June 2015

Braised Chicken Feet Recipe

I love chicken feet since I was a kid. My mom doesn’t cook chicken feet, but when we dine at Chinese restaurants they always order a small bowl of chewy cartilage, bones and skin. In the Philippines, chicken feet more popularly known as adidas (shoe brand) are marinated in a unique blend of spices and grilled. Filipinos also use chicken feet for adobo. But I prefer the Chinese way of

Filipino Style Liver Steak

My mom often cooked liver when I was a child, so I grew up eating liver pork steak. Liver is a good source of iron and since I was anemic, my mom insisted I eat liver. The first time I eat liver pork steak, I love it immediately. In my opinion, mom cooks the best liver steak. I have tried different liver steaks but nothing compares to my mom’s recipe.

Sarciadong Isda

Fish sarciado or sarciadong isda in tagalog is an easy to cook dish. I love fish than chicken, I don’t mind eating fish daily because there are a lot of things you can do with fish. In fact, if you have left over fried fish, you can create a new dish out of it. Sarciadong isda is a good example of an easy to cook fish dish. Sarciadong isda is

Adobong Pusit

Adobong pusit is another one of my favorite squid dish because it’s easy to cook and delicious. I love squid, whether deep fried or grilled I can’t get enough of it. So, when I learned how to cook adobong pusit years ago, I always prepare this dish to my family. If you are looking for a new adobo recipe, try my adobong pusit recipe. Adobo is an amazing dish as

Capsicum in Peanut Masala Recipe

  Hello foodies. Here I am again after a week-long break. Today I am sharing with you the delicious recipe of capsicum. It’s easy to make and very healthy. As the name suggests, it is made with roasted peanuts/groundnuts. It gets ready in a few minutes. I paired it up with roti and arbi / taro sabzi, which was boiled and lightly spiced. These things are perfect to be had

Adobo Recipe

Adobo is dubbed as national dish (pambansang ulam) of Filipinos. It is an indigenous cuisine that dates back centuries even before the Philippines got conquered by Spain. If the books about adobo are true then this dish is an authentic Filipino recipe, made by the natives. Regardless of the adobo recipe origin, this dish is worth trying. Adobo is a simple dish to prepare, anyone can cook adobo. With adobo

Cashew Chutney Recipe

Cashew chutney is a sweet and spicy chutney. The taste of asafoetida makes it unique among chutneys. It is very easy to make. The ingredients used to make this is very simple and always available in our houses. This is hyderabad special chutney goes well with dosa or idly. Some will add  long tamarind  to make it. But i like to make it without. Already sourness of tomato  is there.

Aaloo Badi Curry Recipe

Today I am cooking badi with potato (Aaloo). It is very popular in Chhattisgarh also its very simple recipe. You can get badi packets in shops but we made it at home. Some of you may wonder what badi is.  Badi is made of soaked black gram, grinded to smooth paste, and than its sun dried. We can store it for years. It’s also known as vadi, urad badi, Adhaudi

Sugiyan Recipe

Sugiyan is a delicious tea time snack in Kerala. It was usually available in local tea shops. Now a days we will get it from bakeries. It is really simple and easy to make snack. Whoever likes green gram, can try this to make. This is my all time favorite sweet snack with richness of protein. It has a crunchy outer covering and a sweet filling of green gram inside. My

Lechon Kawali

Pan roasted pork or lechon kawali is a crispy pork belly deep fried. It is a popular main dish and pulutan in the Philippines. The pork is seasoned before cooking then chopped into bite sizes and accompanied with spicy vinegar or mang tomas. My husband and kids love lechon kawali. I don’t cook this dish all the time but when I do they eat every piece. My husband and daughter

Tea Cake Recipe

Tea cake is a class of cakes that  are traditionally served with tea. Tea cakes are different in different countries . Some places it is cookies. Indian tea cake is like sponge cake. This is an easy to make cake. The ingredients that i used to make this cake are always available in our kitchen cupboards. Once i visited my friend’s house she treated me with this. It was so yummy.

Paksiw na Bangus

Paksiw is a dish, wherein the fish with scales still intact poached in vinegar and ginger. The word Paksiw is a native term for pickling meat and fish. This is a filipino staple dish, a favorite of many Filipinos. Paksiw is great for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Paksiw na bangus or milkfish in English is the most common paksiw dish. There are many fishes cooked as paksiw such as black

Baguio Beans Recipe

Baguio beans with ground pork also called ginisang sitaw (sautéed string beans) are a Filipino staple food. This dish is easy to prepare that in just 10 minutes you can have a healthy, delicious and balanced meal for your family. My green beans recipe is so easy to follow that you don’t have to be an expert in the kitchen to make this dish. Green beans also known as snap

Pork Tonkatsu Recipe

Tonkatsu is a western style Japanese food. It is a pork meat cut thinly then breaded with flour, egg and bread crumbs. Tonkatsu is never considered a healthy food but as a comfort food. This western style dish is so easy to prepare that you don’t need to look for a Japanese restaurant to indulge your craving. With my tonkatsu recipe, making tonkatsu is very easy especially when most of

Chicken Alfredo Pasta

Chicken Alfredo pasta is a rich creamy dish that my family loves so much. Each time I cook Chicken Alfredo my kid’s mouth water in anticipation as they can’t wait to dig into the rich creamy sauce that I pour over their pasta. By the way, my chicken Alfredo recipe is the westernized version, the one you see all over the internet. The original Alfredo sauce recipe is made of

Nutty Mango Shots Recipe

  Hello foodies. Mangoes are the only reason for me to love summers and look forward to it every year. Today’s recipe is a mango-based recipe. I had one mango left in my kitchen. It was far too less to make a cake using it. I didn’t want to consume it as is either. So I made this simple and yummy recipe that I like to call Nutty Mango Shots.


Sunday is a special day for me as the entire family gets together for lunch.  So usually it will be a non veg day at home.  All the other days I normally prepare vegetarian dishes. But sunday will always be different.  I have already shared nadan chicken curry and mutton curry or other non vegetarian recipes you can find it here.  So this sunday, I prepared green chicken which was there in