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Idli / dosa is a staple breakfast of South India, which is often served along with sambar which is a lentil based curry and chutney.  Chutney is a condiment which is served with South Indian breakfast items like idli / dosa.  There are many types of chutney’s prepared and each has its own unique flavor.  This chutney is very tasty and easy to prepare.  And since it contains carrots, it

Unniyappam Recipe

Unniyappam is a traditional snack of south India. Unni means small. Appam means cake. Usually it is giving to church and temples as nivedyam or offering. It is a delicious soft snack easy to make. With one cup of rice we can make 25 nos.,and it is less oil consuming. Olden days our grandparents were making with rice powder. But for the time consumption we are going to make differently.

Mango Pachadi Recipe

Mango pachadi is an easy to make side dish .We can make it differently. During summer, if  we don’t have any vegetables to cook,this is the easiest dish to make.In Tamilnadu mango pachadi is the must for the new year celebration as i heard. If you don’t like the raw taste of mango you can cook in a low flame for 2-3 minutes.If you cook more than that the taste

Paalappam Recipe

Paalappam is a laced pan cake made up of rice flour. Migrated Jewish people introduced this food in india. It is a famous keralite christian breakfast. The meaning itself is pancake made with milk. Olden days it was making with rawrice powder and keep it overnight for fermentation.  Early morning they will add coconut milk and salt. But that is time consuming. So in these busy days i am making

kadala Curry Recipe

Kadala or Bengal gram is high in protein. Since it is nutritious and healthy we use to have at least once in a week. We can make it differently. I like to eat this with puttu, dosa and appam. Recently i learned from my sister this style. As thattukada taste we can enjoy eating. I am going to make this with roasted coconut and fresh masala.  Ingredients 2 cup of


Today, I am sharing a very tasty and easy to make curry for rice which is made with snake gourd.  I have already shared the recipe of snake gourd curry, which was a Kerala style preparation but today’s recipe is a different one.  Here the spices and coconut is roasted and the curry is made.  This gives a nice flavor and taste to the curry.  Now to the recipe Ingredients

Lemon Rice Recipe

Hello dear foodies! So after a few Maharashtrian recipes, it’s time to go South! Today’s recipe is Lemon Rice. It is one of the most popular rice recipes from the culinary world of South India. Be it tamarind rice, tomato rice, curd rice or sambar rice, I love them all. But I have a  soft corner of Lemon Rice. The flavors are so vibrant and refreshing. When you taste the

pepper rasam

Pepper rasam is a very popular South Indian delicacy.  Though I am not a big fan of rasam, nor do I prepare it very often, but this is one such dish which tastes great with steamed rice.  Pour a teaspoon of ghee and it tastes yumm… Moreover this is a best medicine to cure cold and fever.  I usually grind the masala for rasam in mortar and pestle, but you

kadala curry

Today I am sharing the recipe of kadala curry or channa curry.  It is a very tasty accompaniment for puttu.  Kadala is a malayalam word for channa and here for this recipe, normal whole brown channa is made use of.  Puttu and kadala curry for puttu is a very tasty and healthy breakfast dish served in Kerala and is usually served with kadala curry.  Kadala curry can also be served with

vazhakkai varuval

Vazhakkai varuval is a very tasty side dish for rice.  Vazhakkai is a tamil word which means plantain.  Here raw plantain is made use of for making this dish.  As I told you before, this is a very tasty side dish.  I was very lazy to prepare an elaborate lunch, so made an easy lunch with pepper rasam, egg burji and some vazhakkai poriyal.  It was a very yummy combination,

Kumbalanga moru curry

Moru curry is a tasty curry for rice.  It is a tasty delicacy from Kerala.  It is called as morozhichu kootan or moru curry.  Moru is a malayalam word which means curd / yogurt.  This is a traditional curry which is made in all Malayalee families.  It can be prepared with various vegetables like cucumber, raw plantain, yam, jack fruit seeds and so on.  Here I have made use of


Puliogare is a variety rice which is made out of tamarind pulp.  This is a famous delicacy of South India.  As I have already told you I was in Chennai for a few years and it was during my stay in Chennai that I learnt the process of making this wonderful rice variety.  It is very easy to make and very tasty too.  A sauce called as puli kachal (which

palakkadan sambar

Today’s recipe is Palakkadan sambar.  Sambar is a very imporatant dish in South India.  It is served along with rice, with idli / dosa.  As I have told you before, there are various kinds of sambar available.  Most of them are made with sambar powder, but Palakkadan sambar is one made with freshly ground spices, and coconut which makes it very unique.  You can make use of various kinds of

rava upma

Upma needs no introduction to a South Indian. It is a South Indian breakfast dish.  But apart from that I also make it in the evening for my daughter, when I feel that she hasn’t taken enough vegetables.  Here I have given the recipe for an upma made with semolina.  To increase the nutritional value, vegetables are also added to it.  Upma can also be made with vermicelli, poha, bread and so on.