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Kerala Egg Roast

  Hello Friend, This is my first recipe which was posting at Yummy Recipes… Today I am Sharing you a Non-Vegetarian side dish recipe. It’s the recipe of kerala. Egg roast is a delicious spicy preparation of the egg with delicious Onion and tomato paste. It is very tasty side dish. This dish is the favorite dish in our home and our family… In my home My mom and dad’s

Pepper chicken chettinad.

Hai I’m vinaya sooraj, Today my receipe is Pepper chicken chettinad. Let’s make spicy pepper chicken chettinad. It is well with rice dosa and chapathi. How To Make Pepper chicken chettinad Ingredients chicken -250gm Oil -2 table sppon Cinnamon 3 Cloves 3 Mustard seed Curry leaves Cumin powder 1/4 table spoon Onion -1 n 1/12 Tomato. -1 Green chilli 2 Red chilli powder 1 table spoon Crushed pepper 2 table

Kerala squid curry with Ground Coconut

Squid is one of the tasty fish all over the world. We call it as koonthal, kanava etc. Whatever it is called, is one of the delicious food in our dining table. In kerala we developed our style of method to cook squid. We will fry squid, make curry with kodampuli or some time we cook squid in Malabar style. Here I am (വിനയ വണ്ണാലത്ത്) presenting a delicious Koonthal Curry

How to Make Paruppu Rasam

Paruppu Rasam Recipe with Step by Step Pictures | Toor Dal Rasam Recipe with Step by Step Pictures Hey foodies! A few minutes earlier I shared the recipe of Ulundu Vadai or Urad Dal Vadas. They are crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside and you can find the recipe of Ulundu Vadai I served them with Paruppu Rasam the recipe of which I am sharing now

Ulundu Vadai Recipe

Hey dear foodies! Hope you are having a great weekend. For me, weekends mean cooking something special. So today I made Ulundu Vadai and Paruppu Rasam (Recipe here). Ulundu Vadai or Urad Dal Vadas are deep-fried fritters made with skinned, split black bengal gram. The lentil is soaked for a few hours and ground to a fine paste next morning and left to stand for 8-10 hours to ferment. You add the


Today, I am sharing the recipe of vegetable kurma.  It is a perfect side dish for chapati, roti or poori or pulao. Kurma is a dish popular in India. It is a curry made with a combination of vegetables like carrot, beans, peas, potato and cauliflower.  My kids love kurma and I often make this veg kurma for chapati.   It is a perfect way to serve vegetables in a


Mutton roast is an easy to make kerala style dish.  It is a very basic dish but a very tasty one too. This is a very popular Kerala style nonvegetarian dish which is very easy to make and makes use of readily available ingredients.  It has a lovely flavor which makes everyone hungry. I wanted to try mutton chukka, but time was very less and I wanted to finish off


Mor kuzhambu is a tasty curry made with buttermilk and vegetables.  It is a very easy to make and tasty Tamilnadu special dish which can be served as a side dish for rice. It is a special South Indian dish made with curd.  Here mor means buttermilk.  It is one dish which is prepared during all the festivals. It has a slight similarity with Kerala style mor ozhicha kootan.  Mor


Rava kichadi is a very tasty South Indian breakfast item.  It can be called as a variation of our traditional upma.  It is one of our favorite breakfast dish. It is made using semolina or rava or sooji and vegetables.  It is very easy to prepare and tasty.  The addition of spices make it more flavorful. This is one of the easiest and quickest recipe that comes handy when you


Ambur is a place in Tamilnadu very famous for its biryani dishes.  Their mutton biryani is very famous. Star biryani is a very famous restaurant in this area.  This arcot biryani is very unique compared to the other biryanis. They follow traditional dum cooking method.  A special rice variety called as jeeraka samba rice is used for making this biryani. The preparation is very simple, not at all complicated, and


Today’s recipe is chow chow kootu. It is a south indian special side dish for rice made with moong dal, vegetables and coconut.  It is a tasty curry made with chow chow. At home we all love cabbage kootu, mainly because of its similarity with kerala style molakushyam.  It is a very comfort food and is also satisfying with rice. Kootu is very easy to make at home.  First cook


Sundal is a very popular South Indian dish.  Chana sundal is a South Indian style sundal recipe made with black chick peas.   It is often made during Navratri festivals. But apart from that, it can also be made and served as a guilt free snack.  I always make sundal for my kids snack box as it is protein packed.  This is one of the easiest sundal you can prepare for


Chettinad prawns curry is a tasty prawns dish from Chettinad.  Chettinad is a place in Tamilnadu, very famous for its aromatic and spicy cooking.  Chettinad is very famous for its non-vegetarian dishes. This prawns curry can be served along with rice.  Like all other chettinad dishes, this prawns curry is very aromatic and is easy to make too.  The freshly made spice powder gives the dish its aroma.  The leftover

Coconut Chutney Recipe with Step by Step Pictures

Coconut Chutney Recipe with Step by Step Pictures. Hi again dear foodie. You might have noticed I shared the recipe of Instant Onion Rava Dosa a while ago. I had served it with this delicious coconut chutney, which is full of fresh flavors. Now that’s what I am talking about. This is one of the best coconut chutney recipes ever! You can have it with dosa, idli or uttapam, it

Instant Onion Rava Dosa Recipe / Restaurant Style Onion Rava Dosa Recipe

Instant Onion Rava Dosa Recipe / Restaurant Style Onion Rava Dosa Recipe with Step by Step Pictures. Hello buddies. Today I am sharing the recipe of onion rava dosa. This dosa recipe is like the one you get in restaurants. Crispy and flavorful, this dosa makes a healthy breakfast idea. It’s incredibly quick and easy to make and needs only simplest of the ingredients. For those who aren’t familiar with

Beans Poriyal Recipe

Hello foodies. Today I made a simple yet delicious dinner all by myself. Dad had a hankering for beans poriyal and Mom for yellow moong dal with a tempering of garlic and red chili. So I made both the dishes today. They were served with both roti and rice. Beans poriyal is a South Indian recipe that makes a delicious side dish for rice and dal. Beans poriyal is an incredibly

Upma Recipe With Step by Step Pictures

Hello buddies. Today I am sharing a very healthy breakfast recipe – Upma recipe with step by step pictures. Upma, a traditional South Indian breakfast dish, is a thick porridge made with semolina or sooji/rava what it is called in Hindi. Upma is a very nutritious breakfast. I made about 3 varieties of upma. This one is one of them. I intend to share the other two recipes soon. This is

Vegetable Sambar Recipe with Coconut Milk

Hi again foodies. If you have been following me regularly, you would notice that I have been sharing the recipes of popular South Indian dishes recently. I am a big fan of dosas, idlis, and uttapas. I had previously shared these recipes and you should take a look at them. Mysore Masala Dosa Masala Dosa Sambar Recipe Idli made with Rava Idlis Masala Rava Idlis Rice Idlis Instant Bread Medu Vadas

Coconut Chutney Recipe / Coconut Yogurt Chutney Recipe

Hi again foodies. Today I am sharing the recipe of coconut chutney with step by step pictures. This is quite different from the usual white coconut chutneys that you get in restaurants. This one has the zest, tang and a hint of hotness. This particular recipe of coconut chutney uses dahi or yogurt, which lends it a very creamy texture. The sourness from the yogurt balances well with the hotness

Masala Dosa Recipe

Hello foodies. You might have seen my recipe for Potato Sabzi for Masala Dosa that I had shared a couple of days ago. If yo missed it, you can check it here. Today I am sharing the recipe of dosa batter and how to assemble the masala dosa. It is a very simple recipe. Usually, I use rice, poha and urad dal to make dosa batter. This time, I tried