How To Make Pineapple Pulissery

Pineapple pulissery is a famous traditional dish of Keralites. This is very tasty and goes well with rice. Usually we serve this sweet pulissery for sadyas. This is very special because it contains sweetness,sourness,spicy and salty. Ingredients Riped pineapple-250 gm chilly powder-1 tsp Cumin seeds (jeera) – 1 tsp Turmeric powder – 1/4 tsp Grated coconut – 1 cup Curd ( katta thairu)- 3/4 cup Curry leaves -2 sprigs Dry

Ari Murukku Recipe

Ari Murukku is a deep fried Indian snack and made from rice flour. Murukku is  a mixture of  rice flour,  Urid dhal  and coconut milk  makes the rice murukku a tasty one. It is made with idiyappam maker.We used to make this during celebrations. Rice murukku  is one of the popular snack in South India especially in Tamilnadu during the festivals like Diwali and Krishna Janmashtami. Ingredients Rice flour-2 cups Coconut milk-1 cup

Kaliyadakka Recipe

Kaliyadakka is the fried rice balls. This is usually making for Krishna Jayanthi and Onam only. My mother used to make only for onam. This is very crispy and tasty. Cooking time is very less yet delicious. Some use roasted rice,but here i used half roasted rice flour. Ingredients Soaked rice-2 cups Urid dhal-2 tbsp Grated coconut-2 cups Jeera -1 tsp Shallots-1 nos Salt-to taste How to Make Kaliyadaka Dry

Fish Curry Recipe

Today I am going to make a Trivandrum style fish curry. This is an easy to follow recipe. Fish is always tasty, whatever types we are making. In Kerala we are using more spicy to enjoy the meal. Usually pepper and fish are good combination. But in this I didn’t use pepper,still it is tasty. This is a special style. Enjoy. Ingredients Fish-1 kg Chilly powder-3 tsp Turmeric powder-1 tsp

Butter Soy Recipe

Soy is high protein food,called meat of the poor . Because if poor people can’t buy meat soy will be the alternative. This is very cheap.only thing we have to add masala more and clean well to remove raw taste. For vegetarians to compensate with meat to attain protein this will be helpful. Considered as one of the world’s healthiest foods, soy is power packed with other essential nutrients too.

Egg Drop Masala Recipe

This egg drop masala recipe is an Indian style of egg curry. This is simple. It has more flavor due to fresh ground masala. Egg Drop Gravy is a simple and easy to make gravy. Speciality of this recipe is we don’t add boiled eggs to the curry instead we break open and pour the eggs directly into the curry and cook You can use the same recipe and add

Chocolate Chips Cookies Recipe

This is a kid friendly cookies.Cookies once you made you can preserve it, to give as a morning snack for your children. Surely children will like it. This is very delicious and crispy. Very easy to follow the recipe. My friend introduced this recipe to me. Once I had it. It was so tasty. Then I decided to make once. It came great. Ingredients All purpose flour-2 1/4 cups Baking

Lemon Pickle Recipe

Lemon pickle is an authentic pickle for sadya in south India. This is an essential side dish for heavy meals to enhance digestion. There are 3 types of lemon which are using to make pickle. We can make pickle in different types,as white pickle or red one. I used small lemon to make this. Ingredients Lemon-15 Ginger-1 cup Garlic-1  cup Green chilly-5 Gingilly oil- 1/2 tea cup Red chilly powder-4

Idiyappam Recipe

Idiyappam is a popular break fast of south India. There is special mould to make this. Three types of mould is available in market. Press type,twist and gun type. According to our convenience we can use. This is very soft and easy to make. Ancient times people used to eat with fresh coconut milk and sugar. Better combination is vegetable or non vegetable curry with this. It resembles noodles. Some

How To Make Appam

Vellayappam or kallappam is a traditional breakfast of keralites. In ancient times people were making appam with palm toddy(panankallu) instead of yeast. Because of unavailability of that , we are using yeast or sweet coconut water. Even toddy from coconut tree also good. In different areas vellayappam is different. Some are using palappam batter for this,some add urid dhal. But this is special kottayam style vellayappam. This will go great

Kumbalanga Theeyal Recipe

Theeyal is a typical Kerala dish similar to South Indian kulambu. This is included in traditional sadya menu.there are several versions of theeyal according to the regions. The main ingredient is roasted coconut. We will celebrate this Onam with this special theeyal. Without theeyal Onam Sadya will not be completed. This is my sisters recipe,Thiruvalla style of making theeyal. I cooked colocosia with turmeric and salt to remove an enzyme,that

Bread Fruit Stew Recipe

Bread fruit or kadachakka stew is a delicious Indian cuisine. This is nearly similar to jack fruit. We can make different dishes with ripe and raw bread fruit.Ripe one used to make desserts. It is highly fibrous and nutritious. It is a delicious substitute for any starchy crop,vegetable and potato. Today I am going to make the raw fruit with coconut milk. It goes well with rice,appam and chapati. Stew

Chakka Pradaman Recipe

Chakka Pradaman For Vishu Jack fruit pudding is one of the most delicious mouth watering kheer,usually prepares for Vishu Sadyas, as it is available in summer. This is the traditional sweet of Keralites. If you preserve jack fruit jam or varattiyathu, can use to make pradaman for onam sadya. Jack fruit is always healthy as it contains fiber ,vitamins and minerals. Ingredients Jack fruit-20 bulbs Jaggery-150 gm Cashew-15 nos Coconut milk

Mango Stew Recipe

Mango is the national fruit of India,Pakistan and Philippines. This is  summer, the season of mangoes. We can make so many dishes with ripe and raw mangoes.it contains phyto nutrients such as vitamin c , folate etc. Mango has high fiber content which helps in digestion and weight loss. Today i am going to make a special dish with raw mango. I can’t tolerate the sourness ,so i will make

Pan cit(Chinese noodles)Recipe

Pancit is a traditional dish of Philippines is originated from Chinese were ancestors of Philippines,thus they influenced by Chinese Indochinese believe that every diet should provide dietary balance. So they preferred noodles with vegetables and non veg together in one division. Noodles are requiring minimal cooking time.   There are varieties of pancits according to the noodles we use. It is delicious and healthy. Here i used cellophane noodles,which are

Kumbilappam Recipe

Kumbilappam is a sweet snack of Kerala. It is very delicious and have attractive smell. We used to make this in a special leaf called vazhana leaves(leaf of cinnamon,but bigger one). You can make this with jack fruit or plantain. Here i used jack fruit. If you don’t have cinnamon leaves, you can use plantain leaves instead. Jack fruit is always healthy since it has high fiber content and vitamins. This

Arrowroot Payasam Or Arrowroot Kheer Recipe

Are you fed up with making same porridge for your child since long time? Here is the healthy alternative for that,arrowroot kheer or arrowroot payasam. It is easily digested and nutritious. It has high fiber content,vitamin B complex, which keeps the intestine healthy. It contains iron,calcium,zinc and minerals. Ancient times people were using arrowroot for porridge and liquid recipes. People are not aware of the health benefits. So now a days

Vegetable Fried Rice Recipe

This is an Eid special fried rice with richness of fruits and vegetables. This is a healthy dish since i didn’t use any ghee to prepare. For celebrations we used to make this with the combination of  salad and chilly chicken. You can add your choice of vegetables like mushrooms,baby corn. This is a popular Indo- Chinese recipe. To add flavor and good smell i added celery so that it

Stuffed Banana Recipe

Stuffed banana or pazham nirachathu is a very popular Malabar snack. It is a part of if-tar parties. Today i am putting this recipe because this is an eid special sweet and tasty cuisine. It is prepared by stuffing the banana with coconut filling. Once i bought from the hotel but it was with white sugar. I don’t like to have sweets with white sugar, so i tried this with

Cocktail Pudding Recipe

A delicious pudding is the perfect way to finish a family meal. It can make a memorable moment in your life.This is a simple pudding. Either you can use fresh fruit or canned one. I used the canned fruits. If you use fresh fruits,make them cooked in sugar syrup, so that the raw taste will not be there. I garnish the pudding with cherry and cooked fresh fruits.this is my