Kerala food recipes

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Tuna fish fry Chura Fish Fry nadan rethiyil varuthathu

An Amazing Tuna Fish Fry That Can Be Served As A Snack Or Side Dish With Rice. This Is Easy To Prepare And Tastes Yummy. Most Americans can benefit from eating more fish, and tuna fish makes increasing your intake easy. The omega-3 fats in tuna may lower your risk of cardiovascular disease. A 3-ounce portion of fresh yellowfin tuna provides 89 milligrams docosahexaenoic acid, or DHA, and 13 milligrams

Banana cake recipe

Kerala Banana cake commonly known as pazham pori is a delicious dish. Here I am writing an easy pazham pori recipe, so that you cam cook this in your homeSweet, ripe bananas are the key to making a great banana cake.Coming to this recipe, it’s my all time favorite “nalumani palaharam” (tea time snack) and I can see many of you saying, mine too 🙂 I think, pazham pori is a

Bread Fruit Masala Recipe

Bread fruit is a flowering tree in the mulbery family. It contains protein,dietary fibre,vitamin B12,B6, and vitamin C. It has starchy flesh that makes it perfect for this curry. It can be roasted or baked other than this masala. This is little sweety ,so i like to make it spicy. Breadfruit masala goes well with rice. This is my mother’s recipe. Ingredients Breadfruit-200gm Green chilly-3 Shallots-10 nos Grated coconut-1 cup


Meen mulakittathu is a tasty Kerala style fish curry also called as nadan fish curry which can be served with rice.  Meen is a general Malayalam word for all kinds of fish.  But it tastes great when served with kappa puzhungiyathu or Kerala style mashed tapioca.  It is also called as meen mulagu curry.  It is very easy to make and makes use of very few ingredients. Nowadays, cleaned and cut

Sugiyan Recipe

Sugiyan is a delicious tea time snack in Kerala. It was usually available in local tea shops. Now a days we will get it from bakeries. It is really simple and easy to make snack. Whoever likes green gram, can try this to make. This is my all time favorite sweet snack with richness of protein. It has a crunchy outer covering and a sweet filling of green gram inside. My

Ottada Recipe

  Ottada is a special snack of Keralites. The meaning is rice cakes made in clay pot. People in different places making it differently. Some use jaggery, others make it with white sugar. My mother used to make this as an evening snack. It gives me such nostalgia. The smell of the banana  leaves itself is mouthwatering. This is a very easy to make recipe. Whenever I go to Kerala I


Kerala is very famous for their prawns dishes.  This is a dry prawns roast recipe.  It is very easy to make and uses very few ingredients which are readily available in almost all houses.  When you are in a hurry and want to make some non vegetarian dish, then, this is the right one you can go for.  Apart from the marination process, it takes hardly 20 – 25 minutes


Tomato curry is a tasty side dish which can be served along with rice or with chapathi. Tomato curry with appam is also very popular combination.  As I have told you before, we usually make chapathi for dinner and hence I prepare different curries to go with it.  So few days back I made this simple tomato curry which was a tasty combination with chapathi.  I served it for next

How to Make Vattayappam

Vattayappam  is a traditional dish of Kerala. It can be used as  a snack and as a  meal. It is a fermented steamed pan cake. It makes  in special occasions. This is soft and fluffy. We can make it in different  shapes . If we don’t have round vessel to fit correctly in the steamer .We can use idly pan. According to our preference  we  can  use  jaggery  or  white


Today’s recipe is pazham pori / banana fritters.  This is a special Kerala dish made with banana. In Malayalam,  pazham means “banana”.  Long sized bananas called as nendran pazham is made use of for making this dish.   Banana is cut into long size pieces and dipped in maida batter.  Then it is deep fried.  This is one of the favorite dish of all Keralites.  Pazham pori with a cup


Prawns mango curry is a tasty Kerala based dish where prawns and mangoes are cooked in coconut milk.  It is not necessary that it should be cooked only in coconut milk, you can also grind coconut with onion, ginger, garlic and the other spice powders and make this tasty curry.  Apart from the process of taking coconut milk and de-veining the prawns, this curry can be made very easily.  Usually I


Mutton pepper fry – a tasty recipe for mutton lovers.  My husband is hard core mutton fan and loves this pepper fry.  So I made this today.  This can be served with dosa, chapathi, or with rice.  I made this for lunch today.  Usually I serve this with plain rice and rasam, but today my daughter wanted peas pulao and hubby wanted mutton.  So I made this mutton pepper fry

Chakkakkuru Masala Fry(jack fruit seed) recipe

Jack fruit seed is highly nutritious.High in vitamin A ,proteins and high in fiber. This is available in summer.we can clean ,sun dried and preserve for rainy season. since it is easily available and people don’t know about the health benefits,all are ignoring this nutritious seed as far as i know. As it is highly fibrous it can prevent constipation ,helps in digestion,thus detoxifying the body. It helps in improving

paavakka kichedi (bitter guard) Recipe

Bitter guard kichedi is a traditional dish in Kerala. It is a side dish for sadya. Normally people don’t like to prepare because of bitterness. But I am guaranteed that there is no bitter taste like other recipes of bitter guard. Easy to make and healthy dish. Bitter guard kichedi is made of coconut and yoghurt(curd).   Ingredients  Bitter  guard medium size-1 Grated coconut-1/2 cup curd-1 cup green chilly-2 curry

Neyyappam recipe

Neyyappam is a South indian traditional snack. We make this in special occasions. Olden days neyyappam was making in ghee. The meaning itself is flitter making in ghee. Because of health problems people scared to use ghee. So we are going to make in coconut oil.This snack is made up of rice flour and jaggery. For the time consuming purpose today we will make with soaked rice. If you have


Today, I am sharing with you a mutton curry recipe I hope all of you will relish .  Mutton is a favourite at most homes and I always love to try different versions of mutton recipes.  The regular Mutton Curry I make at home is the nadan Kerala mutton curry and I have already shared with you nadan kerala style chicken curry but today, I have made a mix and match mutton


Chicken dishes are a favourite in my family especially among kids.  So I always try to cook chicken in different ways . Today’s recipe is Chicken Varattiyathu which is very popular in Kerala.  I have already shared nadan chicken curry (with coconut milk) and Chicken Varutharachathu.  Both these recipes make use of coconut, the first one needs coconut milk and the second needs roasted coconut both of which I was in


Stew / Ishtu is a Kerala based dish made with potatoes and is served along with idiyappam, appam, or in my place, it is also served with idli.  As with any other dish, this dish also has got different versions depending on the region.  Some make it with addition of whole spices, but in our place we cook potatoes in coconut milk without any whole spices.  It is not necessary


One of the traditional dishes of Kerala which can be served with different types of homemade dips as breakfast, lunch or as dinner. INGREDIENTS : Tapioca – 1 kg Salt – to taste Water – as required Green chilies – 10 nos or to taste Shallots – 15 nos Coconut Oil – 2 tbsp Salt – to taste METHOD OF COOKING : Peel the tapioca and cut it into big pieces.

beans potato mezhukkupuratti

Today’s recipe is yet another easy side dish for rice made with a mixture of beans and potato.  This is a best way to make use of all the left over vegetables.  When ever I buy vegetables, I usually keep few beans, potatoes, carrots aside so that I can make use of it while making vegetable biryani, but some remains unused and then I chop all the left over vegetables