January 2016


Today’s recipe is yet another Indo chinese dish which is very easy to make at home – Chilli paneer.  Most of us might have tasted chilli paneer in the restaurant.  But it is very easy to make at home.  Easy, tasty and healthy. Here I am sharing a dry version of chilli paneer, but you can also make it in a gravy form.  Also, this dish can be made with


Palak paneer is a very tasty North Indian style paneer dish.  It is a dish where paneer is cooked in a very smooth and creamy spinach gravy.   Palak paneer is very easy to prepare.  You can prepare palak paneer by either blanching the palak first, then grinding it and cooking it.  Or you can first chop the palak, cook it and then grind it.  I am sharing the first


Halwa is a very popular dish made in India.  It can be made with many kinds of vegetables, fruits, sooji, or I can say, halwa can be made with almost anything. Today’s recipe is an easy to make halwa made with bread.  Bread halwa is very simple and tastes great when made with milk bread.  But if you don’t have milk bread with you, you can use other varieties also.


Today’s recipe is a simple fried rice.  It is an Indo Chinese dish which every Indian likes to have. There are various ways in which fried rice can be made like chinese fried rice, schezwan, egg and so on. This veg fried rice is one of our favorites and a dish which is ordered very often whenever we go to a restaurant.  The addition of celery is important in the

Beetroot Halwa

Hi all amazing chefs who are reading my recipes. Today’s recipe is beetroot halwa. Mostly  beetroot is used for salads and juices  at my home; but this time I wanted to try something new from it. you can make it for festivals as well and those people who dont like raw beetroot they will also compel to eat it. The preparation and making process of it same like our famous

Potato Balls

I love potato balls! I first tried them at Tokyo Tokyo and they were great. I know it is easy to make just didn’t have time to make them. I am pregnant and craving for potatoes, its like potatoes are all I wanted to eat. So, I finally decided to make my favorite potato balls from my favorite Japanese fast food restaurant. Potato balls are made of mashed potatoes. So,

Til Ke Ladoo

Hi everyone, first of all happy Lohri and Sankranti to all of you.  So this festive season I am sharing yummy recipe of til ke ladoo or sesame seeds balls. A recipe from my mom’s treasure box.  Today I and mom made this yummy til k ladoo to celebrate sankranti. It’s my first attempt of making it under my mom’s guidance. Before making it I thought it would be a

Lomi Recipe

Lomi or pancit lomi is a thick soup made with vegetables, eggs, liver, chicken and noodles. This hearty soup is best eaten steaming hot. This dish has several variations across the country. They are also readily available in many Chinese restaurants, local food stalls and supermarkets. Pancit lomi is a very popular soup dish in the Philippines. But, the most popular version is the Batangas lomi. I have tried the

Carbonara Filipino Style

Carbonara is a dish that originated in Italy. This Italian pasta dish made of eggs, bacon, cheese and black pepper. For the pasta, usually fettuccine, bucatini, linguine, rigatoni and spaghetti are used. Carbonara is my favorite pasta dish. I have tried both the American and Italian version and both taste great. However, my daughter prefers the creamy type carbonara. This creamy carbonara consists of cream, mushroom, ham and bacon. Carbonara

Ginataang Monggo with Dried Fish

Ginataang monggo with dried fish is a healthy dish because green mung beans are loaded with vitamins, high in protein and low in calories. In other words, this dish is loaded with nutrition and healthy benefits. Gintaaang monggo is a must try dish especially for those looking for a new taste. I love ginataang monggo which my mom always prepares when I was a kid. This dish is a staple

Custard Kheer Recipe Custard Rice Kheer Recipe.

How to make Custard Kheer Recipe Custard Rice Kheer Recipe with step by step pictures. Hi buddies! Here is a simple custard kheer recipe for you. Kheer is normally made on any festival and occasion and also as an after meal dessert. Kheer and phirni are the popular dessert in north india. Payasam is also another version of kheer popular in south india. It too tastes delicious. At my place kheer

Spring Onion with Peanut Sabzi Recipe/Hare Pyaz Ki Sabzi Recipe.

How to make Spring Onion with Peanut Sabzi Recipe/Hare Pyaz Ki Sabzi Recipe. Hi foodies! here I am sharing spring onion recipe with you. Spring onion is also called as hara pyaz , scallion or green onions. Hara pyaz/spring onion provides healthy benefits to our body. This is simple spring onion recipe made in few minutes and best to take away for lunch box. Hare pyaz ki sabzi is healthy and


Mutton roast is an easy to make kerala style dish.  It is a very basic dish but a very tasty one too. This is a very popular Kerala style nonvegetarian dish which is very easy to make and makes use of readily available ingredients.  It has a lovely flavor which makes everyone hungry. I wanted to try mutton chukka, but time was very less and I wanted to finish off

Pancit Lomi with Fried Wonton

Across the world, noodles are widely used for different dishes. In fact, noodles are staple food in many countries like Vietnam, China and other Southeast Asian countries. Noodles are made from dough which is then stretched, rolled flat or extruded and cut into several shapes. This recipe that I am sharing is makes use of thick noodles or egg noodles that one used for pancit lomi soup. This is my

Paksiw Na Pata

Paksiw na pata is a Filipino dish that you will love to eat again and again. This pork dish is simple but delicious. Paksiw na pata is made by braising the pork hocks in soy sauce, vinegar and sugar until tender and the sauce is thick. I love paksiw na pata dish, it is one of my favorite pork dish. I love the sweetness and saltiness of the dish. If

Baingan Bharta with Spring Onion Recipe

Baingan Bharta with Spring Onion Recipe | Khandeshi Vangyache Bharit Recipe with step by step pictures | Spicy Mashed Eggplant Recipe Hey foodies! Today I am sharing the recipe of baingan bharta that is very different from what we usually prepare. This one is a khandeshi specialty. The best thing about this bharta recipe is that it uses no spice powders at all! No red chili, no turmeric, no garam

Spiced Apple Kalakand Recipe

Hey foodies. Today I am sharing an easy dessert recipe. It’s the kalakand but with a twist. I added apple to it and some cinnamon. Where apple goes, cinnamon follows! I have always been a big fan of Indian desserts that incorporate fruits in it. This is my own creation. The last red apple had been sitting in the fridge since a couple of days and I had no will to

Schezwan Egg Fried Rice Recipe

Schezwan Egg Fried Rice Recipe with step by step pictures. Hey foodies! Today’s recipe is an Indo-Chinese rice dish. It’s my own creation. I recently had a hankering for having eggs and rice. Also, I wanted something other than the usual egg curry. So I made egg fried rice. But, with a twist. I added some schezwan sauce to it! Egg and schezwan sauce is kinda unusual, as most people would say.

Tomato Chutney Recipe

Tomato Chutney Recipe | Tamatar ki Chutney Recipe with Step by Step Pictures Hi foodies! Hope you had a great Sunday! It’s been so cold in India that I really don’t feel like getting out of my duvet and get cooking. So I have been sticking to some snacks, healthy ones of course and some easy one pot recipes like this one. Today’s recipe is Tomato Chutney or Tamatar ki

Vaghareli Bhakri Recipe with Step by Step Pictures

Vaghareli Bhakri Recipe with Step by Step Pictures. Hey foodies! Today I am sharing the recipe of a popular Gujarati snack called Vaghareli Bhakri. It is made from leftover bhakri or jowar (Sorghum) / bajra (Pearl Millet) flatbread. I usually make it when I don’t feel like cooking much and want have a quick bite to curb the hunger pangs. Vaghareli Bhakri is spicy, and very tasty. Even though it