South Indian

pineapple cake

Pineapple cake frosting Here I am sharing with u a simple pineapple cake frosting.  This is one of my favorite cakes. For making this pineapple cakes no need of any artificial essence. the frosting is bellow with detailed images and video. Please do try and send your feed backs in comment box. For making pineapple syrup Water ¼ cup Sugar ¼ cup Pineapple chopped ½ cup Add sugar, water and

Bilimbi juice / Irumban puli juice

Bilimbi juice / Irumban puli juice Bilimbi juice is a healthy and very easy to make. It have many nutrition fact and health benefits. Bilimbi fruit is popular in different names in languages.  The fruit are small, cylindrical shape. It contains antioxidants and has astringent effect due to its high acid. Bilimbi helps to control hypertension.  This fruit are known to reduce blood sugar level. This is the simple way

Multi color vanilla loaf cake

Multi color vanilla loaf cake Multi color vanilla loaf cake is the simple vanilla cake by adding multi colored balls. This is one of my and my baby’s favorite cake. I made this cake for my baby, she is very happy to have this. We can also make it as a birthday cake for kids. The quantity of sugar is about ½ and ¾ cups, because the colored sprinkles have

onion pakoda

Ulli vada  / Onion vada / onion pakoda Ulli vada  / Onion vada  is the deep fried snack,  very popular and common snacks in kerala. We can serve it with sulaimai /  kattan chaya. This is also known as onion fritter and onion pakoda. This is the easiest vada comparing to other vadas. It’s also a common street food in india. You can always adjust the spices and add green

cherupayar biriyani

Cherupayar / Moong Bean Biriyani Hai all, today I am sharing with you a simple, healthy and delicious Cherupayar / Moong Bean Biriyani recipe. If you are checking for a healthy lunch box food for your kid I prefer you to try this cherupayar biriyani. You can adjust the spices that you like. Moong bean has many health benefits, its rich in protein and fiber.  Okey, lets see the making

Parippu / Toor Dal Vada / Snacks Recipe

Parippu / Toor Dal Vada / Snacks Recipe Parippu vada is a popular tea time snacks recipe in south India. Usually they made with adding ginger; I am not adding ginger in this parippu vada, because I don’t like the flavor of ginger. If you wish you can add ginger or garlic as per your taste. For making this, you can use chana dal also. This is one of my

prawns fry

Thattukada Style Prawns fry / chemmeen fry Thattukada Style Prawns fry / chemmeen fry is the easy, spicy and tasty recipe. We can make prawns fry in different methods. Me and my family members like this thattukada style prawns fry very much. You can adjust the spices per your taste. Also use ghee in the place of oil. This is a good side dish for rice. Please do try this

cheruparar curry

Cherupayar / Mung  bean curry Cherupayar / Mung bean curry is a simple to make; it’s very healthy and delicious. This green gram curry is a perfect side dish for dosa, kanji, puttu. This is the Kerala style curry by adding coconut paste. We can make this curry without coconut. It has some huge health benefits. Mung bean is a high source of manganese, potassium, copper, zinc and various B

Instant okra / Lady Finger dosa

Instant okra / Lady Finger dosa Instant okra / Lady Finger dosa is a good choice for breakfast. This is the healthy and easy dosa recipe. I have this recipe from my family member. The okra gives soft structure to the dosa. We can use okra in different way. Okra has lot of health benefits, it contains potassium, vitamin B,C, folic acid and calcium. The detailed recipe of Instant okra

okra pepper fry

Lady finger pepper fry / okra fry Lady finger pepper fry / okra fry is a good side dish for rice. This is the south Indian style preparation, the lady finger roasted in onions and the large quantity of pepper masala. You can see many different okra recipes like masala okra, potato okra etc in yummy recipes. Here I am showing you a spicy and dry okra pepper recipe. Okra is

poori bhaji recipe

Poori/ Potato Bhaji recipe Poori and bhaji is a common breakfast recipe in south India. Poori dough is made with wheat flour, semolina, oil and salt, then deep fry in the hot oil when the puffed. Potato bhaji is a perfect combination with poori, we can serve lot of side dishes with poori. The following recipe will show you how to make a delicious potato bhaji.  Ingredients for making potato

Kerala Avial - Kerala Sadya Style Avial or Aviyal Recipe

Kerala Avial -Kerala Sadya Style Avial or Aviyal Recipe Today we are going to make a Kerala Avial. This is an traditional dish of Kerala. Avial is an unavoidable dish in all sadya. It is as side dish ad well as a main dish. This is a mixture of all vegetables, coconut paste along with with thick curd and seasoned with fresh coconut oil and raw curry leaves. This Avial


Sambar is a very popular South Indian dish. It is served as a side dish for rice, and also with breakfast items like idli or dosa.  Sambar can be made with variety of vegetables.  Today’s sambar is made with drumsticks which is also called as “muringakkaya” , “muringakkai” and is known as Murungakkai sambar also known as  Muringakkai sambar. Sambar is a South Indian curry made with lentils / toor dal,

Palada Pradhaman - Palada Paysam Recipe

Palada Pradhaman – Palada Payasam Recipe Palada Pradhaman which we are going to make today is a most favorite sweet dish of Kerala people. There are several payasam or pradhaman recipes in the cuisine of Kerala but this one is the queen of them all. Kerala Style Palada Payasam Recipe is traditionally prepared with milk, ada and sugar. This is a simple and easy dish which anybody can make very

capsicum recipe

  Capsicum Rice / Simple Lunch Box Recipe is a simple lunch idea. A meal in many parts of the country is incomplete without rice. We can make very verities of rice dishes like vegetarian and non vegetarian. Here I am already showing you many types of rice recipes. Today’s recipe is a rice recipe, that the main ingredient is capsicum, it called as Capsicum Rice. If you likes to

sarkkara varatti recipe

Sharkara varatti is a popular dish in Kerala and it is made with raw banana and Jaggery mixed with other herbs, salt and spices to make it sweet and sour taste. In Kerala it is unavoidable dish in any sadya like onam sadya, Vishu sadya and for wedding sadya. Some part of Kerala it is known as Sarkkara uperi as it is used as a side dish of sadya. This is also

Pongala Payasam / Jaggery Rice Kheer

In Thiruvananthapuram capital city of Kerala, in South India celebrates Aattukaal Pongala. Attukal temble described as Sabarimala of the women. The pongala mahothsavam is the most important festival of Attukaal Bhagavathy Temple. Only women are allowed to participate in the pongala. The ritual of cooking starts early in the morning and by noon. Then the chief priest of the temple arrives with the goddess’s sword and blesses the ladies by

Malabar Style Kerala Kalathappam

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Chembu / Taro root dry prawns thoran

Chembu / colocasia / taro root is a nadan style thoran recipe. The chembu with taro is a tasty combination and a nice dish for rice. We can make different recipe by using chembu like chembu thoran, moru curry etc. Let’s see the recipe with detailed images. Please try this recipe and send your feed back in comment box. Enjoy cooking with yummy recipes. Ingredients Chembu / colocasia     1  ½