paavakka kichedi (bitter guard) Recipe

Bitter guard kichedi is a traditional dish in Kerala. It is a side dish for sadya. Normally people don’t like to prepare because of bitterness. But I am guaranteed that there is no bitter taste like other recipes of bitter guard. Easy to make and healthy dish. Bitter guard kichedi is made of coconut and yoghurt(curd).   Ingredients  Bitter  guard medium size-1 Grated coconut-1/2 cup curd-1 cup green chilly-2 curry

Mango Pachadi Recipe

Mango pachadi is an easy to make side dish .We can make it differently. During summer, if  we don’t have any vegetables to cook,this is the easiest dish to make.In Tamilnadu mango pachadi is the must for the new year celebration as i heard. If you don’t like the raw taste of mango you can cook in a low flame for 2-3 minutes.If you cook more than that the taste

Paalappam Recipe

Paalappam is a laced pan cake made up of rice flour. Migrated Jewish people introduced this food in india. It is a famous keralite christian breakfast. The meaning itself is pancake made with milk. Olden days it was making with rawrice powder and keep it overnight for fermentation.  Early morning they will add coconut milk and salt. But that is time consuming. So in these busy days i am making

Neyyappam recipe

Neyyappam is a South indian traditional snack. We make this in special occasions. Olden days neyyappam was making in ghee. The meaning itself is flitter making in ghee. Because of health problems people scared to use ghee. So we are going to make in coconut oil.This snack is made up of rice flour and jaggery. For the time consuming purpose today we will make with soaked rice. If you have

kadala Curry Recipe

Kadala or Bengal gram is high in protein. Since it is nutritious and healthy we use to have at least once in a week. We can make it differently. I like to eat this with puttu, dosa and appam. Recently i learned from my sister this style. As thattukada taste we can enjoy eating. I am going to make this with roasted coconut and fresh masala.  Ingredients 2 cup of