Creamy and Yummy

Oreo Popsicle is an easy, quick and yummy dessert that anyone can try. You just need a few ingredients, toss it in a mixing bowl, freeze and voila, you got a quick fix for your sweet cravings. For those who love Oreo cookies, this recipe is for you. Kids and kids-at-heart would surely love this one. You can also let your kids join you when making these yummy treats. Let’s

Coconut Ladoo - coconut sweet balls

Coconut Ladoo – Coconut Sweet Balls Coconut Ladoo, which is one of the simple and easy to make sweet item in Indian sweet recipe. You can make this with fresh coconut or desiccated coconut, even frozen coconut can be used. Generally only the white part of coconut is used to making this coconut balls. You can make this and keep it in fridge for three to four days. In India

Dates Halwa - Khajoor Halwa

Dates Halwa – khajoor halwa Dates Halwa, the recipe which I am going to share is rich in iron. I know you all love to eat dates, you can please your kids with this healthy dates halwa recipe. In some places this dish is also known as khajoor halwa. You can make this with out adding sugar, here I used only half cup of sugar to make this. This dish

Chocobar - Homemade Chocobar Icecream Recipe

Chocobar – Homemade Chocobar Icecream Recipe Chocobar is one of the favorite item of all, expecially kids. I am very happy to share this Homemade Chocobar Icecream Recipe with all of you. Now it is summer holidays, and I want to share something useful and interesting item. I am sure by this Homemade Chocobar Icecream Recipe you can impress or entertain your family members. Here I am sharing a simple

Palada Pradhaman - Palada Paysam Recipe

Palada Pradhaman – Palada Payasam Recipe Palada Pradhaman which we are going to make today is a most favorite sweet dish of Kerala people. There are several payasam or pradhaman recipes in the cuisine of Kerala but this one is the queen of them all. Kerala Style Palada Payasam Recipe is traditionally prepared with milk, ada and sugar. This is a simple and easy dish which anybody can make very

split mung dal kheer

Cherupayar Parippu Pradhaman / Split Mung Dal kheer Payasam is the traditional dessert recipe from the south Indian state of kerala. Cherupayar Parippu Pradhaman / Split Mung Dal kheer is a main part of onam, vishu and other festivals. It’s called as parippu pradhaman in Malayalam and also called as yellow mung dal kheer. The jaggery, cumin powder, dry ginger powder and cardamom powder gives you a nice taste and

Jackfruit Payasam - Chakka Payasam Recipe

Jackfruit Payasam – Chakka Payasam Recipe Jackfruit Payasam is a traditional payasam of Kerala made with Jackfruit, coconut milk and jaggery. It’s also known as chakka payasam. Today I have done this in an easy method. Usually this payasam is prepared using chakka varatti, but I have done this with fresh jackfruit. Now it’s jackfruit season in every where, so you can easily get it. For making this payasam usually