August 2015

Layered Cheesy Omelette with Veggies

Omelette/omelet is a dish made with eggs along with oil, ghee or butter. Today here am going to show u a fluffy one side omelette with chopped vegetables and cheese. Its a very rich omelette. An indian omelette usually consist of chopped green chillies, onions, corriander leaves etc, it can also called as a masala omelette.  Eggs are beaten in a hand blender until frothy, and combined with salt and

Fishball Sauce Recipe

Fish balls are popular street food in the Philippines. These flat shape balls usually made from polluck or cuttlefish are fried and served with sweet or sweet and spicy sauce. I love eating fish balls and even at may age I still eat a lot. Fish balls are available in wet market and grocery stores, so you can always satisfy your cravings. Problem is there is no available sauce in

Ethakka Mezhukkupuratti Recipe (Stir-Fried Raw Plantains)

  Stir fried plantain/kaya mezhukkupuratti is a classic  food for south indian people of all ages. For this wonderful recipe the main ingredients is raw plantains and coconut oil, which means the plantains is coated with coconut oil. After seasoning the plantains, they are boiled with little water and tossed with seasoned oil still water completely evaporates. Its an excellent recipe.  I used to remove the outer skin of the

Dhokla Recipe

Hi again buddies. Today I am sharing the recipe of Dhokla, a popular Gujrati snack recipe. There are several types of dhoklas. Some are made with rawa while some are made with besan. This recipe is made using besan. The dhoklas that you get in sweet shops are never as good as what you can prepare at home. These dhoklas are soft and spongy. They are brushed with some sugar syrup and have a

Chicken Pakora Recipe / Chicken Fritters Recipe

  Hello buddies. Today’s recipe is an amazing one, just the perfect snack for rainy evening. I am sharing with you the recipe of Chicken Pakora or Chicken Fritters. You can say that this is the Indianized version of the Popcorn Chicken recipe, just that this one is zingy and feisty. I have used boneless chicken that has been cut into medium sized bits, a little larger than bite size because the