Kerala squid curry with Ground Coconut

Squid is one of the tasty fish all over the world. We call it as koonthal, kanava etc. Whatever it is called, is one of the delicious food in our dining table. In kerala we developed our style of method to cook squid. We will fry squid, make curry with kodampuli or some time we cook squid in Malabar style.

Here I am (വിനയ വണ്ണാലത്ത്) presenting a delicious Koonthal Curry with Coconut. Hope you will love it.

Kerala Style Squid Curry




  1. Squid : 250gm
  2. Tomato 1
  3. Chopped onion 1
  4. Green chilli 1or 2
  5. Chopped ginger 1 table spoon
  6. Salt to taste
  7. Turmeric powder
  8. Grated coconut 1 cup
  9. Red chilli powder 1n half table spoon
  10. മല്ലിപൊടി 2table spoon
  11. ചെറിയ ഉള്ളി 4
  12. curry leaves
  13. Garlic 5 numbers sliced
  14. Pepper seeds 10
  15. Curry leaves

How To Make Nadan Koonthal Curry

  1. Heat oil in a pan add garlic,curry leaves, onion chopped n then add grated coconut n saute coconut till brown remove from the stove n add coriander powder, n red chilli powder. Keep this aside to coolkerala-style-squid-curry-1
  2. Put tamarind in to a cup of water. Soak it and keep it asidekerala-style-squid-curry-2
  3. Put the cleaned squid and turmaric powder, savala, tomato ginger chopped, green chilli, salt to taste and add water to it. Cook in medium heat for 3 minuteskerala-style-squid-curry-3
  4. Add half cup of water n Grind the coconut in a mixer to make fine and smooth pastekerala-style-squid-curry-4
  5. The squid is cooked add the grinded coconut paste n tamirand watter. N the mixture boils turn off the stove n keep the curry aside.
  6. kerala-style-squid-curry-5
  7. Heat oil in a pan and add കടുക് , Curry leaves and onion chopped. It becomes golden brown add it in to the squid curry.kerala-style-squid-curry-6