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Chocobar - Homemade Chocobar Icecream Recipe

Chocobar – Homemade Chocobar Icecream Recipe Chocobar is one of the favorite item of all, expecially kids. I am very happy to share this Homemade Chocobar Icecream Recipe with all of you. Now it is summer holidays, and I want to share something useful and interesting item. I am sure by this Homemade Chocobar Icecream Recipe you can impress or entertain your family members. Here I am sharing a simple

Palada Pradhaman - Palada Paysam Recipe

Palada Pradhaman – Palada Payasam Recipe Palada Pradhaman which we are going to make today is a most favorite sweet dish of Kerala people. There are several payasam or pradhaman recipes in the cuisine of Kerala but this one is the queen of them all. Kerala Style Palada Payasam Recipe is traditionally prepared with milk, ada and sugar. This is a simple and easy dish which anybody can make very

Jackfruit Payasam - Chakka Payasam Recipe

Jackfruit Payasam – Chakka Payasam Recipe Jackfruit Payasam is a traditional payasam of Kerala made with Jackfruit, coconut milk and jaggery. It’s also known as chakka payasam. Today I have done this in an easy method. Usually this payasam is prepared using chakka varatti, but I have done this with fresh jackfruit. Now it’s jackfruit season in every where, so you can easily get it. For making this payasam usually

Coffe Pudding / Easy Coffee Pudding Receipe

Easy Coffee Pudding Receipe Coffee Pudding is the simple pudding which everyone can make easily. This is not only a favorite item of sweet lovers people who love coffee also a huge fan of this dessert. The taste of coffe powder combined with milk and fresh cream gives an extra yummy taste to this pudding. You can top it and serve this with chocolate sauce or chocolate shavings. Today we

coffee with coconut pudding

hi…friends മധുരം നമുക്ക് എല്ലാര്ക്കും ഒരുപാട് ഇഷ്ട്ടാണല്ലോ അല്ലെ …അപ്പൊ നാവിൽ അലിഞ്ഞു ചേരുന്ന ഒരു പുഡ്ഡിംഗ് ആയല്ലോ ഇന്ന് ഞാൻ ഉണ്ടാക്കാൻ പോകുന്ന ഒരു സ്വീറ്റ് ഡിഷ് ആണ് കോഫി വിത്ത് കോക്കനട് പുഡ്ഡിംഗ് … കോഫീ പുഡ്ഡിംഗ് വളരെ ഈസി ആണ് ആൻഡ് ടേസ്റ്റിയുമാണ് . ഇതിൽ തേങ്ങാ പാലും പഞ്ചസാരയും ഫ്രഷ് ക്രീമും ചേർന്നതിനാൽ വളരെ രുചികരമാണ് കുട്ടികൾക്കും മുതിർന്നവർക്കും ഇത് ഒരുപോലെ ഇഷ്ടമാവും. ചേരുവകൾ :- വെളുത്ത എള്ള് – 2 ടീസ്പൂൺ തിളച്ച വെള്ളം –  അര കപ്പ് ജെലാറ്റിൻ – 10 ഗ്രാം ഫ്രഷ് ക്രീം – 1 ടേബിൾ

Kerala Style Easy Avial Recipe

Hello Friends Today   I am   Sharing  a   Mixed  Vegtables   (  Avial  )   It’s  Very  Imporant   Side  dish in Kerala.It   occupies  an  important  place  in  kerala.  Cuisine  and  is  a  must  for Onamsadiya, marriage Function, Vishu  Kerala  Style  using  this  easy  avial  recipe. very  tasty  vitamins &  healthy to our body. so  please  try  it   very  easy  recipe. It   can  be  eaten  Rice, Chappatti,

Mango Mousse Recipe

Hi all, today’s dessert is using mango, the king of fruits. Its juicy fruit is a rich source of Vitamins A, C and D. In India there are over 100 varieties of mangoes, in different sizes, shapes and colours. Now  i’m sharing with you a cool Mango Mousse recipe. Its very simple and tasty.Now let us start with the step by step preparation of mango mousse.        Ingredients required

Kerala Egg Roast

  Hello Friend, This is my first recipe which was posting at Yummy Recipes… Today I am Sharing you a Non-Vegetarian side dish recipe. It’s the recipe of kerala. Egg roast is a delicious spicy preparation of the egg with delicious Onion and tomato paste. It is very tasty side dish. This dish is the favorite dish in our home and our family… In my home My mom and dad’s


Today’s recipe is papaya milkshake – a healthy combination of papaya and milk. Papaya milkshake is very easy to prepare and is really refreshing especially on hot summer days.  But it is good for the body and can be had on regular days also. I have seen many people hate papaya, but it has a lot of health benefits and this milkshake is a best way to add papaya to

Coconut Milk Recipe / How to Make Coconut Milk

How to extract coconut milk at home with step by step pictures. Hello foodies. Today I am going to share the recipe of coconut milk. Coconut milk has a special place in several recipes, especially those from the South India. There is nothing like the sweet freshness of coconut milk mingling with the spiciness of the chicken curry. I have used coconut milk in making Virgin Pina Colada. You can

Virgin Pina Colada Recipe

Hi, foodie fellas. You might have seen some of the summer cooler recipes that I have been posting until now. Today I am adding another gem to the crown. This recipe is for Virgin Pina Colada. It’s a mocktail, hence, non-alcoholic, and can be enjoyed by kids and elders alike. What makes me like the homemade Virgin Pina Colada is its naturalness and wholesomeness. Fruits are always good for our


Today’s recipe is mango milkshake – a refreshing drink which is liked by many people.  It is very easy to prepare and needs just a few steps.  Moreover, it is healthy and filling. Peel and chop the mangoes, blend them along with milk.  Mango milkshake is ready.  Here I have added 1 teaspoon of sugar.  But this step is optional.  If you feel that the mangoes are sweet enough, then

China Grass Pudding Recipe

China grass is a type of gelatin extracted from seaweed, refined through scientific method. It is available in the form of strands and is a coagulant and densifying agent. It helps to clear rheumatism . It is a best body coolant in summer. This is my sister in law’s recipe. She used to make this and garnish with roasted cashew and grated coconut. Today i am going to make

Pineapple Jelly Recipe

Pineapple is an edible fruit which contains lots of minerals and vitaminsfor optimum health. It is low in calories. It is a rich source of dietary fiber. Recently i got one green coloured pineapple jelly from philippines. So i thought of making it. Easy to make with very less ingredients. I enjoyed eating this because i like pineapple too much. Ingredients Pineapple jelly-2tsp Sugar-2tbsp Water-2 cups Pineaple pieces-1 cup Tutty

Jam Jar Oreo Milkshake with Ice-Cream Recipe

Hi again, foodies. Summer is getting brutal with every passing day, isn’t it? Let’s combat the heat with something cold and soothing. Presenting to you the Extra Thick Jam Jar Oreo Milkshake! Oreos are the most beloved little cookies and boy oh boy they are so versatile! You might have seen many recipes that use regular Oreos with the vanilla cream filling. However, I used the one with chocolate cream

Mango Milkshake Recipe

Hi again. I am back with another cool recipe, this time it’s a milkshake! Mango milkshake is one of my favorite milkshakes of all time. It’s nutritious and filling at the same time. When you pick mangoes for making mango milkshake, use good variety. Choose mangoes that are not fibrous. They should be ripe, firm, fleshy and juicy. Alphonso mangoes are your best bet. But if you do not get them,

Aam Panna Recipe / Raw Mango Cooler Recipe

Hi again, foodies. Looking for a quick summer cooler recipe, are we? It’s May and India is experiencing the typical, extremely scorching summer. Hence, it becomes necessary to make summer coolers at home rather than endlessly glugging store-bought aerated soft-drinks. Not only homemade coolers are refreshing, they are nutritious too.   Today I am sharing the recipe of Aam Panna. It is the most amazing summer cooler made from sour

Watermelon Gingerade Recipe with Step-by-Step Pictures

Hello again, dear buddies. Hope you are having a great start to your weekend. So I am back with another summer special recipe. It’s a cold, fruity beverage, the Watermelon Gingerade. Watermelons, especially the red ones, are so very refreshing. Their flavor, sweetness, and color will make you go crazy for it during the scorching summers. That’s what lends this drink it amazing bright red color. For some flavor, I

avocado milkshake recipe

This is a very simple, yet tasty and healthy recipe.  This recipe makes use of very few ingredients mainly avocado, milk, sugar and cashew nuts.  This is very much liked by my children.  Here I haven’t used water at all.  But you can add ice cubes at the end and blend it once more if you want a really chilled shake. Avocado is a fruit which has got a creamy texture, and

Watermelon Juice

I always love fresh juices but watermelon was never in my list.  Though I love watermelon pieces I never liked the juice.  My kids love watermelon juice and whenever we go outside, my daughter always opt for her favourite watermelon juice and I just watch her enjoy it.  But things changed when I tried this watermelon juice with lime juice added to it.  I was quite surprised with this change.  A person who never liked watermelon juice is now finding