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Coconut Chutney Recipe / Coconut Yogurt Chutney Recipe

Hi again foodies. Today I am sharing the recipe of coconut chutney with step by step pictures. This is quite different from the usual white coconut chutneys that you get in restaurants. This one has the zest, tang and a hint of hotness. This particular recipe of coconut chutney uses dahi or yogurt, which lends it a very creamy texture. The sourness from the yogurt balances well with the hotness

Aloo Masala Grilled Sandwich Recipe

Aloo Masala Grilled Sandwich Recipe with step by step pictures. Sandwich recipes are a lifesaver. Be it for breakfast, lunch or dinner, you can have sandwiches that only satisfy your hunger but also the need for nutrition. It all depends what kind of stuffing you use. Using chicken and lots of vegetables in a sandwich would make a healthy lunch recipe. If you are looking for easy dinner ideas when

Achari Aloo Baingan Recipe

Eggplant and potato make a really nice combination when you have to make dry curry or sabzi as a side dish for rotis. This recipe is not like the run of the mill aloo baingan masala. It is very flavorful, tangy and zesty eggplant recipe. If you like just eggplants, you can skip the potatoes. Since they love eggplant with potato, I tossed in a couple of them diced. You

Vegetable Balls in Hot Schezwan Sauce (Dry)

Vegetable Balls in Hot Schezwan Sauce (Dry) with step-by-step pictures. This is one of the most popular Indo-Chinese recipes. This one is pretty close to Vegetable Manchurian, just that it has a different sauce base. Also, the gravy in this dish is very thick, just enough to coat the veg balls. It is a perfect appetizer recipe. You can make the veg balls a day in advance and make the

Sindhi-Style Aloo Gobi Recipe

Aloo Gobi Recipe with Step by Step Pictures. Aloo gobi is one of the most popular Indian vegetarian recipes. It makes a delicious side dish for rotis and rice-dal. The potato and cauliflower bits are fried and then seasoned with zesty spices that fill your house with the mouthwatering aroma. Every household has their own special way to make this dry side dish. I am sharing the recipe of Sindhi-Style Aloo Gobi

Sindhi-Style Arhar Dal Recipe/Sindhi-Style Toor Dal Recipe

Arhar dal recipe with step by step pics. There are numerous ways to prepare a lentil dish. Toor, arhar or the yellow pigeon pea is a popular lentil prepared in the Indian kitchens. Every family has their own signature way of making arhar ki dal, and today I am sharing how it is cooked in Sindhi households. Like any other way of cooking toor dal recipe, this one starts with boiling

Masala Dosa Recipe

Hello foodies. You might have seen my recipe for Potato Sabzi for Masala Dosa that I had shared a couple of days ago. If yo missed it, you can check it here. Today I am sharing the recipe of dosa batter and how to assemble the masala dosa. It is a very simple recipe. Usually, I use rice, poha and urad dal to make dosa batter. This time, I tried

Potato Sabzi Recipe for Masala Dosa

  Masala Dosa is one of the best culinary creations from South India. The steaming hot rice-lentil crepe draping the hot and flavorful potato filling is a sight so delicious that you want to dig right in. Pair it with some sambar and chutney and you have the best breakfast recipe ever; not only tasty but also healthy. The key to a good masala dosa is a well-made, balanced potato filling.

Spinach and Spring Onion Rice Recipe

If you are someone who likes veggies, protein and enough carbs on their plate, this rice recipe will pair up excellently with chicken and meat curries. This rice recipe is a great way to use up leftover rice as well. But you can make a fresh batch of rice to make Spinach and Spring Onion Rice. I have added some capsicum for the crunch. The spring onion lends such a

Dahi Bhindi Fry Recipe

It won’t be wrong to say that okra/bhindi is one of the most versatile veggies ever. You can fry them to make karari bhindi and enjoy its crunch. Or simply make okra curries with gravy and it still tastes scrumptious! Today I am sharing the bhindi recipe made using curd or dahi. You can say its dahi wali bhindi. The recipe uses very basic ingredients and there is not much

Double Egg Rice Recipe

Hello foodies. Today I am sharing the recipe of Egg Rice with step-by-step pictures, which is very delicious yet simple. Up until now you might have had egg rice that has either boiled eggs or scrambled eggs. But this recipe has two kinds of them- boiled eggs and omelette! You can make this recipe with leftover rice, like I did. Or you can make fresh ones as all. These double

Dhokla Recipe

Hi again buddies. Today I am sharing the recipe of Dhokla, a popular Gujrati snack recipe. There are several types of dhoklas. Some are made with rawa while some are made with besan. This recipe is made using besan. The dhoklas that you get in sweet shops are never as good as what you can prepare at home. These dhoklas are soft and spongy. They are brushed with some sugar syrup and have a

Chicken Pakora Recipe / Chicken Fritters Recipe

  Hello buddies. Today’s recipe is an amazing one, just the perfect snack for rainy evening. I am sharing with you the recipe of Chicken Pakora or Chicken Fritters. You can say that this is the Indianized version of the Popcorn Chicken recipe, just that this one is zingy and feisty. I have used boneless chicken that has been cut into medium sized bits, a little larger than bite size because the

Vegetable Malai Korma Recipe

Hello buddies! Weekend calls for making simple yet special recipes full of flavors and zest that will make your day special! So here is one gem from my Mom’s old cookbooks from the 1980s. It’s called the Vegetable Malai Korma. This dish is not only rich, subtle and flavorful but also nutritious! Since there are so many vegetables, it makes a healthy side dish with rotis for your kids. If

Marie Delight Recipe

Hello buddies. I am back with  a very easy dessert recipe. It is called Marie Delight. This one is my Mom’s recipe that has been relished at our place since several years now. You can say that it is a no-bake Marie biscuit cake. There are several recipes of Marie biscuit cakes that I have come across and by far this one is the best. The mélange of cocoa and

Chili-Garlic Roti

Hi buddies. Are you bored of eating the same simple rotis or chapatis? Then today I am sharing the recipe of very flavorful, yet light rotis. These rotis are made from maida/all-purpose flour and wheat flour and have a very nice fragrance  of garlic and dried red chilies. When you don’t want simple rotis and neither the overly heavy parathas, these rotis come to your rescue. Since the chili-garlic roti

Chicken Korma Recipe / Chicken Qorma Recipe

Hello, dear readers. Today I am sharing the recipe of traditional chicken korma with step-by-step pictures. This one is very close to the authentic Pakistani chicken korma recipe. Among all the chicken kormas I have ever had, 2 of them are my favorites. The first one is this and the other on is the recipe of chicken korma that is cooked with coconut milk. The Pakistani chicken korma gravy base

Chicken Khichdi Recipe

Hello, food fellas. Today I am sharing one of the most unusual yet delicious Chicken Khichdi Recipe .When it’s chicken and rice recipes, we often start with chicken biriyani and chicken casserole recipes and stop at chicken fried rice recipe. So I got an idea to mix chicken with my favorite moong dal khichdi. This one pot meal is an ideal recipe for bachelors too. Chicken Khichdi   The results are impressive.

Punjabi Chole Recipe

Hello buddies. Today’s recipe is a very special and much-loved Punjabi recipe. It’s the recipe of Punjabi Chole. Kabooli chana or white chana are used to make this delicious, simple and easy dinner recipe. The taste of this chhole recipe is tangy, mildly spicy and very smooth. It has a nice texture from the onions too. The gravy is thick and these chole go well with poori. But you can

Soya Masala Recipe / Soya Chunks Masala Recipe

Hello buddies. Today I am sharing a very simple side dish recipe for rotis. It’s is soya masala recipe. Soy protein is very good for those who do not eat meat. So not only this is a delicious recipe but also a healthy one. The gravy base is made with tomatoes flavored with butter. If you are health conscious, you can surely use oil instead. Let’s get started with the