AlphaTauri has announced the livery debut date for 2023, along with the confirmation of the new car's name

AlphaTauri has said that they will unveil the new version of their team’s livery for the 2023 season at a launch event that will take place in New York City. On Friday, AlphaTauri revealed that they will beat both Aston Martin and Ferrari to it – at least for the car’s color scheme – with an unveiling of their 2023 livery on February 11th. Both Aston Martin and Ferrari have

Caramel Pudding

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Coffe Pudding / Easy Coffee Pudding Receipe

Easy Coffee Pudding Receipe Coffee Pudding is the simple pudding which everyone can make easily. This is not only a favorite item of sweet lovers people who love coffee also a huge fan of this dessert. The taste of coffe powder combined with milk and fresh cream gives an extra yummy taste to this pudding. You can top it and serve this with chocolate sauce or chocolate shavings. Today we