Papaya milkshake recipe

Today’s recipe is papaya milkshake – a healthy combination of papaya and milk.

Papaya milkshake is very easy to prepare and is really refreshing especially on hot summer days.  But it is good for the body and can be had on regular days also.

I have seen many people hate papaya, but it has a lot of health benefits and this milkshake is a best way to add papaya to your regular diet.  Especially for people and kids who don’t like papaya.

Talking about papaya, it has a lot of health benefits.  It gives a natural glow to your skin.  It is also said to reduce the risk of heart diseases, increases digestion, and it also has the capacity to fight against cancer.  It also helps to lower blood pressure.

Papaya milkshake is very easy to make.  Chop the papaya pieces, blend them well, add milk and sugar and blend everything well until smooth and frothy.  Isn’t it easy?

Do try out this papaya milkshake recipe and let me know your feedbacks.

papaya milkshake recipe


papaya – 2 cups chopped

milk – 3 1/2 cups

sugar or honey – 2 tablespoons

ice cubes – few

how to make papaya milkshake

1. Clean papaya, peel off the skin.  Remove the seeds.  Chop the papaya into pieces.

2.  Add the chopped papaya pieces to a blender, add 1/2 cup of milk and sugar.  Blend well until it becomes smooth.


3.  Add the rest of the milk and blend well until smooth and frothy.


4.  Transfer the milkshake to a serving glass, add ice cubes and serve.