Achappam Recipe

Achappam is a  popular and traditional snack in Kerala. Also called rose cookies. It is a crunchy and delicious evening snack. There is  special mold to make this. It will be available in different shapes like flower or star.Very easy to make with less ingredients.



  • soaked white rice-2 cup
  • egg-1
  • sugar-3 tbsp
  • coconut milk powder-2 tbsp
  • sesame seed-1 tsp
  • coconut oil-300 ml

  How to Make Achappam

  • Beat the egg and sugar till the sugar is dissolved.
  • Grind the white rice, coconut milk powder, beaten egg and sugar into a semi thick batter.

User comments

  • Keep the oil in a pan. Keep the mold also in the oil. Allow it to boil.
  • paavakka kichedi 009
    Take out the mold from the oil and immerse 3/4  in the batter.
  • paavakka kichedi 010paavakka kichedi 011
    Dip the mold in the oil. Wait for 10 seconds.

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  • Shake the mold so that achappam will come out.
  • User comments
  • Flip the achappam.

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  • Take out achappam from the oil. Drain well. After  it cools down store in an air tight container.


NB: Ensure that the mold must be dipped in the hot oil before immersing in the batter every time.




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