Vegetarian Recipes

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banana pudding

Banana Custard pudding / Simple Banana Pudding Banana custard is an easy chilled dessert that we can be prepared in very few minutes. It will takes less than 5 minutes to prepare.  This banana pudding is prepared by using chopped bananas, custard powder and raisins. You can also use any dry fruits and vanilla essence for making this pudding. Here I will show you the simple method of preparation. Lets

Oats Uthappam recipe/ Simple Break fast Recipe

Oats Uthappam recipe/ Simple Break fast Recipe Hi all today I am sharing with u my simple and interesting uthappam recipe by using oats.  Oats uthappam is a healthy breakfast. The main ingredients are oats, semolina and curd. You can serve oats uthappam with tomato chutney. Lets see the making of oats oothappam bellow with detailed images. Please send your feed backs in comment box. Ingredients for making oats uthappam

Eggless chocolate cake

Eggless chocolate cake So many friends asked me the recipe of eggless chocolate cake. This is the simple and tasty, moist eggless chocolate cake recipe. It seems vey yummy. My kid likes this cake very much. Today we prepared a soft and spongy eggless chocolate cake with flour, milk and various other ingredients. I will already show you the making of eggless vanilla cake recipe. Lets see the making of

Kashmiri pulao / Sweet rice

 Kashmiri pulao / Sweet rice Kashmiri pulao is a tempting pulao with sweets and very few spices. Its also a healthy and sweet lunch idea. I think all kids like this very much, so that we can make it a lunch box food for our kids. for making this kashmiri pulao you can always use grapes, pomegranate seeds, apple and soaked saffron that you have.  Serve it with tomato gravy


Idli Dhokla recipe / Simple breakfast recipe Dhokla is a vegetarian food item; it originates in Indian state of Gujarat. It’s commonly used as breakfast or as a snack, made with bassen / chickipeas flour. There are different kinds of dhoklas prepared with different ingredients. Some of the popular dhoklas are,  Meetha dhokla, toor daal dhikla, rice dhokla rawa dhokla bassen dhokla usually served with chutney that made from

Banana murukku / Instant banana chakli recipe

Banana murukku / Instant banana chakli recipe Banana murukku / Instant banana chakli recipe is an evening snack; it’s a healthy snack for kids. We have different variations of murukku recipes; this is also a simple recipe using banana pulp. Murukku is also called as chakli, jantikalu,chakali etc. murukku, which are deep fried in hot oil and it have spiral in shape. Once the murukku is done, put it in

Bilimbi juice / Irumban puli juice

Bilimbi juice / Irumban puli juice Bilimbi juice is a healthy and very easy to make. It have many nutrition fact and health benefits. Bilimbi fruit is popular in different names in languages.  The fruit are small, cylindrical shape. It contains antioxidants and has astringent effect due to its high acid. Bilimbi helps to control hypertension.  This fruit are known to reduce blood sugar level. This is the simple way

semiya payasam

Semiya sabudana payasam / kheer Semiya sabudana payasam / kheer is a traditional dessert in kerala.  In kerala festivals payasam is common dish. There so many payasam recipes, we are already show you different payasam recipes in yummy recipes. This is one of my favorite payasam. Its very simple to make within 25 minutes. We can serve hot and cold both are too tasty. Let’s see the making of vermicelli

kadala curry recipe

Kadala / black chana curry Kadala / black chana curry is the best side dish curry for idili, puttu, dosa etc. this is the simple method by making kadla curry. We can make kadala curry in different ways. I have this recipe from my mother; I like this curry very much. The making and the ingredients list is bellow. Please do try and send your feedbacks and enjoy cooking with

soft idli recipe

SOFT AND PERFECT IDLI RECIPE Idli is the healthiest breakfast recipe in south India. This idli made from raw rice, idli rice and urad daal. We can also call as steamed rice cake. You can also cook it in a microwave.  The best combination is idli with sambar, coconut chutney, kadala curry and chicken curry. The making of SOFT AND PERFECT IDLI RECIPE is bellow with images and detailed video.

onion pakoda

Ulli vada  / Onion vada / onion pakoda Ulli vada  / Onion vada  is the deep fried snack,  very popular and common snacks in kerala. We can serve it with sulaimai /  kattan chaya. This is also known as onion fritter and onion pakoda. This is the easiest vada comparing to other vadas. It’s also a common street food in india. You can always adjust the spices and add green

carrot thoran

Carrot thoran / carrot stir fry The Carrot thoran / carrot stir fry is a simple and easy side dish for rice. In Kerala meals vegetable thoran / stir fry is an important one, the meals incomplete without a thoran. We can make many types of vegetable thoran like, beans cabbage spinach etc. This is the very easiest thoran recipe.  This carrot thoran have little sweet and its have little

cherupayar biriyani

Cherupayar / Moong Bean Biriyani Hai all, today I am sharing with you a simple, healthy and delicious Cherupayar / Moong Bean Biriyani recipe. If you are checking for a healthy lunch box food for your kid I prefer you to try this cherupayar biriyani. You can adjust the spices that you like. Moong bean has many health benefits, its rich in protein and fiber.  Okey, lets see the making

cheruparar curry

Cherupayar / Mung  bean curry Cherupayar / Mung bean curry is a simple to make; it’s very healthy and delicious. This green gram curry is a perfect side dish for dosa, kanji, puttu. This is the Kerala style curry by adding coconut paste. We can make this curry without coconut. It has some huge health benefits. Mung bean is a high source of manganese, potassium, copper, zinc and various B

green peas curry

Green peas masala curry / /Matar masala Green peas masala curry / /Matar masala is a good side dish for dosa, chapatti, porata, etc. This is the simple, tasty and easy side dish curry. Green peas curry is a healthy food. We can make different food by using green peas. Green peas is very good source of vitamin K, B6, B2 etc. Let’s see the making of Green peas masala

Instant okra / Lady Finger dosa

Instant okra / Lady Finger dosa Instant okra / Lady Finger dosa is a good choice for breakfast. This is the healthy and easy dosa recipe. I have this recipe from my family member. The okra gives soft structure to the dosa. We can use okra in different way. Okra has lot of health benefits, it contains potassium, vitamin B,C, folic acid and calcium. The detailed recipe of Instant okra

okra pepper fry

Lady finger pepper fry / okra fry Lady finger pepper fry / okra fry is a good side dish for rice. This is the south Indian style preparation, the lady finger roasted in onions and the large quantity of pepper masala. You can see many different okra recipes like masala okra, potato okra etc in yummy recipes. Here I am showing you a spicy and dry okra pepper recipe. Okra is

Ariyunda  / Rice balls

Ariyunda  / Rice balls Naadan Ariyunda Rice ladoo Ariyunda  / Rice balls is a Kerala style tasty delicious snack. The making is also very simple. I have this recipe from my mummy, is a perfect cook. This is the traditional way to prepare ariyunda. That has an awesome taste. For 750 rice we can make 44 rice balls.   Let’s see the making of ariyunda is bellow with detailed images

Tomato thokku / Tomato chutney

Tomato thokku / Tomato chutney Tomato chokku is just like tomato pickle; we can store this in a tight container and refrigerate it for many days.  You can have it with idli, dosa, curd rice, parathas etc.  I would like this tomato thokku with dosa.   Tomatoes contain a source of vitamin A and vitamin C and also it contains considerable amount of calcium and vitamin K.  Tomatoes are packed