May 2015

Chakkakkuru Masala Fry(jack fruit seed) recipe

Jack fruit seed is highly nutritious.High in vitamin A ,proteins and high in fiber. This is available in summer.we can clean ,sun dried and preserve for rainy season. since it is easily available and people don’t know about the health benefits,all are ignoring this nutritious seed as far as i know. As it is highly fibrous it can prevent constipation ,helps in digestion,thus detoxifying the body. It helps in improving

Chicken in Mustard Sauce Gravy Recipe

Hello, folks. Here comes the weekend special recipe. An extremely easy yet flavorful chicken curry recipe; with tender chicken coated in gravy laced with a punch of homemade mustard sauce. The mustard sauce had yellow mustard, vinegar, and a tempering of spices. This recipe was made by my friend at her place. And I didn’t have my camera, so I had to make do with my cell’s camera. Please excuse

Unniyappam Recipe

Unniyappam is a traditional snack of south India. Unni means small. Appam means cake. Usually it is giving to church and temples as nivedyam or offering. It is a delicious soft snack easy to make. With one cup of rice we can make 25 nos.,and it is less oil consuming. Olden days our grandparents were making with rice powder. But for the time consumption we are going to make differently.

Achappam Recipe

Achappam is a  popular and traditional snack in Kerala. Also called rose cookies. It is a crunchy and delicious evening snack. There is  special mold to make this. It will be available in different shapes like flower or star.Very easy to make with less ingredients. Ingredients soaked white rice-2 cup egg-1 sugar-3 tbsp coconut milk powder-2 tbsp sesame seed-1 tsp coconut oil-300 ml   How to Make Achappam Beat the egg

paavakka kichedi (bitter guard) Recipe

Bitter guard kichedi is a traditional dish in Kerala. It is a side dish for sadya. Normally people don’t like to prepare because of bitterness. But I am guaranteed that there is no bitter taste like other recipes of bitter guard. Easy to make and healthy dish. Bitter guard kichedi is made of coconut and yoghurt(curd).   Ingredients  Bitter  guard medium size-1 Grated coconut-1/2 cup curd-1 cup green chilly-2 curry


Burfi is a very popular and tasty Indian sweet.  It is made with different ingredients in different places.  Today’s burfi is an easy to make one and takes less than half an hour for the entire process to complete.  It is super easy and tasty.  This burfi makes use of milk powder as the main ingredient.  Considering the ingredients, this makes use of only 4 main ingredients:  milk powder, cocoa


Indian food is very famous for its diversity there are a variety of vegetarian foods which are made in India.  Today’s recipe is a tasty side dish for chapathi made with potatoes and bottle gourd.  It is very tasty and easy to prepare too.  I am sharing a pressure cooker method of making this potato bottlegourd curry.  This is a very simple, easy to make and tasty North Indian side

Mango Pachadi Recipe

Mango pachadi is an easy to make side dish .We can make it differently. During summer, if  we don’t have any vegetables to cook,this is the easiest dish to make.In Tamilnadu mango pachadi is the must for the new year celebration as i heard. If you don’t like the raw taste of mango you can cook in a low flame for 2-3 minutes.If you cook more than that the taste


Today, I am sharing an easy recipe with corn – corn fritters / corn pakoda.  I had a few corn cobs with me and I made use of fresh sweet corn to make this fritters.  You can also make use of regular corn for making pakodas.  Tea time snacks are very important part of our Indian culture and this would make a great evening snack.  This pakoda is filled with

Graham Balls Recipes

Graham Balls are so sweet and soft dessert you can munch all day and all night long. This heavenly soft yummy nom noms is just a dessert you can’t refuse to eat. Its texture, its taste, its color, its appearance and all its personality make it so attractive and easier to be liked. This favorite sweet course is made by just using marshmallow as its body, covered by a rich

How to Make Spicy Mutton Curry

Hello, foodie buddies. Today I am sharing a very special recipe. This one of the quickest yet delicious mutton curry recipes I have ever made. I made this for dinner tonight when we had guests at a very short notice. With very little preparation and slow cooking method, you do not need to worry much over the cooking process. Just toss everything in a skillet and let it simmer away for

Paalappam Recipe

Paalappam is a laced pan cake made up of rice flour. Migrated Jewish people introduced this food in india. It is a famous keralite christian breakfast. The meaning itself is pancake made with milk. Olden days it was making with rawrice powder and keep it overnight for fermentation.  Early morning they will add coconut milk and salt. But that is time consuming. So in these busy days i am making

Mango Milkshake Recipe

Hi again. I am back with another cool recipe, this time it’s a milkshake! Mango milkshake is one of my favorite milkshakes of all time. It’s nutritious and filling at the same time. When you pick mangoes for making mango milkshake, use good variety. Choose mangoes that are not fibrous. They should be ripe, firm, fleshy and juicy. Alphonso mangoes are your best bet. But if you do not get them,

Aam Panna Recipe / Raw Mango Cooler Recipe

Hi again, foodies. Looking for a quick summer cooler recipe, are we? It’s May and India is experiencing the typical, extremely scorching summer. Hence, it becomes necessary to make summer coolers at home rather than endlessly glugging store-bought aerated soft-drinks. Not only homemade coolers are refreshing, they are nutritious too.   Today I am sharing the recipe of Aam Panna. It is the most amazing summer cooler made from sour

Chicken Schezwan Noodles Recipe

Hello, buddies. What a magnificent Sunday it is! Sunday afternoons are meant to whip up easy and delicious recipes in the kitchen. Chinese food is so quick, ones you are done chopping the veggies, its just a matter of minutes to put the food on the plate. The stir-fry technique is one of my favorite cooking techniques of all time. It’s a lifesaver and the food cooked that way is

Neyyappam recipe

Neyyappam is a South indian traditional snack. We make this in special occasions. Olden days neyyappam was making in ghee. The meaning itself is flitter making in ghee. Because of health problems people scared to use ghee. So we are going to make in coconut oil.This snack is made up of rice flour and jaggery. For the time consuming purpose today we will make with soaked rice. If you have

kadala Curry Recipe

Kadala or Bengal gram is high in protein. Since it is nutritious and healthy we use to have at least once in a week. We can make it differently. I like to eat this with puttu, dosa and appam. Recently i learned from my sister this style. As thattukada taste we can enjoy eating. I am going to make this with roasted coconut and fresh masala.  Ingredients 2 cup of

Watermelon Gingerade Recipe with Step-by-Step Pictures

Hello again, dear buddies. Hope you are having a great start to your weekend. So I am back with another summer special recipe. It’s a cold, fruity beverage, the Watermelon Gingerade. Watermelons, especially the red ones, are so very refreshing. Their flavor, sweetness, and color will make you go crazy for it during the scorching summers. That’s what lends this drink it amazing bright red color. For some flavor, I

Veg Hakka Noodles Recipe with Step-by-Step Pictures

Indo-Chinese dishes are one of my all time favorites. Never can I say no to a bowl of piping hot manchow soup or a platter of hakka noodles. Today I am sharing the recipe of one of the most iconic Indo-Chinese dishes, Veg Hakka Noodles! It is a very simple, quick recipe and nutritious recipe. I have added capsicum, carrots, french beans and cabbage to my recipe. You can add

How to Make Ice Cream without Ice Cream Maker (Cookies and Choco Cream)

How to make ice cream? That’s the question that popped in my head one hot Sunday afternoon while watching a TV commercial about ice cream of different flavors. My mouth literally watered when the endorser deliciously savor the thick chocolate flavored ice cream and put a teaspoonful on her mouth. Buying a liter of ice cream can be costly, especially for those who have big family like mine. I‘ll be