Nilagang Baka Recipe

Nilagang baka is another simple filipino dish. This beef soup is a favorite of many Filipinos because of its simplicity and rich taste. Nilagang baka is prepared in many ways so don’t be surprised if my recipe is different from the other websites you have visited. The nilagang baka recipe I’m a featuring in this page is my own version. It is a recipe that I have learned from my

Quick and Easy Champorado Recipe

Champorado is a chocolate rice pudding that many Filipinos love. This is a favorite breakfast and snack in the Philippines. I grow up eating champorado with milk for breakfast. My mom always cooked champorado because it is quick and easy. Now that I’m a mom myself, I find the champorado recipe a lifesaver. Champorado recipe is a lifesaver because when I’m too busy with work the simplicity of this dish

Stir Fry Vegetable In Oyster Sauce

Last night, I was wondering about what to cook. Being a full time mom is never easy because I have to create menus that my family will enjoy daily. Plus! my kids are food conscious, they also don’t agree on food. My daughter is into soup and my eldest son is into fried food while my husband wants vegetables. So, everyday I have to come up with dishes for breakfast

Kare kare Recipe

Kare kare is a stew flavored with peanut butter. This dish is a favorite of many Filipinos because of its main ingredients thick savory peanut sauce and ox tail, tripe or both. I love kare kare, it is one of my favorite filipino dish. I always cook kare kare for special occasion and whenever I have cravings for its peanut sauce complimented by shrimp paste. When I cook kare kare,

Lumpiang Shanghai

Spring roll or lumpiang shanghai is a simple dish made up of ground beef, vegetables and spices mixed together and wrapped in a lumpia wrapper. This dish originated in China and was brought to the Philippines and from thereon, lumpiang shanghai have been staple food in Filipino celebration. Lumpiang shainghai is a very common dish that it is no longer surprising to find a serving dish full of lumpia during

Stir Fry Kangkong in Oyster Sauce

Stir fry kangkong in Oyster sauce is a very simple vegetable dish that my kids love to eat. This vegetable dish composed of a green leafy vegetable widely known in the Philippines as kangkong or water spinach is a popular ingredient in many dishes. If you are looking for a simple vegetable dish that you can cook in 5 minutes then this dish is for you. Stir fry kangkong in

Sardines Pandesal Pizza

I made sardine pandesal pizza for my husband who loves to eat sardines. I was busy working when he keeps on bugging me for snacks. I don’t want to leave my computer but if don’t bring him a snack he will never stop bothering me. So, I went downstairs and look for food to eat. While looking, I saw the left over pandesal and sardines from our breakfast. I decided

Chicken Cordon Bleu

Chicken cordon bleu is a type of chicken dish wherein the meat wrapped around a slice of cheese and ham then breaded and deep fried or pan fried. I am a big fan of cordon bleu since this breaded chicken cutlet dish is easy to make. According to my research of this dish, cordon bleu is originally from Switzerland. But its not called cordon bleu but schnitzel filled with cheese.

Pork Giniling Recipe

Do you always have ground pork or beef in the fridge? I always have ground pork sitting in the fridge as I buy whenever there is a huge sale. Plus! I can always whip up an easy meal for my family with ground pork, chicken or beef like pork giniling, so I regularly buy ground meat. . Pork giniling is an easy to cook pork dish that uses ground pork

Sweet and Spicy Chicken Wings

I love all chicken dishes especially when they are deep fried and coated in hot and tangy sauce. My favorite part of chicken is breast and wings. I usually make buffalo chicken wings for appetizer and pulutan. Buffalo chicken wings are often fried without breading. But my husband who works as a cook in an oil rig prefers coated chicken. This sweet and spicy chicken wings recipe is my hubby’s

Adobo with Pineapple (Pininyahang Adobo)

Do you love adobo? Many people love adobo as this dish never fails to impress. I always cook adobo because my husband in love with this dish. What’s not to love with adobo, it is quick and easy to prepare. In fact, when I’m too tired to cook or just want to prepare a dish that I can leave for awhile to relax, its adobo. Below is my recipe for

Ginisang Sitaw

Are you looking for easy and budget friendly dish? Ginisang sitaw or sautéed string beans are a common filipino dish. This vegetable dish is a simple dish and very easy to prepare that you don’t need to be a chef to make an appetizing ginisang sitaw. I don’t eat veggies a lot because I’m very picky when it comes to green, orange and yellow thingy LOL. But, when I do

Ginisang Munggo (Mung Bean Soup)

Ginisang munggo is another filipino staple food. This dish is simple and inexpensive, great for budget conscious mom and dad. Ginisang munggo is a dish that I often cook three times a month, usually on a Friday. Cooking munggo every Friday is a norm in many filipino household, LOL. Mung bean or munggo comes from the seed of Vigna radiata, a plant that grows in Pakistan and India. Vigna radiate

Tinolang Manok

Tinolang manok is an onion and ginger based soup that my family loves to eat. Tinolang manok is an original filipino recipe. This dish main ingredient is chicken and usually accompanied with green papaya and chili pepper leaves. I love cooking tinola especially during rainy season as the soup helps keep my family warm and satisfied. This dish is cook usually on low heat to bring out the chickens natural

Vegetable Spring Rolls (Lumpiang Gulay)

Vegetable spring rolls or lumpiang gulay is similar to lumpiang togue the difference is main ingredients. With the former, the main ingredients used are cabbage. This is my first time to cook lumpiang gulay. I always make lumpiang togue whenever I have cravings for fried lumpia. If you are looking for a snack or main dish, you can try vegetable spring rolls. My son and daughter love lumpiang gulay. Whenever

Ginisang Ampalaya Recipe

Ginisang ampalaya is a simple but highly nutritious dish. Ampalaya or bitter gourd is known for lowering blood sugar. This iron rich vegetable is also great for people who are anemic like me and those who are trying to lose weight. It is believed that bitter gourd is also great for digestion and even treats constipation. So, if you are looking for nutritious and delicious dish, try ginisang ampalaya.  

Chicken Macaroni Soup

Chicken macaroni soup also known as sopas is similar to chicken soup. Macaroni soup is a tasty and nutritious soup because of the milk and vegetables. This soup is great for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I love macaroni soup especially during rainy season because it helps keep me warm. The delicious taste of the soup and chicken also comfort me. If you are looking for an easy to quick soup, try my

Lumpiang Togue

Lumpiang togue or beansprout spring rolls are one of my favorite snacks in the afternoon. Many hawkers sell lumpiang togue because it is delicious and great appetizer. The combination of fried togue and spicy vinegar with garlic and peppercorn is amazing. If you are looking for a new snack or main dish for your family, try this dish. Lumpiang togue are easy to cook and inexpensive as you will need

Corned Beef Hash

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. A good meal in the morning can fuel us and make us ready for the day. People who eat breakfast have more energy and do better at work or at school. This is true, when I don’t eat breakfast or have only bread and chocolate milk for breakfast I easily get restless, irritable and tired. But when I have

Sinigang Na Bangus

Sinigang na bangus (milkfish) is a well known filipino stew or soup. This is a popular dish because of its savory and sour taste that comes from sampalok or tamarind. My daughter loves sinigang, all variations of siningang from pork, hipon (shrimp) and chicken. As said awhile ago, sinagang has many variations across the Philippines. Some regions uses calamansi, guava or balimbing as based for the stew or soup. I