Healthy Puttu Recipe

Puttu is a traditional breakfast dish of south india. It is usually preparing with rice flour. A special mould is using to make puttu. Olden days we used to make in a cylindrical mould. It will consume more flour. When i started to do dieting i buy one round shaped small mould, which is now available in market. It is resembling the shape of chiratta(thick covering of coconut). In my

Instant Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe

Home made vanilla ice cream is easy to prepare and needed very less ingredients. In olden days people were making this instant ice cream at home,without any ice cream maker. This is creamy and tasty. When i was studying ,my friend’s father was making for me. After long years one of my friend taught me how to prepare.     Ingredients Milk-2 cups Egg -1 Sugar-2 tsp Vanilla essence-1 tsp

Bread Fruit Masala Recipe

Bread fruit is a flowering tree in the mulbery family. It contains protein,dietary fibre,vitamin B12,B6, and vitamin C. It has starchy flesh that makes it perfect for this curry. It can be roasted or baked other than this masala. This is little sweety ,so i like to make it spicy. Breadfruit masala goes well with rice. This is my mother’s recipe. Ingredients Breadfruit-200gm Green chilly-3 Shallots-10 nos Grated coconut-1 cup

Jackfruit Seed Payasam Recipe

Jackfruit is one of my favourite fruit among all fruits. Summer season it is available. We can make different dishes with jackfruit and it’s seed. Among that payasam is my favourite. Today i am going to makejackfruit seed payasam. It is an easy to make sweet and very delicious. I got some seeds from india this time. So  I tried to make it. Ingredients Jackfruit seed-25 nos Coconut-1 Jaggery-200 gm

Atayif Recipe

Atayif is an arabic snack made up of pancake and cream. This snack is special for ramadan time. My colegue used to bring for us at work during ramadan. It is very delicious and rich snack,creamy and sweet. I used to buy the outer covering readymade from the supermarket. It is available only in ramadan time. If you want to make atayif in another time you can make the pan

Urad Dhal Vada Recipe

Urad dhal vada or fritters is a popular south indian snack. It isa healthy vada  except deep frying. Usually it is served with masala dosa,or taken as a snack itself. When we have this vada as a snack,the best combination is sambar or coconut chutney. With different ingredients we can make this vada. Here i made it with urad dhal,which is highly nutritious with high protein,vitamins, iron and minerals. I

China Grass Pudding Recipe

China grass is a type of gelatin extracted from seaweed, refined through scientific method. It is available in the form of strands and powder.it is a coagulant and densifying agent. It helps to clear rheumatism . It is a best body coolant in summer. This is my sister in law’s recipe. She used to make this and garnish with roasted cashew and grated coconut. Today i am going to make

Split Cake Recipe

Split cake or vettu cake is a deep fried sweet cake. Crispy and delicious. It was commonly displayed in glass cabinets of  most tea shops. In childhood i keep looking for this in tea shops. I just love it. Once i visited my friend she gave me freshly prepared one.  It was tasty no words to say about that. She tought me how to make it. It looks like baked

Pineapple Jelly Recipe

Pineapple is an edible fruit which contains lots of minerals and vitaminsfor optimum health. It is low in calories. It is a rich source of dietary fiber. Recently i got one green coloured pineapple jelly from philippines. So i thought of making it. Easy to make with very less ingredients. I enjoyed eating this because i like pineapple too much. Ingredients Pineapple jelly-2tsp Sugar-2tbsp Water-2 cups Pineaple pieces-1 cup Tutty

Cashew Chutney Recipe

Cashew chutney is a sweet and spicy chutney. The taste of asafoetida makes it unique among chutneys. It is very easy to make. The ingredients used to make this is very simple and always available in our houses. This is hyderabad special chutney goes well with dosa or idly. Some will add  long tamarind  to make it. But i like to make it without. Already sourness of tomato  is there.

Sugiyan Recipe

Sugiyan is a delicious tea time snack in Kerala. It was usually available in local tea shops. Now a days we will get it from bakeries. It is really simple and easy to make snack. Whoever likes green gram, can try this to make. This is my all time favorite sweet snack with richness of protein. It has a crunchy outer covering and a sweet filling of green gram inside. My

Tea Cake Recipe

Tea cake is a class of cakes that  are traditionally served with tea. Tea cakes are different in different countries . Some places it is cookies. Indian tea cake is like sponge cake. This is an easy to make cake. The ingredients that i used to make this cake are always available in our kitchen cupboards. Once i visited my friend’s house she treated me with this. It was so yummy.

Milk Pudding Recipe

Milk pudding is  an easy-to-make dessert and requires only a handful of basic ingredients. This delicious dessert recipe gets ready in just 5 minutes and sets in 15 minutes. When you don’t have much time to whip up a fancy dessert after your meal, this one will certainly save the day. Ingredients Milk-1 cup China grass-3 sticks Sugar -1 tbsp Cardamom-1, powdered How to make milk pudding Take all your

Drumstick Aviyal Recipe

Aviyal is the main side dish with rice for vegetarians. The meaning itself is a curry with all vegetables. If you don’t have enough vegetables at home ,and Aviyal is must for lunch, you can try this. Drumstick is the rich source of iron,calcium,phosphorus and  carotinoids. It is a blood purifier and helps to maintain healthy lungs.It is high in digestive proteins. It is a good source of Vitamin.C. It

Ottada Recipe

  Ottada is a special snack of Keralites. The meaning is rice cakes made in clay pot. People in different places making it differently. Some use jaggery, others make it with white sugar. My mother used to make this as an evening snack. It gives me such nostalgia. The smell of the banana  leaves itself is mouthwatering. This is a very easy to make recipe. Whenever I go to Kerala I

kashmiri kahwa Recipe

Here is a kashmiri kahwa recepie.This is a special kahwa with spices and dry fruits.Its a comforting drink which comforts our mind and body.As we add spices it helps to increase the circulation and burns fat.Whoever visits  Kashmir can’t  forget this drink.Two months ago my paster and family visited Kashmir.They were amazed by the taste and she used to make daily even today.I had it just now.wow.Can’t explain….. You can

How to Make Vattayappam

Vattayappam  is a traditional dish of Kerala. It can be used as  a snack and as a  meal. It is a fermented steamed pan cake. It makes  in special occasions. This is soft and fluffy. We can make it in different  shapes . If we don’t have round vessel to fit correctly in the steamer .We can use idly pan. According to our preference  we  can  use  jaggery  or  white

Chakkakkuru Masala Fry(jack fruit seed) recipe

Jack fruit seed is highly nutritious.High in vitamin A ,proteins and high in fiber. This is available in summer.we can clean ,sun dried and preserve for rainy season. since it is easily available and people don’t know about the health benefits,all are ignoring this nutritious seed as far as i know. As it is highly fibrous it can prevent constipation ,helps in digestion,thus detoxifying the body. It helps in improving

Unniyappam Recipe

Unniyappam is a traditional snack of south India. Unni means small. Appam means cake. Usually it is giving to church and temples as nivedyam or offering. It is a delicious soft snack easy to make. With one cup of rice we can make 25 nos.,and it is less oil consuming. Olden days our grandparents were making with rice powder. But for the time consumption we are going to make differently.

Achappam Recipe

Achappam is a  popular and traditional snack in Kerala. Also called rose cookies. It is a crunchy and delicious evening snack. There is  special mold to make this. It will be available in different shapes like flower or star.Very easy to make with less ingredients. Ingredients soaked white rice-2 cup egg-1 sugar-3 tbsp coconut milk powder-2 tbsp sesame seed-1 tsp coconut oil-300 ml   How to Make Achappam Beat the egg