Soup Recipes

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chicken clear soup

Chicken clear soup Soup is an important dish of every meal. Soup can be a comfort food as it is delicious, it is easy to make. With only a few ingredients, one can make a bowl of hearty soup for a cold evening. Many restaurants offer a verity of soup on the menu. How To make Chicken clear soup Ingredients for making Chicken clear soup Chicken stock  2 ½ cup Onion

Chicken Sweetcorn Soup Recipe

Hello buddies. Today I am sharing a very nutritious and healthy soup recipe. It’s the Sweetcorn Chicken Soup, that I made without using canned creamed corn or any cornflour. Creamed corn does lend a creamy texture but it is laced with preservatives and smells nothing like fresh sweetcorn. I used fresh sweetcorn kernels to prepare the base of this soup. Using water in this soup won’t give you the best flavor.

Yakhni Recipe/ Chicken Stock Recipe

Hey buddies! It’s been a really long time since I shared any recipe. Today I am back with two! This one is a yakhni recipe or chicken stock recipe. The other one is the chicken sweetcorn soup recipe that I have used this stock in. You can check it out here. Yakhni is a clear chicken soup. This is very healthy and nutritious. You can have this whenever you feel

Lomi Recipe

Lomi or pancit lomi is a thick soup made with vegetables, eggs, liver, chicken and noodles. This hearty soup is best eaten steaming hot. This dish has several variations across the country. They are also readily available in many Chinese restaurants, local food stalls and supermarkets. Pancit lomi is a very popular soup dish in the Philippines. But, the most popular version is the Batangas lomi. I have tried the

Three-Lentil Stew Recipe / Tridali Dal Recipe

Three-lentil Stew with step by step pictures. Triple-Lentil Stew with step by step pictures. Hello, foodie buddies. Today I am sharing a dal recipe. This recipe consists of three different kinds of pulses/lentils that have been cooked together and tempered with an extremely feisty and aromatic tempering of chilies and garlic. In India, where pulses are a part of daily diet, this lentil dish is had with Indian flat bread and

How To Make Kerala Rasam

Kerala Rasam is a very important recipe in kerala sadya. Kerala style rasam recipe is so easy to make at home. Its a very popular dish of we people the south Indians. Rasam  is prepared mainly with tamarind, tomatoes. We can even drink rasam as a soup or can have with rice. Some people use lentils to make rasam little bit thick. So  lets see how I am going to

Wonton Soup

Last week, I went to Cubao with my son. We didn’t have breakfast before we left for office. So, we decided to eat in Chowking, a popular Chinese fast food chain. I ordered chicken that comes with wonton soup. It is the first time I tried wonton soup and I find the soup delicious. Ever since I tasted Chowking’s wonton soup, I never stop craving for its taste. I wanted

Healthy Orange Juice( Feel Refresh )

Sweet, juicy oranges make a delicious and healthy snack or addition to a meal. A whole orange contains only about 85 calories and has no fat, cholesterol or sodium. And, of course, “oranges are well known for their vitamin C content,” said Laura Flores, a San Diego-based nutritionist. Oranges may boost your immune system and improve your skin; they also aid with heart health, cholesterol levels and other issues. Oranges

Chicken Macaroni Soup

Chicken macaroni soup also known as sopas is similar to chicken soup. Macaroni soup is a tasty and nutritious soup because of the milk and vegetables. This soup is great for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I love macaroni soup especially during rainy season because it helps keep me warm. The delicious taste of the soup and chicken also comfort me. If you are looking for an easy to quick soup, try my


Today’s recipe is another easy and tasty recipe which is available in all the restaurants in India – tomato soup.  Now a days, variety of soups are available in the restaurants and you also get packets available from which you can make soups very easily but I always feel that the soup which we make at home with fresh vegetables tastes great.  Now to the recipe.. Ingredients required tomatoes  –

Home-Style Tomato Soup Recipe / Indian-Style Tomato Soup

Hello dear foodies! Isn’t the weather out there getting lovelier with every passing day? Winter is on its way and the craving for delicious, hot and comforting food has already started. So why not begin with our winter food fiesta with hot and yummy tomato soup? Soups are so comforting, keeping us warm and full. Having a bowl of soup with our meals is a great way to cut back