Chicken Recipes

Chicken Sukka

Hi friends today i am going to share with you a south Indian recipe chicken sukka The ingredients required Chicken pieces                                   250gm Oinion                                                    1 chopped Sun flour oil

Pepper chicken chettinad.

Hai I’m vinaya sooraj, Today my receipe is Pepper chicken chettinad. Let’s make spicy pepper chicken chettinad. It is well with rice dosa and chapathi. How To Make Pepper chicken chettinad Ingredients chicken -250gm Oil -2 table sppon Cinnamon 3 Cloves 3 Mustard seed Curry leaves Cumin powder 1/4 table spoon Onion -1 n 1/12 Tomato. -1 Green chilli 2 Red chilli powder 1 table spoon Crushed pepper 2 table

Chicken Manchurian Recipe

Chicken Manchurian is another popular dish that comes under Indo-Chinese cuisine.  So I (Vinaya Sooraj) thought today let us make Chicken Manchurian. It is very popular among Indian in all over the world. It is  a continental dish, and considered as chefs special item in some restaurants and hotels. It is one of the main items in Indian restaurants in western world. You will not find any north Indian non

Spicy Chilli Chicken Recipe

Hello I am Shemeena  coming to you with a new dish. But this time I am giving you something special. Special means it is really special. Kids will love it. Women will fascinate about this. Men will ask you to make it. It is a special spicy chilli chicken. I am sure that once you make this and serve to your kids, your kids will ask you, again and again to make

Chicken Sweetcorn Soup Recipe

Hello buddies. Today I am sharing a very nutritious and healthy soup recipe. It’s the Sweetcorn Chicken Soup, that I made without using canned creamed corn or any cornflour. Creamed corn does lend a creamy texture but it is laced with preservatives and smells nothing like fresh sweetcorn. I used fresh sweetcorn kernels to prepare the base of this soup. Using water in this soup won’t give you the best flavor.

Yakhni Recipe/ Chicken Stock Recipe

Hey buddies! It’s been a really long time since I shared any recipe. Today I am back with two! This one is a yakhni recipe or chicken stock recipe. The other one is the chicken sweetcorn soup recipe that I have used this stock in. You can check it out here. Yakhni is a clear chicken soup. This is very healthy and nutritious. You can have this whenever you feel

Herb Fried Chicken

Tired of your fried chicken recipe? Looking for fried chicken recipe that doesn’t take too much time to make? Well, I have here a fried chicken recipe that will make your house smells good. This is because the chicken is dredged in savory herbs then fried and paired with gravy. My kids are tired of the old fried chicken recipe that I always make so I decided to serve them

Chicken Tikka Biryani Recipe Chicken Dum Biryani Recipe.

Chicken tikka biryani is a delicious and scrumptious mixture of chicken, rice and spices. I am sharing a simple and easy recipe of chicken tikka biryani recipe with you. This appetizing recipe of chicken tandoori/ tikka biryani is extremely delectable. Here I have used biryani masala powder of lazeez brand and garam masala powder of everest brand. The spices tender the chicken and rice well. The charcoal gives a rich

Dahiwala Murg Recipe / Chicken in Yogurt Sauce Recipe

Dahiwala Murg Recipe / Chicken in Yogurt Sauce Recipe with Step by Step Pictures. Hey foodies! Hope you are having a great weekend. Today I am sharing the recipe of Dahiwala Murg, which is a chicken curry that has a yogurt base. There are many versions of this recipe, this one I learned from one of my friends. They key to making a good chicken curry is roasting the chicken with

Chicken Pulao Recipe/Chicken Dum Pulao Recipe.

How to make Chicken Pulao Recipe/Chicken Dum Pulao Recipe with step by step pictures. Zest chicken rice tendered with Indian spices. This is an easy and simple to make chicken pulao recipe. Pulao has mild flavor as compared to biryani. In this recipe of chicken pulao you can replace chicken with meat or beef. This recipe do not contains powdered spices, only whole spices are used. This delicious chicken pulao

Chicken Tandoori Masala Chicken Tandoori Gravy Recipe

Hello buddies today I am sharing a delicious version of the tandoori chicken recipe. This recipe has juicy and succulent pieces of grilled chicken cooked in spicy gravy. Usually, tandoori chicken is prepared in clay oven. But with this recipe you can learn to make tandoori chicken without oven on your stove top. It is also known as tandoori chicken masala gravy. You might be wondering whether I used store-bought tandoori chicken masala

Chicken Rogan Josh

Chicken Rogan Josh is the dish, which i am sharing today. Friends, rogan josh is the signature of  kashmiri Cuisine and we  always prepare mutton rogan josh. So i thought to try the recipe in the chicken taste instud of mutton. In this dish we need a very limited ingredients. Here i have made it in very easy and simple method . If you got any relatives or friends visit

How to Make Chettinad Chicken Fry

 Hi friends, today i am sharing a chicken recipe. We always love different tastes and flours of dishes, especially if it is non- vegetarian dish. I hope you will definitely enjoy the recipe without any excuses. Here i introduce my dish “Shredded Chicken Stir-Fry / Kozhi Idicha Varuval” , a chettinad style dry chicken preparation which goes very well with any main coarse or use it as filling for roti wraps. The crushed

Hot and Sweet Chicken Wings

Hello Foodies,  I am Swapna again back with a wonderful authentic chinese recipe, Hot and Sweet Chicken Wings. This is a very simple recipe of marrianted chicken wings, deep fried and served along with hot and sweet sauce. I have mentioned here before also that my family is found of chinese recipes. This is the recipe I developed to satisfy my hubby’s craving towards chinese hot and sweet recipes. In

Chicken Kiev

Chicken Kiev is a dish that you will not mind eating everyday. This dish is tasty, inexpensive and easy to make. In fact, my kids love my version of this famous chicken dish that is invented by a Russian chef. In the early 1800s, a Russian chef created the first chicken Kiev. By the way, Kiev is the capital of Ukraine. This dish was called Chicken Kiev for marketing purpose

Dragon Chicken Recipe

Dragon chicken is a real tasty appetizer for all those who love Indo-Chinese cuisine.  A tempting recipe to fall in love with and tastes very good too. One of the easiest indo- chinese chicken dish to make. The vibrant red color of this dish is very appealing, it tastes very delicious and can be made in no time and not much effort. Dragon Chichen could be served as a appetizer,

Ginger Chicken Indo-Chinese Style Recipe

Hello Buddies, Today Swapna back with a chinese recipe Ginger Chicken, I know u all are very familiar with the dish. This is a simple and juicy stir fry ginger chicken, with a marrinate that enhances the natural flavor of the chicken while helping it stay moist and juicy, this is the kind of quick and easy meal that is custom-designed to be thrown together on a bussy days. These

How To Make Chicken 65

Hello foodies, Swapna again back with a yummy chicken recipe. Its a very easy chicken dry recipe that can be served as a chicken starter. Chicken 65 is one of the most popular south indian chicken starter. It can be prepare in so many ways. Today i tried to re create a restaurant style chicken 65 at home, this is one of the favorite appetizer in my home especially my

Chinese Mixed Noodles

Hello Buddies!! I am again back with a very popular yummy dish, kids favorite Mixed Noodles. A healthy fast food  that you can make at home. It is a popular chinese meal. Sometimes on a busy day, we can have it without any other side dish. Sometimes Iused to cook it for my kid lunch box. Most of the kids would love the dish. This recipe is my son favourite

Yogurt Chicken Curry/Dahi Chicken Curry

Yogurt or dahi is a versatile ingredient that can add a zing to almost all dishes. And when it is combined with chicken, the whole thing becomes an amazing delicacy. Today, I’m going to share such a hot and spicy recipe with you, which is popularly known as ‘Dahi Chicken’ or ‘Dahi Murg’ or ‘Yogurt Chicken’. It is basically spicy chicken cooked in yogurt sauce. Sounds mouthwatering!!! Yogurt plays a