Prawn/Shrimp Lollipop in Spicy Garlic Sauce

Hello Buddies, Its me Swapna with a fabulous recipe of Shrimp/Prawn.  Going out to have Chinese is something we do often, unless it can be created at home. Fried prawns cooked in spicy garlic sauce is delightful in taste and will make a great side dish with chinese fried rice, noodles or just plain steamed rice. This dish has actually been in my mind for quite a while as a

Schezwan Fried Rice - Indo Chinese Recipe

Hello Foodies, I am Swapna with a yummy recipe The Schezwan Fried Rice. It is one of the popular rice in Indo- Chinese recipes. Its very easy to make. I actually planned to post something elese today but since I am down with cold and sore throat. I chose to post this recipe which I had maked last few weeks back and kept in drafts already. So you all wait

Hot and Sweet Chicken Wings

Hello Foodies,  I am Swapna again back with a wonderful authentic chinese recipe, Hot and Sweet Chicken Wings. This is a very simple recipe of marrianted chicken wings, deep fried and served along with hot and sweet sauce. I have mentioned here before also that my family is found of chinese recipes. This is the recipe I developed to satisfy my hubby’s craving towards chinese hot and sweet recipes. In

Vazha Chundu Payaru Thoran- Banana Flower Green Gram Stir Fry

Hi All, I am Swapna from Gods Own Country, Tvm Kerala. Today I am going to post a traditional recipe and very familiar to you all, Vazha Chundu Payaru Thoran/vazha Poov thoran. There are some traditional kerala dishes which I used to try only in weekends. One such dish is Vazha Chundu Payaru Thoran. Vazhachundu is the malayalam name for the purple flower of the banana plant, also known as

Savory Italian Sausage Rice

Hi Foodies, I am Swapna  from Trivandrum,Kerala  again back with full of flavour, delicious and tasty recipe Savory Italian Sausage Rice. In the world of cuisine, savory is often used to mean the oppossite of sweet, or salty. Savory Italian Sausage rice is a delicious and very simple one pot recipe. Savory rice recipes are perfect dinner options. Rice is super versatile so you can mix and match your favourite

Dragon Chicken Recipe

Dragon chicken is a real tasty appetizer for all those who love Indo-Chinese cuisine.  A tempting recipe to fall in love with and tastes very good too. One of the easiest indo- chinese chicken dish to make. The vibrant red color of this dish is very appealing, it tastes very delicious and can be made in no time and not much effort. Dragon Chichen could be served as a appetizer,

Ginger Chicken Indo-Chinese Style Recipe

Hello Buddies, Today Swapna back with a chinese recipe Ginger Chicken, I know u all are very familiar with the dish. This is a simple and juicy stir fry ginger chicken, with a marrinate that enhances the natural flavor of the chicken while helping it stay moist and juicy, this is the kind of quick and easy meal that is custom-designed to be thrown together on a bussy days. These

Creamy Pasta Recipe

Hii Foodies, I am Swapna back with a wonderful Italian recipe Creamy Pasta. This is a declicious , super quick main dish.  Its a staple food of traditional Italian cuisine. Pasta is generally a very sinple dish, but comes in larage varieties because it is a versatile food item. Some pasta dishes are served as a first course in Italy. Because the portion sizes are small and simple. Pasta are

How To Make Chicken 65

Hello foodies, Swapna again back with a yummy chicken recipe. Its a very easy chicken dry recipe that can be served as a chicken starter. Chicken 65 is one of the most popular south indian chicken starter. It can be prepare in so many ways. Today i tried to re create a restaurant style chicken 65 at home, this is one of the favorite appetizer in my home especially my

Chinese Mixed Noodles

Hello Buddies!! I am again back with a very popular yummy dish, kids favorite Mixed Noodles. A healthy fast food  that you can make at home. It is a popular chinese meal. Sometimes on a busy day, we can have it without any other side dish. Sometimes Iused to cook it for my kid lunch box. Most of the kids would love the dish. This recipe is my son favourite

How To Make Kerala Rasam

Kerala Rasam is a very important recipe in kerala sadya. Kerala style rasam recipe is so easy to make at home. Its a very popular dish of we people the south Indians. Rasam  is prepared mainly with tamarind, tomatoes. We can even drink rasam as a soup or can have with rice. Some people use lentils to make rasam little bit thick. So  lets see how I am going to

How To Make Chicken Biryani

Malabar Chicken Biryani is a traditional biryani receipe of north kerala. Here today I am going to describe the preparation of a perfect malabar dum briyani. Malabar dum briyani is really a favorite of many food lovers all over the world. A biriyani is one of the most popular dishes in the malabar region. Its a festive food of all people. There are many recipes for a tasty biriyani, some

Kerala Pork Fry - Nadan Panni Erachi Ularthiyathu

Kerala Pork Fry is a popular recipe in south Kerala. For special Occasions like Christmas, Easter pork is an inevitable dish in kerala specially kottayam. Erachi/meat Ularthiyathu/stir fry dishes are very common and regular in christian families. Every home has there on way of making erachi/ meat ularthiyathu/stir fry and this is how we can make it at home. If u are a lover of this meat u can eat

Nadan Koonthal Curry - Squid in Roasted Coconut Gravy

Malabar Nadan Koonthal Curry squid curry are one of my family favourite curry dish, so it used to be almost regular in our dinning table. Squid or koonthal/kanava as we call it in kerala, is a pretty versatile seafood variety and hence it tastes good with pretty much any flavour. Its a very favourite curry of me also except the fact that it requires some roasting and grinding. But its

Kerala Chicken Roast Recipe Kerala Kozhi Fry

This is my amma/mom style of chicken preparation, i still remember having this dish from my childhood. This kerala-style chicken roast is one of her specialties and we all love it. She always prepare all non-veg food with her own home made masala, here also today am going to roast some spices and coconut powder to make a smooth powder masala for this aromatic chicken curry. I powdered coconut for

Kashmiri Pulao Recipe

Kashmiri pulao has been kids favourite dish. It is a very popular Kashmiri rice recipe prepared with fresh fruits, nuts and dry fruits. I love it very much, as it is mildly spicey and little sweet dish due to that i used to pair it with any spicy gravy veg or non veg like paneer butter masala or spicy chicken curry etc. Kashmiri cuisine have many rich and flavourful dishes

KFC Style Kentucky Fried Chicken Recipe

We love fried chicken, and KFC used to be one of our favourite. There is definitely way to enjoy a healthier and better fried chicken prepare at home. There is a trade secret how KFC makes the best tasting chicken, which no one knows. If we prepare at home we can definitely say that its a healthier snack for our kids, with no food colour and preservaties(pesky ingredients like ajinomotto).

Kozhuva Irumbanpuli Peera Vechathu/Anchovies simmered with Coconut

Anchovies/Kozhuva are known by different names in kerala, like netholi, chooda, podi meen etc. The fresh anchovies are use to make this dish. The frozen anchovies will not give you the authentic taste of the recipe. Meen peera/pattichathu is normally cook along with coconut scrapings and kudumpuli/ Fish Tamarind. But today for a change I am going to make this recipe along with bilimbi/irumban puli as a souring agent. Its

How To Make Aloo Kasoori

The potato fenugreek leaves recipe is very quick, simple and easy one to prepare in less time with very few ingredients, its avery nutritious vegetable mixing with flavours from the fenugreek leaves also known as methi leaves. Kasuri methis is nothing but dries methi/fenugreek leaves. This dish is delicious in addition to being healthy. Aloo kasuri methi is a delicious dish along with potatoes. Here am using baby potatoes, if

Kerala Dal Curry - Kerala Parippu Curry

Onam is coming, so I am updating few sadya recipes. Kerala Onam Sadya or any Kerala Sadya/Feast Nadan Parrippu Curry is an inevitable part. The best combination of Kerala Dal Curry is ghee and pappad. Its an superb and really easy recipe. Its a dal based curry mixed with a spiced coconut mixture and forms an integral part of onam sadya. In kerala sadya this parippu curry is the first