Sambar is a very popular South Indian dish. It is served as a side dish for rice, and also with breakfast items like idli or dosa.  Sambar can be made with variety of vegetables.  Today’s sambar is made with drumsticks which is also called as “muringakkaya” , “muringakkai” and is known as Murungakkai sambar also known as  Muringakkai sambar. Sambar is a South Indian curry made with lentils / toor dal,

how to make oats idli recipe

Idli is a common breakfast item in South India.  It is prepared using rice and urad dal and takes a long time for preparation with soaking, grinding, and fermentation.  But today, I am sharing an instant idli recipe made with oats.  Oats is healthy, rich in fiber, and when mixed with rava and other spices, it makes wonderful idlis that tastes great with coconut chutney and sambar. I have used

cardamom cake recipe

cakes are loved by everybody.  Today, I am sharing a simple cake recipe with cardamom flavor and more important it is eggless.    It is very easy to make dessert and can be made with readily available ingredients at home.  You can make cupcake out of the batter. This can also be served without any frosting.  But I have made buttercream frosting.   A perfect spongy cake can be served

simple chocolate cake recipe

Chocolate cake is a moist, delicious cake perfect for all occasions and loved by everyone.  Today, I am sharing a simple chocolate cake recipe which does not need any hand mixer or any other equipment and can be made easily at home. You can also add chocolate froasting or any other icing on top, but I made it few days back and kids loved it as such.  So sharing this

how to make veg cutlet recipe

veg cutlet is a tasty snack recipe made with a mixture of vegetables with potato as a base and mixed with spices.  It can be served as such with tomato ketchup or with green chutney.  It is a very popular snack item.  The addition of vegetables depends upon your preference.  I have used carrots, beans, cauliflower and potatoes. It is perfect tea time snack along with a cup of tea

aloo bonda recipe

aloo bonda is a tasty and easy to make snack recipe with potato filling.  It is also called as batata vada.  They are soft in the inner side with potato stuffing and crispy on the outer side. It is a very popular snack item and is also a very popular street food in mumbai.  Aloo is the hindi name for potato and hence the name aloo bonda.  In Malayalam we

pottukadalai ladoo 1

pottukadalai urundai is a sweet made from pottukadalai or roasted gram and jaggery.  It is a traditional South Indian sweet that is often prepared during karthigai deepam,, navrathri and other festivals,  but it is one of the best guilt-free snack which one can prepare. kadala urundai or ladoo is very famous and is available in local market.  But this ladoo is equally delicious and nutritious. Pottukadalai is the Tamil name

rava dhokla recipe

dhokla is a traditional Gujrati dish.  It is made using chana dal or bengal gram and rice.  The traditional method of preparing dhokla needs a long time, including soaking, grinding and fermentation.  Today, I am sharing an instant dhokla recipe made with rava or sooji.  It is very easy to make, and tasty. For making this instant rava dhokla, we need very few ingredients which are readily available in all


Nei payasam is a tasty payasam recipe.  It is a special sweet dish which is prepared as Neivedhyam in Kerala.  This payasam is very famous in temples of Kerala.  It is a tasty combination of rice, jaggery, ghee and grated coconut.  This payasam is a treat for all payasam lovers.  Moreover, it is very easy to prepare too.  I prepared this today for vishu sadya and thought of celebrating it


Schezwan fried rice is a very popular rice dish from Indo-Chinese cuisine.  This fried rice recipe makes use of schezwan sauce and hence the name schezwan fried rice.  It is a very popular dish which can be made in a jiffy. In this recipe, I have used baby corn, but you can use any vegetable used while making fried rice.  You can use carrots, baby corn, bell peppers, cabbage, beans.


Today, I am sharing the recipe of vegetable kurma.  It is a perfect side dish for chapati, roti or poori or pulao. Kurma is a dish popular in India. It is a curry made with a combination of vegetables like carrot, beans, peas, potato and cauliflower.  My kids love kurma and I often make this veg kurma for chapati.   It is a perfect way to serve vegetables in a


Thoran is a side dish which is prepared in Kerala.  It is made with vegetables and a mixture of coconut.  Today, I am sharing an easy to make thoran recipe made with papaya. I have made this thoran with grated papaya.  But you can also make it with chopped papaya also.  It is entirely your wish.  I have made it exactly in the way I make cabbage throan. Papaya is


Instant rava idli is a very popular South Indian breakfast.  It is an instant and easy to make recipe.  It is made with rava or sooji or semolina.  Rava is mixed with dal and curd and steam cooked to make soft idlis.The method of making this idli is very easy.  Temper all the ingredients, add curd, little water mix well.  Add eno fruit salt or baking soda or baking powder


Today’s recipe is cashew cookies – an easy cookies with cashew nuts.  It is a very delicious and buttery cookies. These cookies can be made very easily at home with very few ingredients available at home – maida, butter, sugar, cashew, milk, and vanilla essence. You can also try making these cookies with wheat flour.  Cashew nut cookies are very easy to make.  You can also use more nuts and


Lady’s finger or bhindi is very often used in Indian cooking.  Besan bhindi is a very tasty and easy to make side dish for chapati, roti or for rice.  There are various ways in which besan bhindi can be prepared.  Besan bhindi is nothing but okra or lady’s finger cooked in besan or gram flour and few other indian spices.  This is a very easy recipe which can be easily


Today’s recipe is a sweet dish – sweet boondi.  We all might have bought this delicious sweet from sweet shops.  But it is very easy to prepare at home.  And all you need is very few ingredients  which are readily available at home.  The main ingredients needed are besan or gram flour, sugar and water. This is the first time I am making this boondi.  But it was very easy


Palak paratha is a very healthy paratha made with spinach and whole wheat flour. I had some palak left oafter making palak paneer few days before.  So I used those palak leaves to make this palak paratha.  This is a best way to include spinach in your day to day diet.  Kids often don’t like spinach, and this is one method by which you can make them eat spinach. This


Today’s recipe is papaya milkshake – a healthy combination of papaya and milk. Papaya milkshake is very easy to prepare and is really refreshing especially on hot summer days.  But it is good for the body and can be had on regular days also. I have seen many people hate papaya, but it has a lot of health benefits and this milkshake is a best way to add papaya to


Bread uttapam is an easy to make dish.  Uttapam is a very popular South Indian breakfast item.  Uttapam is made with rice and urad dal.  But today, I am sharing an uttapam recipe made with bread.  This dish can be served both as a breakfast and also as a snack. This is a very easy and instant recipe and do not any planning or soaking or fermentation. You can use


Paneer bhurji recipe – easy and tasty North Indian style paneer dish.  Not only that, it is one of the popular Indian dishes which can be prepared in a jiffy.  It takes less than 20 minutes for the entire preparation and you get a wonderful dish which can be paired with bread, chapati or roti. I make this bhurji very often as a side dish for bread or chapati.  You can