Til Ke Ladoo

til ke ladoo recipe

Hi everyone, first of all happy Lohri and Sankranti to all of you.  So this festive season I am sharing yummy recipe of til ke ladoo or sesame seeds balls. A recipe from my mom’s treasure box.  Today I and mom made this yummy til k ladoo to celebrate sankranti. It’s my first attempt of making it under my mom’s guidance. Before making it I thought it would be a tough one , but it not at all tough even its very easy to make. Let’s begin


  • White Til (Sesame Seeds)- 500 grams
  • Peanut – 125 grams
  • Jaggery – 375 grams
  • Water- Half cup

How to make Til ke Ladoo

  • First heat a pan and roast sesame seed; once its roasted take it out in a big bowl and keep aside.

til ladoo

yummy til ladoo

  • Now roast peanuts, keep roasted peanuts aside in a bowl and let it cool. Remove skins from it and mix it with roasted sesame.

til ke ladoo

til ladoo_roasted peanut

tasty til ladoo

how to make til ladoo

  • Now add jaggery and half cup water on heated pan to make jaggery syrup.Cook it for while and you can see bubbles coming let it cook some more minutes

till ladoo jaggery syrup

homemade til ladoo

yummy til ladoo tasty

  • Now testing of jaggery syrup whether it’s ready or not. Take a small plate add some water and add some jaggery syrup; if it stays at below and won’t mix with water it means your syrup is ready.

til ke ladoo homemade

  • Immediately add jaggery syrup with roasted sesame and peanut, mix them well.

how to make yummy til ladoo

til ladoo healty

til ladoo easy steps

  • Now apply some water on your palm and take some mixture and make it round balls, do it with rest of the mixture. keep it for few hours to set.

til ladoo preparation

round til ladoo

ladoo til

  • Til ke ladoo is ready to eat.

tasty yummy til ladoo