Lalita Deshmukh

Beetroot Halwa

Hi all amazing chefs who are reading my recipes. Today’s recipe is beetroot halwa. Mostly  beetroot is used for salads and juices  at my home; but this time I wanted to try something new from it. you can make it for festivals as well and those people who dont like raw beetroot they will also compel to eat it. The preparation and making process of it same like our famous

Til Ke Ladoo

Hi everyone, first of all happy Lohri and Sankranti to all of you.  So this festive season I am sharing yummy recipe of til ke ladoo or sesame seeds balls. A recipe from my mom’s treasure box.  Today I and mom made this yummy til k ladoo to celebrate sankranti. It’s my first attempt of making it under my mom’s guidance. Before making it I thought it would be a

Crunchy Khuskhus Airsa

Crunchy Khuskhus Airsa is a sweet from Chhattisgarh. It is our modified version of moist airsa. In this modified version of airsa crunch comes because of the khuskhus. I like it very much compare to moist airsa. When I was a kid I stick to kitchen when mom prepare airsa, later I always help in frying it. Today also me and mom both prepared it together. Lets begin Ingredients Rice-

Mirch ka Salan

Hi foodies how are you all? Today I tried Mirch ka salan. It is a Hyderabadi dish. I always think that instead of some common snacks what can we prepare from these thick green chilies? So finally I got this Mirich ka salan. After trying this I just loved it and my family too like it very much.  Even my mom wants to have it again. It’s really a happy

Airsa- Moist  Jaggery Sweet

Today I am sharing Chhattisgarh’s very famous recipe of Airsa. It is a very moist jaggery sweet. Generally it is prepared during Diwali festival. In other state it also known as Arisa pitha, Ariselu Pitha. Its our traditional jaggery sweet. Most of the people got confuse with Anarsa and Airsa. These two has very big difference is that we use sugar syrup on Anarsa and in Airsa we use jaggery

Dhokla in Idli Maker

Hi all Today’s recipe is Dhokla in idli maker , It is my mom’s recipe. I always heard of traditional dhokla making process. Wanted to try that too but I don’t have those utensils. One day I was discussing with mom that I noticed that your dhokla shapes are triangles instead of rectangles; than my mom told she made it in idli maker that’s why the shapes are triangles. So

Beetroot And  Carrot Juice

Hi all, I and my friend was talking about fruit juices, How healthy and fresh it is for us. She told me some combination of  juices she like to take during winter days.  One of it was Beetroot and carrot Juice.  All we know that beetroot are very good  for blood flows as well carrots are good to prevent cancers. They also have a rich source of Vitamins. Than I

Potato Patties/ Aloo Tikki Pakode - Lemon Twist

I am sharing my own recipe of  potato patties Indian style with lemon twist. In hindi can call it aloo tikki pakode.  When it comes to aloo pakode  people generally prepare it from aloo slices. I like the boiled potato one instead of slice potatoes. This recipe is my own creation during my school days. I love the combo of lemon and potatoes. So thought of making it this way.

Eggless Mango Wheat Cake in Appam Maker

Hello friends Today I am sharing recipe of Eggless Mango wheat cake. its healthy and very less time taking and easy to make. Most of the people like mango specially the ripped mangoes are very good for baking cakes and other sweet delights. I heard alot of wheat cake so finally tried this one.  As I don’t have oven , I use appam maker.  Also I love to try new

Kheksi/Spiny Ground/ Kantola Chana Dal Sabz

Kheksi is one of my favorite dish. Kheksi  is also known as Kantola, Spiny Ground.  Today I am sharing  yummy and healthy homemade recipe of Kheksi Chana Dal Sabz.  It is a seasonal vegetable and it comes during monsoon. As it look like Karela (bitter ground) people generally avoid it as they  think that taste can be same as Karela; So all the people  I would like to tell its

Kamal Kakdi / Lotus Stem Gravy

Hi all wonderful people. Today’s recipe is Kamal Kakdi. It is also known as Lotus stem and in my state Chhattisgrah it is known as Dhens. This is my mom’s recipe and it tastes yummy. Lotus stem has various health benefits. It has vitamin B, vitamin C, fiber and a good source of fiber too. There are many dish you can make from it like gravy, kofte, also you can

Aloo Chips Veg Twist

Hi all Today I am Sharing a snack from made of aloo chips. I like aloo chips/ potato chips a lot. We usually fry chips and eat it like that. I thought of mixing some veggies with potato chips. Its super quick and easy to cook. Just needed few ingredients and your yummy snack is ready. It can be new and super cool snack for your kid too. lest begin

Lal Bhaji/ Red Spinach Recipe

Today I am sharing Lal Bhaji recipe. It’s also known as Lal math and red spinach. Lal bhaji has two types one which is fully red including leaves and branches and second has red branches with green leaves. I am using second one; however recipe of both are same. Well In Chhattisgarh we usually eat leafy vegetable. most of the people like it because of its tempting red color, beside

Baingan ka Chokha ( Roasted mashed Brinjal)

Hello friends today I am sharing Baingan ka chokha recipe. It is very famous and also one of my favorite  dish from Bihar cuisine. It is often cooked during winters but as per your convenience you can cook it at any season. I have not used oil, so health conscious people can also try it. I would like to mention that baingan ka bhrata and baingan ka chokha is very

how to make fara Steamed Dumplings

Hello friends, Today’s dish is Fara. It is very famous breakfast of Chhattisgarh. Its made of leftover cooked rice.Generally people fry leftover rice with vegges. These days kids are very much demanding when it comes to food. They demand for new dishes everyday. Moms generally stuck what new dish i will make for my kids which they found new and delicious. Well you can try out Fara; it is very

Cucumber Raita

  Hi everyone, today I am sharing my favorite cucumber raita recipe. it is an easy, simple and yummy side dish. This side dish is very refreshing as cucumbers are full of water, its helpful to hydrates your body and also it cools your body. Generally people have it in summer but I can Have it in all season. I am big lover of cucumber raita. Lets begin: Ingredients: Curd-

Chhattisgarh Chech Bhaji Recipe

Chech Bhaji is very famous leafy vegetable of Chhattisgarh. It’s a Dark green leafy vegetable Its branch found in two colors red and white. In chhattisgarh its known by the name of Laali Chech and Safed Chech, Process of making both are same.Leafy vegetables are the source of many vitamins and also its full of fibre, It’s very healthy and tasty as well. We must add leafy vegetables in our

Stuffed Eggplant/ Bharwa Baingan

Hello foodies, today I am sharing stuffed eggplant (Bharwa baingan) Recipe. There are different types of eggplants available in the market; I have used white eggplants to prepare this recipe. You can use any of the eggplant to make it. It’s very easy to cook. In India people have various style of cooking it according to state they belong to.  Sharing my style to cook it,Let’s Begin Ingredients: White Eggplants-

Rice Flour Pakode Recipe

Hello everyone, I am sharing a snack recipe made of rice flour. Its one of the favorite snack of my mom. It is very easy and less time taking. When ever I am hungry and in a hurry I use to cook rice flour pakode. It is very famous in Chhattisgarh. It’s very crispy and crunchy as it’s made of rice flour. You can cook it any time. You don’t have

Aloo Baingan/Potato Bringle Curry Recipe

Today I am sharing homemade Aloo Baingan/ Potato Bringle Curry Recipe, very easy and tasty side dish. It is a recipe of my mom. After long time I and mom cooked together, generally I cook alone. Mom told how she prepares this side dish. I like it very much with rice and chapatti. Let’s begin Ingredients: Potato – 5 medium size, Chopped Bringle- 3 medium size, sliced Onion- 2 medium