January 2016

Herb Fried Chicken

Tired of your fried chicken recipe? Looking for fried chicken recipe that doesn’t take too much time to make? Well, I have here a fried chicken recipe that will make your house smells good. This is because the chicken is dredged in savory herbs then fried and paired with gravy. My kids are tired of the old fried chicken recipe that I always make so I decided to serve them

Chicken Empanada

Empanada also called pastel in Portuguese is a stuffed pastry or bread fried or baked. This stuffed goody is very popular in many countries such as Spain, Indonesia, Malaysia, Latin America, etc. As I have said before, empanadas are popular in many countries the difference between their empanadas lies in the ingredients. In the Philippines, empanadas are usually filled with meats (pork, chicken and beef), potatoes, onions, carrots and cheese. By

Lauki Chana Dal Recipe/Lauki Chana Dal Pressure Cooker Recipe/Lauki Aur Chana Dal Ki Sabzi Recipe.

How to make Lauki Chana Dal Recipe/Lauki Chana Dal Pressure Cooker Recipe/Lauki Aur Chana Dal Ki Sabzi Recipe with step by step pictures. Hi Buddies! There is a healthy indian recipe for you. This lauki aur chana dal ki sabzi comes from the punjabi cuisine. This recipe of lauki chana dal is delicious easy and healthy lunch box recipe. Kids avoid bottle gourd/lauki ki sabzi try this spicy Indian bottle

Malpua Recipe / Malpua Stuffed With kalakand Recipe.

How to make Malpua Recipe/Malpua Stuffed With Kalakand Recipe with step by step pictures. Hi Foodies! Today I am sharing new and luscious version of malpua with you. Mapluas are crisp fried and fluffy pancakes dipped in sugar syrup, served with rabdi and dryfruits topping. You must surely try this new and delicious style. Inspite of giving topping of rabdi to the sweet pancakes, I have stuffed the kalakand into

Calamares Recipe

Calamares is a delicious appetizer. This dish is similar to the Mediterranean fried squid dish which I really find delicious and appetizing. I fell in love with this Mediterranean dish when I went to Greece with my family. From thereon, I love making calamari or calamares at home. Fried squid or calamari is a Mediterranean cuisine that only takes less than 2 minutes to cook. This batter coated seafood dish

Salmon in Coconut Milk

Salmon in coconut milk is a fragrant Filipino dish with ginger and fish simmered in coconut milk. This dish is perfect for fish lovers and those looking for a tasty and delicious fish dish that is easy and quick to make. Salmon is one of the most popular fish in the world. These fish are delicious and loaded with healthy benefits. They are also a great source of omega 3

Pasta Arrabiata with White Sauce

Pasta arrabbiata is an Italian pasta dish that is made of garlic, chili peppers and tomatoes. This light red pasta dish comes in several varieties but the most common recipe includes tomatoes, garlic, parsley, onions and red peppers. Arrabbiata which in Italian basically means “angry” is a spicy pasta dish. As I have said there are several varieties of this pasta dish that is often paired with penne rigate. Penne

Pan Fried Cream Dory with White Peanut Sauce

Looking for a quick fish fillet dish? This pan fried cream dory fillet with white peanut sauce recipe is a simple fish dish to make but most importantly, extremely delicious. My kids are my worst critics, so if they say this fish fillet dish rocks then I believe them. Cream dory is a cousin to catfish because of its white fillet. This blue tang fish grows up to 30 cm and they

Fish Fillet In Lemon Herb Butter Sauce

Looking for fish fillet recipes? Are you wondering about what to do with your cream dory or fish fillets? I have a bag of frozen cream dory in the fridge but I have run out of ideas on what to do with the fish. I have been frying the fish fillet but too much batter coated fish fillet takes away the excitement in the food. Luckily, I love making dishes

Adobong Isaw (Large Intestine)

Adobong isaw is an exotic dish. This dish is easy to cook and delicious despite of the fact that its primary ingredient is large intestine. I have learned to love isaw from my father in law. He would often buy large intestine and cooked them adobo style. Adobo is a popular Filipino dish as you can cook any meat into adobo. Isaw is great as appetizer and main dish. Adobong

Spicy Arrabbiata Pasta

Pasta arrabbiata is a light red pasta dish that is made of tomatoes, garlic and chili peppers. Arrabbiata which means “angry” in Italian because of the heat from the chili peppers is cooked in olive oil. This dish is full flavored making the pasta perfect for lunch, dinner and any occasion. There are several varieties of the arrabbiata pasta but most of the recipe includes tomatoes, parsley, garlic and red

Pork Giniling with Quial Eggs

Are you wondering about what food to serve your kids that got meat and vegetables? Well, how about pork giniling with quail eggs? My kids love this dish very much that they always beg me to make it. Okey! Beg is such as strong word, but it feels like it whenever they ask me to make this dish. So, there’s no doubt that your kids will also love pork giniling


Today’s recipe is a sweet dish – sweet boondi.  We all might have bought this delicious sweet from sweet shops.  But it is very easy to prepare at home.  And all you need is very few ingredients  which are readily available at home.  The main ingredients needed are besan or gram flour, sugar and water. This is the first time I am making this boondi.  But it was very easy


Palak paratha is a very healthy paratha made with spinach and whole wheat flour. I had some palak left oafter making palak paneer few days before.  So I used those palak leaves to make this palak paratha.  This is a best way to include spinach in your day to day diet.  Kids often don’t like spinach, and this is one method by which you can make them eat spinach. This

Ginisang Upo with Sardinas

Looking for an easy, healthy but delicious Filipino food? Ginisang upo with sardines is a simple and healthy vegetable dish. Upo or white squash is as well known vegetable in the Philippines. This vegetable is used in many Filipino dishes. Ginisang Upo is perfect for health conscious individual. People trying to lose weight will definitely love this recipe not only because it is healthy but also quick and easy to


Today’s recipe is papaya milkshake – a healthy combination of papaya and milk. Papaya milkshake is very easy to prepare and is really refreshing especially on hot summer days.  But it is good for the body and can be had on regular days also. I have seen many people hate papaya, but it has a lot of health benefits and this milkshake is a best way to add papaya to

Pork Hocks Soup with Thick Noodles

Looking for ideas about how to cook pork hocks or what recipe to use them in? Pork hocks are often used for soup and other pork dishes. Hock is attached to the hog’s leg, the end of the leg bone. When cooked slowly and long the hocks meat becomes very tender while the broth extremely flavorful. Take note, hock is below the knee and just above the foot which makes


Bread uttapam is an easy to make dish.  Uttapam is a very popular South Indian breakfast item.  Uttapam is made with rice and urad dal.  But today, I am sharing an uttapam recipe made with bread.  This dish can be served both as a breakfast and also as a snack. This is a very easy and instant recipe and do not any planning or soaking or fermentation. You can use


Paneer bhurji recipe – easy and tasty North Indian style paneer dish.  Not only that, it is one of the popular Indian dishes which can be prepared in a jiffy.  It takes less than 20 minutes for the entire preparation and you get a wonderful dish which can be paired with bread, chapati or roti. I make this bhurji very often as a side dish for bread or chapati.  You can


Today’s recipe is an easy to make rice dish made with peanuts – peanut rice.  It is very easy to make, healthy and tasty.  It is a perfect dish to pack for lunch box. These variety rice dishes are very helpful when you want to make a quick lunch.  I often make these easy lunch dishes like lemon rice, tamarind rice, raw mango rice and many others.  If you have