Idiyappam Recipe

Idiyappam is a popular break fast of south India. There is special mould to make this. Three types of mould is available in market. Press type,twist and gun type. According to our convenience we can use. This is very soft and easy to make. Ancient times people used to eat with fresh coconut milk and sugar. Better combination is vegetable or non vegetable curry with this. It resembles noodles. Some use very small chillu to get thin idiyappam specially in Tamilnadu. We used to make in banana leaves. But it is not available here. To make it more soft, you can use oil when you are making  the dough.



    • Roasted rice flour-3 cups
    • Grated coconut-1 cup
    • Salt to taste
    • Boiled water-6 Cups
      How to Make Idiyappam
      Boil the water and pour into the flour add salt. Keep aside to cool.


  • Make a soft dough with your hand.


    • Fill the mould with dough.


  • Put coconut on the idly steamer and pour the dough over it.




  • Make it round. Put coconut over it and steam.



  • 5 minute is enough for cooking.┬áPut off the flame and serve hot with egg drop masala.