Salad Recipes

Malabar Prawns Biryani with Carrot Onion Raita

Biriyani is one of the special seafood delicacies of the Malabar cuisine. Today’s recipe is Malabar Prawns Biryani with Carrot Onion Raita. We know verities of biriyani like, vegetarian and other vegetarian recipes. This is a delicious and flavorful biryani; I served the prawn’s biryani with simple onion and carrot raita. You can use any kind of prawns for this. I hope all are enjoy my Malabar Style Prawns Biriyani with yummy recipes.

Chicken Pulao Recipe/Chicken Dum Pulao Recipe.

How to make Chicken Pulao Recipe/Chicken Dum Pulao Recipe with step by step pictures. Zest chicken rice tendered with Indian spices. This is an easy and simple to make chicken pulao recipe. Pulao has mild flavor as compared to biryani. In this recipe of chicken pulao you can replace chicken with meat or beef. This recipe do not contains powdered spices, only whole spices are used. This delicious chicken pulao

Gajarachi Koshimbir Recipe

Hello buddies. Today I am sharing the recipe of ‘Gajarachi Koshimbir’. It is a Maharashtrian recipe and has carrots as its main ingredient. Carrots are called gajar in Marathi. Summers are here and koshimbir is something a lot of people enjoy. It’s a good break from the plain old salads. I like my carrot koshimbir cold and they provide a momentary respite from the hotness of food. This one has