July 2015

Ground Pork Omelette

Omelette is a dish made from beaten eggs with veggies, ham or ground meat quickly cooked in oil or butter. Omelette is super delicious and perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner. My omelette foldover recipe is quick and easy to prepare that you don’t have to be a chef to create it. In the Philippines, omelette is called “torta” or “tortang itlog” and you can also add several ingredients with

Kerala Egg Roast Nadan Mutta Roast Recipe

Egg roast is a very simple but spicy side dish and a popular Kerala dish. Kerala mutta (egg) roast is a simple yet spicy side dish with onions, tomatoes and Indian spices.Egg roast is a favorite breakfast side dish and usually paired with appam, Idiyappam puttu or even roti. It is so easy to make that all you need is just under 20 min to get it done and a perfect side

Sarciadong Tilapia with Egg

Fish sarciado or sarciadong tilapia is a fish dish that is very popular in the Philippines. The tilapia simmered in a sauce composed of tomatoes, onions, and eggs and seasoned with salt and pepper to enhance the dish flavor. In my opinion, sarciadong tilapia with egg is a healthy and inexpensive recipe making it worth cooking. If you have left over fried fish from last night dinner you can transform the

Beetroot kichadi (Betroot in Yogurt Gravy)

Kichadi is a yogurt based curry mainly prepared for Kerala sadhya recipes.We can use vegetables like ladies finger,fried/dried bitter gourd,beet root and fruits like pine apple.Usually vegetables are cooked with little water or fried in oil and simply add the plain curd. So simple. Here i used beet root for preparing kichadi. Beet root is very rich nutrients and minerals which helps in blood formation and reduces anemia. It is

Sardine Fish  Chilly Curry( Mathi Mulakittathu)

Mathi/Sardine mulakittathu is an easy fish curry of malabar.Nadan mathi mulakittathu is a special kozhikoadan dish, also known as meen mulakittathu or nadan meen curry.Since, sardines (mathi) are in season now; and full of fat, it is best to make curry with fresh fish. The best thing about living in Kerala, is fresh fish all the year around. Sardines are cheap and full of omega-3, so try to include in

Beef Caldereta

Caldereta or kaldereta is a very popular filipino dish. This dish is a favorite of many Filipinos because of the richness of its sauce. I love beef caldereta than other caldereta’s. I think beef is the best meat for this dish. But if you find beef expensive or just want to use a different meat, you can also use goat meat, pork or chicken meat. By the way, caldereta is

Quick and Easy Pork Burger Steak

Jollibee is another fast food chain that many Filipinos love. This restaurant serves all foods from burger to pasta to burger steak, one of my favorite foods at Jollibee. Come to think of it! It is the only meal at this fast food chain that I truly like and would not mind eating daily, he he he (Mcdonald Fan). Burger steak is a simple and easy to cook dish. It

Nilagang Baka Recipe

Nilagang baka is another simple filipino dish. This beef soup is a favorite of many Filipinos because of its simplicity and rich taste. Nilagang baka is prepared in many ways so don’t be surprised if my recipe is different from the other websites you have visited. The nilagang baka recipe I’m a featuring in this page is my own version. It is a recipe that I have learned from my

Quick and Easy Champorado Recipe

Champorado is a chocolate rice pudding that many Filipinos love. This is a favorite breakfast and snack in the Philippines. I grow up eating champorado with milk for breakfast. My mom always cooked champorado because it is quick and easy. Now that I’m a mom myself, I find the champorado recipe a lifesaver. Champorado recipe is a lifesaver because when I’m too busy with work the simplicity of this dish

Cocktail Pudding Recipe

A delicious pudding is the perfect way to finish a family meal. It can make a memorable moment in your life.This is a simple pudding. Either you can use fresh fruit or canned one. I used the canned fruits. If you use fresh fruits,make them cooked in sugar syrup, so that the raw taste will not be there. I garnish the pudding with cherry and cooked fresh fruits.this is my

Squid Coconut Roast ( Squid Thoran )

  When i write about fish recipes. Its  difficult not to mention that we keralities are die -hard carnivores and fish is a staple among non vegetarian population. There are serveral different  ways of  making fish, most common ways are making curries, frying the fish and stir fries. Squid( kanava, koonthal) is popular among the sea food lovers of kerala. Calamari fries is popular receipe in restaurants. This is not

Creamy Chicken Stew With Vegetables

  A few years ago i came across this and now it is dinner rotation once a week . I like simple and easy receipes that seem like they took alot of effort to make .This is one of those receipes. My husband loves this and whenever i make it, he used to tell how great it is. This is a receipe for  a chicken stew with multi colour vegetables

Stir Fry Vegetable In Oyster Sauce

Last night, I was wondering about what to cook. Being a full time mom is never easy because I have to create menus that my family will enjoy daily. Plus! my kids are food conscious, they also don’t agree on food. My daughter is into soup and my eldest son is into fried food while my husband wants vegetables. So, everyday I have to come up with dishes for breakfast

Chinese Chilly Chicken

  For all those who love Chinese food like me and who are always ready to eat Chinese food. This is the most easy and tasty chili chicken you ever have. Chilly chickenis a popular  indo chinese dish of chicken. In india  this may include a variety of  dry chicken preparation. Though mainly boneless chicken is used in this dish, some people also recommend to use bones chicken too. This

Chinese Chicken Fried Rice

The harmonious integration of color, taste, and appearance made Chinese Cuisine popular all over the world. The choice of various ingredients, seasonings and the heating mechanism used in chinese cooking gives such a great perfection to all the senses.People in different countries add their own flavours and spices to Chinese food to customize it to their own taste. Fried rice ,with Gobi Manchurian as its side,is one of the tastiest

Kare kare Recipe

Kare kare is a stew flavored with peanut butter. This dish is a favorite of many Filipinos because of its main ingredients thick savory peanut sauce and ox tail, tripe or both. I love kare kare, it is one of my favorite filipino dish. I always cook kare kare for special occasion and whenever I have cravings for its peanut sauce complimented by shrimp paste. When I cook kare kare,

Chicken Mandi ( An Arabian Dish)

Mandi, a traditional dish of Yemen made either with chicken or lamb. Mandi is now popular among other Arab countries as well. Traditionally, the meat is slow cooked in a tandoor which makes the meat extremely tender and delicious, and served over aromatic rice.The spice rub used to marinate the chicken is called Hawaij– coriander seeds, cumin seeds, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, whole black peppercorns are roasted till aromatic and made into a powder.

Dry Fish Curry With Raw Plantains ( Onakka meen curry with vazhakka)

Raw Banana is known as Kaya in Malayalam. Unripe Bananas are used for making different side dishes in Kerala. Raw Plantains (Vazhakka) are mostly used for making Thoran, Mezhkkupuratti, Erisheri and so on. A friend told me that they cook Raw Plantains with Tapioca/Yuca and it tastes excellent. Vazhakka is also cooked with different kinds. Here am using this raw banana to make a dry fish curry and its really

Tuna Fish Theeyal  ( chura meen theeyal )

Theeyal which means ‘burnt dish’ is a typical kerala dish featuring burnt coconut,and is usually dark brown in color.It gets its color from browning of coconut and also from another ingredient, tamarind.In some parts of kerala,theeyal is included in a traditional sadya menu. I’ve already blogged about Eggplant Theeyal,but this one is my favorite among all Theeyals.But cleaning baby onions is very difficult and it is something which stops me

Lumpiang Shanghai

Spring roll or lumpiang shanghai is a simple dish made up of ground beef, vegetables and spices mixed together and wrapped in a lumpia wrapper. This dish originated in China and was brought to the Philippines and from thereon, lumpiang shanghai have been staple food in Filipino celebration. Lumpiang shainghai is a very common dish that it is no longer surprising to find a serving dish full of lumpia during