June 2015

Crispy Potato Toast Recipe/Open-Faced Potato Sandwich Recipe

Hello buddies. Being home alone today I was in no mood to cook a proper lunch just for myself. So I made a sandwich. Sandwiches are great. You can make them in no time. I am a fan of sandwiches and I created one of my favorite sandwich recipes today. This is an open sandwich recipe. More so like a toast topped with cheese spread and creamy potatoes and toasted

Atayif Recipe

Atayif is an arabic snack made up of pancake and cream. This snack is special for ramadan time. My colegue used to bring for us at work during ramadan. It is very delicious and rich snack,creamy and sweet. I used to buy the outer covering readymade from the supermarket. It is available only in ramadan time. If you want to make atayif in another time you can make the pan

Ginisang Munggo (Mung Bean Soup)

Ginisang munggo is another filipino staple food. This dish is simple and inexpensive, great for budget conscious mom and dad. Ginisang munggo is a dish that I often cook three times a month, usually on a Friday. Cooking munggo every Friday is a norm in many filipino household, LOL. Mung bean or munggo comes from the seed of Vigna radiata, a plant that grows in Pakistan and India. Vigna radiate


Today, I am sharing a snack recipe made with besan / gram flour and onion as the main ingredient.  It is a special Kerala recipe.  A snack which is available in all tea shops in Kerala.  It is an snack which you can have as a snack with a cup of tea.  Nowadays, it is raining in Bangalore, and I love to munch on these.  Just make some green chutney


The name itself tells that it is a dish from Kashmir.  It is a very popular Kashmiri dish made with fried paneer.  There are various versions of chaman recipe available:  one with paneer in tomato sauce, another one with paneer and  methi and so on.  But this recipe which I am sharing here is one of the easiest.  It will take less than 30 minutes for the entire preparation.  Moreover,

Carrot halwa recipe

Carrot halwa is a very popular Indian dessert which is made on all special occasions.  It makes of very few ingredients for the preparation namely -carrots, milk, sugar and ghee.  With these few ingredients, it is a real wonder that you get tasty, yummy dessert. Carrot halwa tastes great when made with Delhi carrots.  It has a natural sweetness.  But here, Delhi carrots are available only in a particular season and

Tinolang Manok

Tinolang manok is an onion and ginger based soup that my family loves to eat. Tinolang manok is an original filipino recipe. This dish main ingredient is chicken and usually accompanied with green papaya and chili pepper leaves. I love cooking tinola especially during rainy season as the soup helps keep my family warm and satisfied. This dish is cook usually on low heat to bring out the chickens natural


Today’s recipe is an easy dessert made with beetroot – beetroot halwa.  It is very easy to make and delicious.  Just grate the beetroots, saute it in ghee, cook in milk, add sugar and ghee, mix well.  Halwa is ready.  Apart from being an easy to make sweet, it is healthy too.  Beetroot has got natural nitrates and it is believed that beetroot juice has the capacity to reduce blood

Barista Recipe / Crispy Fried Onion Recipe

Hi again buddies. Just a while ago, I shared the recipe of Murg Pudina. That recipe uses barista or crispy fried onions. So now I am sharing the recipe o crispy fried onions. These are used to garnish biryanis and dalcha, also in making Chicken Korma etc. The barista should be crispy, not soggy. Also, you can store these in an airtight container and freeze them. However, I make them just

Murg Pudina Recipe / Chicken in Mint Gravy Recipe

Hello, dear foodies. If you are a regular follower here, you might have noticed all my recent recipes that call for mint. My fridge’s vegetable compartment is half-full with several bunches of fresh mint and I am trying to create as many recipes as possible before the mint goes extinct after this season. Today’s recipe is a chicken curry recipe. This is not those run of the mill chicken recipe

Vegetable Spring Rolls (Lumpiang Gulay)

Vegetable spring rolls or lumpiang gulay is similar to lumpiang togue the difference is main ingredients. With the former, the main ingredients used are cabbage. This is my first time to cook lumpiang gulay. I always make lumpiang togue whenever I have cravings for fried lumpia. If you are looking for a snack or main dish, you can try vegetable spring rolls. My son and daughter love lumpiang gulay. Whenever

Urad Dhal Vada Recipe

Urad dhal vada or fritters is a popular south indian snack. It isa healthy vada  except deep frying. Usually it is served with masala dosa,or taken as a snack itself. When we have this vada as a snack,the best combination is sambar or coconut chutney. With different ingredients we can make this vada. Here i made it with urad dhal,which is highly nutritious with high protein,vitamins, iron and minerals. I

Virgin Mojito Recipe

Hi, foodie fellas. You might have noticed a string of mocktail recipes that I had posted recently until it started raining. Well, guess what? It didn’t rain today and the Sun was shining with all its might again. So I am adding another gem to the mocktail crown. This recipe is for Virgin Mojito that I made today. It’s a mocktail, hence, non-alcoholic, and can be enjoyed by kids and

Ginisang Ampalaya Recipe

Ginisang ampalaya is a simple but highly nutritious dish. Ampalaya or bitter gourd is known for lowering blood sugar. This iron rich vegetable is also great for people who are anemic like me and those who are trying to lose weight. It is believed that bitter gourd is also great for digestion and even treats constipation. So, if you are looking for nutritious and delicious dish, try ginisang ampalaya.  


Capsicum besan subzi is a Maharashtrian style dry side dish which can be served along with rice or with chapati/ roti.  It is very easy to make and makes use of very few ingredients.  Eaten raw, bell peppers are sweet and crunchy but becomes soft on cooking.  Bell pepper / capsicum with a great blend of spices, makes a very enjoyable side dish.  This can be a complement with any dish.

Instant Medu Vada Recipe  Bread Medu Vada Recipe

Instant medu vada is a easy and simple preparation of of a medu vada (soft vada). Medu Vada is one of the popular South Indian delicacy and it is very popular in all the states of south India. Vada is made by fermenting Urad dal batter and in cold weather it take too long or some times it is impossible to get ferment. In that case you ca try this instant

Home-Style Dal Fry Recipe

Hi again, foodies. Today I am sharing a very simple dinner recipe, which gets ready in  a jiffy. But, of course, you can make it for any meal you want because it’s not only delicious but also comforting.  It’s the recipe of Home-Style Dal Fry. What’s better than having a bowl of hot, spicy dal with steamed rice on a rainy afternoon with a dollop of butter and some pickle?

Rajma Tikki Recipe

Looking for easy snack recipes, are we? Today you are in for a treat! It’s been raining and evening time is all about having delicious snacks like pakoras, samosas, tikkis, and patties. So today I made Rajma Tikkis or Kidney Bean Patties. I served them with spicy mint chutney, you can find its recipe here. If you are interested in more snack recipes for kids, do take a look at

Chicken Macaroni Soup

Chicken macaroni soup also known as sopas is similar to chicken soup. Macaroni soup is a tasty and nutritious soup because of the milk and vegetables. This soup is great for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I love macaroni soup especially during rainy season because it helps keep me warm. The delicious taste of the soup and chicken also comfort me. If you are looking for an easy to quick soup, try my

Mint Chutney for Tandoori Dishes / Pudina Chutney Recipe

Hi again buddies. Today’s post is about an Indian chutney recipe. It’s a mint chutney, a very spicy and flavorful one. We prepare 3-4 types of mint chutney recipes at home. This is the one we serve with tikkis and tandoori recipes. Every household have their own way to prepare it, this is ours. You can find the recipe of Indian mint chutney recipe that is served with idlis here. Here