July 2015

How to Make Kerala Kilimeen Fry

  Kerala Kilimeen Fry (Tawa Pink Perch Fish Fry) This fish fry can use as a great appetizer or a side to a meal. This recipe is very easy to follow and even a bachelor can easily make for lunch. Its  very tasty and crispy fish fry.  A simple vegetable salad or cut onions always compliment with fish fry. It can be served along with rice, morru and a stir

Dinuguan Recipe

Dinuguan is a type of dish made from blood, internal organ and meat of a pig. Diniguan also known as pork blood stew or blood stew is a unique filipino dish. This dish is popular and serves often during fiesta, birthdays and special occasion. Dinuguan is paired with puto or eaten with rice. I don’t know the history of this dish, all I know is that other countries also have

Pineapple Raita Recipe

Pineapple is one of my favourite fruit. Today I am sharing a recipe of pineapple raita. As we all know when it comes to raita boondi raita is very common which everyone make, but I want to try something new in raita so tried Pineapple raita. Pineapple Raita is very easy to make, its very healthy as well the taste of it is very yummy and refreshing.  One should try

How to Cook Red Beans Pork Hocks

Are you looking for red beans recipe? This recipe is very tasty so there is no doubt that your family will enjoy eating red beans. I have been eating red beans since I was a kid because my mom always cooked this dish. It is one of my dad’s favorite soup dishes. Unfortunately, I can’t cook red beans with pork hocks all the time because it takes a lot of

How To Make Mambazha Pulissery

Mambazha pulissery or mambazha kalan is one of the traditional recipe of Kerala, and it is one of the most wonderful side dish for any kerala lunch feast known as Sadya. Pulissery can be made with a variety of veggies/fruits like pineapple, yam, vazhakka/Nendea Pazham, Pumpkin, Ash gourd/kumpalagga etc and Mambazha pulissery is very popular among the pulissery recipes.Very ripe/ sweet mangoes are usually used for making this dish. It is very easy

Kerala Beef Curry

  Beef curry recipes are avaliable in all sites and blog. But this is a recipe which i tried and got a good result with nice thick gravy and real traditional(nadan) taste. I tried so many beef gravy recipes, But this is the one which impress my hubby who loves beef varities. The colour of this gravy is the colour of kashmiri chilly powder which i used and it is

Pineapple Halwa Sweet Dessert

There have been days when i thought what next fruit to make into a halwa. Not that I particularly like Halwas but there is things fixation on making a halwa that comes with a deep fitted passion of getting a halwa done. I love Tirunelveli and Calicut halwa but well it is not an easy task to make. One can get settled down with something else in most cases right.

Arrowroot Payasam Or Arrowroot Kheer Recipe

Are you fed up with making same porridge for your child since long time? Here is the healthy alternative for that,arrowroot kheer or arrowroot payasam. It is easily digested and nutritious. It has high fiber content,vitamin B complex, which keeps the intestine healthy. It contains iron,calcium,zinc and minerals. Ancient times people were using arrowroot for porridge and liquid recipes. People are not aware of the health benefits. So now a days

Gravy Recipe

Fried chicken, steak and burger are best paired with gravy. KFC chicken is just an ordinary fried chicken without its tasty gravy. A mashed potato is not good without gravy in my opinion, just like Jollibee’s burger steak. In other words, gravy brings out the food delicious taste. This is the reason I have to learn how to make gravy to make my fried chicken even more delicious. In the

Chicken in Schezwan Sauce/ Restaurant Style

My love for spicy foods have taken over my cooking too. Couple days back i was in a spicy mood, so decided to try out some schezwan cuisine. And i am telling you, this has become one of my favourite foods in the world. Schezwan chicken is one of the popular style chicken appetizers served across the globe. It has orginated from the chinese cuisine but we get to see

Egg Masala Rice ( Mutta Masala Chorru )

  This rice can be made within 30 minutes. But it has full of flavour, I love it with some onion raita and my lunch will get filled. This is a great receipe to put in lunch box, kids will love it. Since the eggs is spiced first it has some flavour too instead of bland plain eggs. This is a great receipe to use leftover rice from the previoys

Malabar Fish Curry With Coconut Paste (Thenga Aracha Malabari Meen Curry)

  This is a famous and very common fish curry in malabar area and more specifically Thalassery and vatakara area. This is prepared using fresh coconut paste along with tomatoes or raw mangoes. Tastes better with raw mangoes. Coconut should be ground as smooth as possible to get a better taste. This is s signature dish in many kerala home. This my home style kerala fish curry. Coconut(thenga) is ground

Malabar Ghee Rice (Neychoru)

Kerala, the God’s Own Country, is also referred to as the ‘Land of Spices’. Each region has a delectable culinary repertory of its own. Today I am sharing a delicious Malabar Ghee Rice. It also known as Neychoru’ and can have with any spicy mutton, chicken, beef or vegetable curry. This rice preparation is very simple and easy to make and every common preparation for special occasions like family gatherings or parties.

Sauteed Talong in Shrimp Paste (Ginisang Talong)

Eggplant or talong is used in my dishes such as tortang talong, stuffed eggplant, baked eggplant, tempura vegetable, pinakbet, siningang and even cooked as ginisang talong or sautéed eggplant in shrimp paste. This vegetable is very abundant in the Philippines, probably why, it is very affordable. I can buy a half kilo of talong for P10.00 unlike other veggies. I often buy eggplant for pinakbet, torta, tempura and whenever I

Butter Chicken Restaurant Style( Murgh Makhani )

This rich, buttery, creamy chicken needs no introduction. Most probably the best known of alla indian dishes, it has already claimed the fame that it deserves. A heartwarming favourite at home, a staple at most indian restaurants, this north indian dish has made its place in every corner of the world.  I do make it at home occassionally, to the great pleasure of my family. I have done receipes from

Vegetable Malai Korma Recipe

Hello buddies! Weekend calls for making simple yet special recipes full of flavors and zest that will make your day special! So here is one gem from my Mom’s old cookbooks from the 1980s. It’s called the Vegetable Malai Korma. This dish is not only rich, subtle and flavorful but also nutritious! Since there are so many vegetables, it makes a healthy side dish with rotis for your kids. If

Marie Delight Recipe

Hello buddies. I am back with  a very easy dessert recipe. It is called Marie Delight. This one is my Mom’s recipe that has been relished at our place since several years now. You can say that it is a no-bake Marie biscuit cake. There are several recipes of Marie biscuit cakes that I have come across and by far this one is the best. The mélange of cocoa and

Vegetable Fried Rice Recipe

This is an Eid special fried rice with richness of fruits and vegetables. This is a healthy dish since i didn’t use any ghee to prepare. For celebrations we used to make this with the combination of  salad and chilly chicken. You can add your choice of vegetables like mushrooms,baby corn. This is a popular Indo- Chinese recipe. To add flavor and good smell i added celery so that it

Stuffed Banana Recipe

Stuffed banana or pazham nirachathu is a very popular Malabar snack. It is a part of if-tar parties. Today i am putting this recipe because this is an eid special sweet and tasty cuisine. It is prepared by stuffing the banana with coconut filling. Once i bought from the hotel but it was with white sugar. I don’t like to have sweets with white sugar, so i tried this with

Mango Pickle Recipe

Hello foodies, how are you all? Today I am sharing mango pickle recipe. Pickles have a great craze in India. You can find Varieties of pickles in which mango pickle grabs 1st rank. Mango pickles are made of raw mango or green mango. People wait for summers to get raw mangoes for preparing pickles. In Indian different region have different style of preparing it.  It’s a yummy side dish. I waited