Filipino Recipes

Maja Blanca Recipe

Maja Blanca is a very easy Filipino dessert dish. It is also known as “Coconut Pudding” and is made with coconut milk, corn starch and sugar. The first maja blanca did not include corn and milk, but these were added later to improve flavour and texture. My mother used to make Maja Blanca during special occasions. I remember sneaking in the kitchen when no one was around and grab a

Leche Puto Recipe (Puto Flan)

Leche Puto or Puto Flan (Leche Flan Puto) is a Filipino food that is a combination of leche flan and puto. Leche flan is a dessert that has a sweet taste and soft texture, not to mention that this is one of my favorite desserts ever tasted. It is usually served in parties and also the very first one to be totally consumed by the visitors, just imagine how tasty

Coffee Jelly Recipe

Coffee jelly recipe made easy here. Feeling sleepy? Need Energy? Lots of paper works and don’t have time to sleep? Grab this amazing coffee jelly that keeps you alive from head to toe, from all your veins and from your whole soul. This dessert is full of energy and has stimulating ingredients that has a special role in our daily life. It can probably help you from your entire works.

Steamed Banana Muffins

Steamed banana muffin is a snack or “merienda”, loved by many Filipinos. If you love bananas so much then this will be your comfort food because its main ingredient is, of course, a ripe banana. Along with the ripe mashed banana are eggs, sugar, flour, baking soda, and butter (or oil). At first, it was just a cake or also known as “banana cake” and it is one of the

Pastimallows Recipe

Pastimallows: Well from the name itself, I’m guessing you already know what food this is. Yes, you’re right! Pastimallows is a combination of pastillas and marshmallows. These two are one of the kid’s favorite when it comes to sweets. So just imagine combining it into one bite, amazing right? This one is very easy to make, it’s like 123 or ABC, and you can finish making it just 15 minutes.

Fish Lumpia (Tulingan) with Malunggay

Fish lumpia or lumpiang isda is a good alternative if you want to make healthier, lighter and cheaper version of lumpiang shanghai. You can use any type of firm fish like Bangus, Galunggong, Tambakol, etc. and turn them into these delicious rolls. But since I have a few leftover of Sinaing na Tulingan, I thought I should give it some twist. This is the first time I tried adding malunggay.

Maruya (Banana Fritters) Recipe

Maruya or Banana Fritters is one of my favorite snacks especially when I was in grade school. Every afternoon, the stores beside our school sell different snacks made from banana, cassava and sweet potato. I always buy banana cue or maruya. Having the taste of a pancake with a sweetness of banana, Maruya can make a simple yet yummy snack. Maruya is basically made of ripe (or overripe) banana, flour,

Cassava Cake Recipe

Cassava cake is a yummy, fudgy and flavorful dessert made of grated cassava, coconut milk, eggs and condensed milk. There are so many delicacy and souvenir shops that sell special cassava cake. Ralo’s, Rodilla’s are some of the few. Usually topped with macapuno, custard or grated cheese, Cassava cake is a delectable treat everyone would love. But don’t worry, you can make at the comfort of your home. Cassava, also called

Salmon in Coconut Milk

Salmon in coconut milk is a fragrant Filipino dish with ginger and fish simmered in coconut milk. This dish is perfect for fish lovers and those looking for a tasty and delicious fish dish that is easy and quick to make. Salmon is one of the most popular fish in the world. These fish are delicious and loaded with healthy benefits. They are also a great source of omega 3

Adobong Isaw (Large Intestine)

Adobong isaw is an exotic dish. This dish is easy to cook and delicious despite of the fact that its primary ingredient is large intestine. I have learned to love isaw from my father in law. He would often buy large intestine and cooked them adobo style. Adobo is a popular Filipino dish as you can cook any meat into adobo. Isaw is great as appetizer and main dish. Adobong

Pork Giniling with Quial Eggs

Are you wondering about what food to serve your kids that got meat and vegetables? Well, how about pork giniling with quail eggs? My kids love this dish very much that they always beg me to make it. Okey! Beg is such as strong word, but it feels like it whenever they ask me to make this dish. So, there’s no doubt that your kids will also love pork giniling

Ginisang Upo with Sardinas

Looking for an easy, healthy but delicious Filipino food? Ginisang upo with sardines is a simple and healthy vegetable dish. Upo or white squash is as well known vegetable in the Philippines. This vegetable is used in many Filipino dishes. Ginisang Upo is perfect for health conscious individual. People trying to lose weight will definitely love this recipe not only because it is healthy but also quick and easy to

Pork Hocks Soup with Thick Noodles

Looking for ideas about how to cook pork hocks or what recipe to use them in? Pork hocks are often used for soup and other pork dishes. Hock is attached to the hog’s leg, the end of the leg bone. When cooked slowly and long the hocks meat becomes very tender while the broth extremely flavorful. Take note, hock is below the knee and just above the foot which makes

Ginataang Monggo with Dried Fish

Ginataang monggo with dried fish is a healthy dish because green mung beans are loaded with vitamins, high in protein and low in calories. In other words, this dish is loaded with nutrition and healthy benefits. Gintaaang monggo is a must try dish especially for those looking for a new taste. I love ginataang monggo which my mom always prepares when I was a kid. This dish is a staple

Pancit Lomi with Fried Wonton

Across the world, noodles are widely used for different dishes. In fact, noodles are staple food in many countries like Vietnam, China and other Southeast Asian countries. Noodles are made from dough which is then stretched, rolled flat or extruded and cut into several shapes. This recipe that I am sharing is makes use of thick noodles or egg noodles that one used for pancit lomi soup. This is my

Paksiw Na Pata

Paksiw na pata is a Filipino dish that you will love to eat again and again. This pork dish is simple but delicious. Paksiw na pata is made by braising the pork hocks in soy sauce, vinegar and sugar until tender and the sauce is thick. I love paksiw na pata dish, it is one of my favorite pork dish. I love the sweetness and saltiness of the dish. If

Tortang Dilis (Anchovies Omelet)

Tortang Dilis is a simple fish omelet dish. This fish omelet dish is simple to make just like the other omelet dishes that you are familiar with but instead of veggies or ham we will use fish. My mom often cooks tortang dilis when I was a kid. I grow up eating all kinds of dilis dishes from kinilaw to paksiw to tortang dilis. It is my dad’s favorite food

Pan cit(Chinese noodles)Recipe

Pancit is a traditional dish of Philippines is originated from Chinese were ancestors of Philippines,thus they influenced by Chinese Indochinese believe that every diet should provide dietary balance. So they preferred noodles with vegetables and non veg together in one division. Noodles are requiring minimal cooking time.   There are varieties of pancits according to the noodles we use. It is delicious and healthy. Here i used cellophane noodles,which are

Dinuguan Recipe

Dinuguan is a type of dish made from blood, internal organ and meat of a pig. Diniguan also known as pork blood stew or blood stew is a unique filipino dish. This dish is popular and serves often during fiesta, birthdays and special occasion. Dinuguan is paired with puto or eaten with rice. I don’t know the history of this dish, all I know is that other countries also have

Sauteed Talong in Shrimp Paste (Ginisang Talong)

Eggplant or talong is used in my dishes such as tortang talong, stuffed eggplant, baked eggplant, tempura vegetable, pinakbet, siningang and even cooked as ginisang talong or sautéed eggplant in shrimp paste. This vegetable is very abundant in the Philippines, probably why, it is very affordable. I can buy a half kilo of talong for P10.00 unlike other veggies. I often buy eggplant for pinakbet, torta, tempura and whenever I