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Crispy Potato Toast Recipe/Open-Faced Potato Sandwich Recipe

Hello buddies. Being home alone today I was in no mood to cook a proper lunch just for myself. So I made a sandwich. Sandwiches are great. You can make them in no time. I am a fan of sandwiches and I created one of my favorite sandwich recipes today. This is an open sandwich recipe. More so like a toast topped with cheese spread and creamy potatoes and toasted

Barista Recipe / Crispy Fried Onion Recipe

Hi again buddies. Just a while ago, I shared the recipe of Murg Pudina. That recipe uses barista or crispy fried onions. So now I am sharing the recipe o crispy fried onions. These are used to garnish biryanis and dalcha, also in making Chicken Korma etc. The barista should be crispy, not soggy. Also, you can store these in an airtight container and freeze them. However, I make them just

Murg Pudina Recipe / Chicken in Mint Gravy Recipe

Hello, dear foodies. If you are a regular follower here, you might have noticed all my recent recipes that call for mint. My fridge’s vegetable compartment is half-full with several bunches of fresh mint and I am trying to create as many recipes as possible before the mint goes extinct after this season. Today’s recipe is a chicken curry recipe. This is not those run of the mill chicken recipe

Virgin Mojito Recipe

Hi, foodie fellas. You might have noticed a string of mocktail recipes that I had posted recently until it started raining. Well, guess what? It didn’t rain today and the Sun was shining with all its might again. So I am adding another gem to the mocktail crown. This recipe is for Virgin Mojito that I made today. It’s a mocktail, hence, non-alcoholic, and can be enjoyed by kids and

Instant Medu Vada Recipe  Bread Medu Vada Recipe

Instant medu vada is a easy and simple preparation of of a medu vada (soft vada). Medu Vada is one of the popular South Indian delicacy and it is very popular in all the states of south India. Vada is made by fermenting Urad dal batter and in cold weather it take too long or some times it is impossible to get ferment. In that case you ca try this instant

Home-Style Dal Fry Recipe

Hi again, foodies. Today I am sharing a very simple dinner recipe, which gets ready in  a jiffy. But, of course, you can make it for any meal you want because it’s not only delicious but also comforting.  It’s the recipe of Home-Style Dal Fry. What’s better than having a bowl of hot, spicy dal with steamed rice on a rainy afternoon with a dollop of butter and some pickle?

Rajma Tikki Recipe

Looking for easy snack recipes, are we? Today you are in for a treat! It’s been raining and evening time is all about having delicious snacks like pakoras, samosas, tikkis, and patties. So today I made Rajma Tikkis or Kidney Bean Patties. I served them with spicy mint chutney, you can find its recipe here. If you are interested in more snack recipes for kids, do take a look at

Mint Chutney for Tandoori Dishes / Pudina Chutney Recipe

Hi again buddies. Today’s post is about an Indian chutney recipe. It’s a mint chutney, a very spicy and flavorful one. We prepare 3-4 types of mint chutney recipes at home. This is the one we serve with tikkis and tandoori recipes. Every household have their own way to prepare it, this is ours. You can find the recipe of Indian mint chutney recipe that is served with idlis here. Here

Hariyali Chicken Recipe / Hariyali Murg Recipe

Hello, foodie buddies. Today’s recipe is a chicken recipe, and an easy one. It is Chicken Hariyali. Not to mention, a one-pot chicken recipe. Hariyali because it has the goodness spinach, and a little bit of mint and cilantro. It goes well with both roti and rice. Since the chicken we get here takes long to cook, I made this dish in pressure cooker. The key to a well-made chicken

Chocolate Ganache Recipe

Hi again. After the recipe of cake doughnuts, I am sharing the recipe of easy chocolate ganache that I used to glaze the doughnuts. It gets ready in a few minutes and tastes heavenly. The key to making a good ganache is using good chocolate. Usually, I use Callebaut’s callets that have 53 percent cocoa. I didn’t have it today. So I used Amul Dark chocolate that has the same

Cake Doughnut Recipe / Donut Recipe

Hello, foodies. Today’s recipe is a special one. It’s a cake donut recipe. You can make these doughnuts without yeast because it uses baking powder as a leavening agent. Also, people who do not have ovens can make this. Since, these aren’t baked doughnuts, but these are fried doughnuts. Also, I made chocolate ganache to glaze the donuts. You can find the recipe of chocolate ganache here. This is a step-by-step,

How To Make Kadai Chicken

Hello foodies. Today’s recipe is a special one. It’s Kadai Chicken! When we often visit restaurants for enjoying Indian, non-vegetarian food, Chicken Kadai is one of dishes on the list of our favorites. I often make this restaurant-style chicken kadai recipe at home. It has a thick gravy. Making it drier is up to you. But a thick gravy makes it easy to be relished with both rice and rotis.

Capsicum in Peanut Masala Recipe

  Hello foodies. Here I am again after a week-long break. Today I am sharing with you the delicious recipe of capsicum. It’s easy to make and very healthy. As the name suggests, it is made with roasted peanuts/groundnuts. It gets ready in a few minutes. I paired it up with roti and arbi / taro sabzi, which was boiled and lightly spiced. These things are perfect to be had

Nutty Mango Shots Recipe

  Hello foodies. Mangoes are the only reason for me to love summers and look forward to it every year. Today’s recipe is a mango-based recipe. I had one mango left in my kitchen. It was far too less to make a cake using it. I didn’t want to consume it as is either. So I made this simple and yummy recipe that I like to call Nutty Mango Shots.

Schezwan Vegetable Fried Rice Recipe

Remember the last time when I said there is something very strangely delectable about the Indo-Chinese food that makes it so irresistible? It got the better of me today again and I ended up making Vegetable Schezwan Fried Rice. I had prepared half a bottle of schezwan sauce sometime back, the recipe of which you can get here. Then I posted the recipe of Chicken Schezwan Noodles and Schezwan Bread

Homemade Schezwan Sauce Recipe / Homemade Schezwan Chutney Recipe

  There is something very special about the Indo-Chinese cuisine. We Indians swear by it. It’s so tangy and zesty that no matter what, you can’t say no to a platter of well-made Schezwan Rice or a bowl of piping hot Manchow Soup. Recently, I have shared the recipe of Chicken Schezwan Noodles and Veg Hakka Noodles. Earlier before that, I had shared the recipe of Vegetable Manchurian. To top it,

Palak Wali Moong Daal Recipe

Hello there! Looking for light and nutritious lunch recipes, are we? Well here is one such easy recipe that you can make. It’s called Palak Wali Dal. It is a made from yellow moong dal and spinach. It pairs up excellently with rice. We also had some rotis, salad and aloo-gobi on the side. This dal is mildly spicy and smells great because of the flavors of spinach and garlic. Let’s

Hand-Beaten Coffee Recipe / Indian Cappuccino

Hello, dear buddies. Today’s recipe is a much requested one. It’s the recipe for Hand Beaten Coffee, also known as Indian Cappuccino. This coffee is deliciously creamy, rich and frothy. A bit time-consuming but you can make the concentrate in advance. Beaten coffee is very different from the regular coffee we make at home using instant coffee powders. This one is certainly a nice upgrade, because of its opulence and

Seyal Suran Patata Recipe

  Hi again, foodie buddies. Today’s recipe is one of my personal favorites. Seyal Suran Patata is a Sindhi recipe. Suran means yam and patata means potatoes, whereas, seyal is a method of cooking. Seyal recipes have onion based gravies. The onion is caramelised for golden brown colored gravy. Very little water is used to cook these recipes.they pair up well with both rotis and rice. Personally, I like seyal

Pomfret Masala Recipe

Pomfret Masala is a spicy, thick, tomato-based curry. It’s bright, red color from the ripe red tomatoes is extremely enticing. Pomfret is a very delicate, fleshy, tender and tasty fish.The pomfret is fried and added to the curry and left to simmer for a few minutes. The spicy gravy and the deliciousness of pomfret make this recipe a perfect side dish with roti or naan. Since it gets ready in