Mushroom pepper fry also called as pepper mushroom, is a tasty side dish which can be served along with roti, chapati or paratha.  Not only for roti, it can also be served along with rice and any gravy.  It can be served along with rice dishes such as pulao.  This dish has got a peppery flavor.  I have made this using button mushrooms, but you can use any variety of mushrooms


Sundal is a South Indian dish which is usually made during Navarathri or vinayaka chathurti celebrations as an offering for god.  It is made with dry legumes.  You can make sundal with all kinds of legumes including, black or white chana, peanuts, green peas, rajma and many others.  It is very easy to prepare, tasty and healthy.  Since we are making use of dry chana, it is very important to


Moru kachiyathu is a favourite amoung most of the Malayalees.  There are certain dishes which are  simple but yet very close to the heart and this is one such dish.  It is very easy to make, simple and tasty.  Even bachelors can try making this dish.  My cousin who leaves abroad always makes this dish for lunch along with some potato fry or with an omelette.  He told me that it


Semiya payasam is a South Indian dessert made with semiya / vermicelli. Payasam is prepared on special occasions and since Onam is nearing, I thought of sharing this tasty payasam with you all. Semiya payasam, I would say is an easy payasam which can be made by all and during all occasions.  Though we make parippu pradhaman or some other payasams with coconut milk, this is a favourite among my kids

Maddur Vada Recipe

After sharing a pakora recipe, I am again sharing another famous South Indian vada recipe: Maddur vada. It is a very tasty and easy to prepare vada made with all purpose flour, rava / semolina and rice flour.  Vada is a famous South Indian delicacy usually made with lentils.  But this vada recipe is very easy as it requires no soaking or grinding.  Just mix all the ingredients and make


Today’s recipe is a tasty pakoda – methi pakoda.  Fenugreek leaves are called as methi in Hindi.  This pakoda contains methi leaves and hence it is called as methi pakoda.  Pakoda is a fritter usually made with gram flour or besan as the main ingredient.  This dish also contains besan as the main ingredient.  It makes use of all the ingredients which are readily available in all Indian families.   This dish


Today’s recipe is mango milkshake – a refreshing drink which is liked by many people.  It is very easy to prepare and needs just a few steps.  Moreover, it is healthy and filling. Peel and chop the mangoes, blend them along with milk.  Mango milkshake is ready.  Here I have added 1 teaspoon of sugar.  But this step is optional.  If you feel that the mangoes are sweet enough, then


Matar mushroom masala is a tasty side dish for chapati or rice.  Matar mushroom masala is a very popular recipe and is served in almost all the restaurants in India.  But this recipe which I am sharing here is a regular home version of the famous curry. This curry makes use of two main ingredients: matar / green peas and mushrooms.  I have used button  mushrooms for making this curry


Muthira upperi or muthira mezhukkupuratti is a side dish for rice. Mezhukkupuratti is a general name for dry side dish made in Kerala.  There are two types of side dishes made : thoran and mezhukkupuratti. Thoran is made with addition of coconut to it, but mezhukkupuratti is made without coconut and with addition of onion, chili powder and few other ingredients. Horse gram is called as muthira or kollu in


  Today’s recipe is an Andra special dish made with mutton – mutton pulusu.  Andhra dishes are well known for its spiciness. Mutton pulusu or mamsam pulusu is a traditional Andhra style meat curry.  Traditional Andhra style mutton curry uses tamarind but I have used tomatoes here.  Though I cook non vegetarian recipes very often, it is the first time I am cooking mutton pulusu. This mutton curry is very easy to


Pongal is an easy and healthy South Indian breakfast dish.  It is made with rice and dal (moong dal).  But today’s pongal is a little different.  It is made with rava / semolina and moong dal – rava pongal.  It is very easy to prepare, tasty and healthy too.  The method of preparation is little different for both.  In rice pongal, both rice and dal are cooked together whereas in


Today, I am sharing a snack recipe made with besan / gram flour and onion as the main ingredient.  It is a special Kerala recipe.  A snack which is available in all tea shops in Kerala.  It is an snack which you can have as a snack with a cup of tea.  Nowadays, it is raining in Bangalore, and I love to munch on these.  Just make some green chutney


The name itself tells that it is a dish from Kashmir.  It is a very popular Kashmiri dish made with fried paneer.  There are various versions of chaman recipe available:  one with paneer in tomato sauce, another one with paneer and  methi and so on.  But this recipe which I am sharing here is one of the easiest.  It will take less than 30 minutes for the entire preparation.  Moreover,

Carrot halwa recipe

Carrot halwa is a very popular Indian dessert which is made on all special occasions.  It makes of very few ingredients for the preparation namely -carrots, milk, sugar and ghee.  With these few ingredients, it is a real wonder that you get tasty, yummy dessert. Carrot halwa tastes great when made with Delhi carrots.  It has a natural sweetness.  But here, Delhi carrots are available only in a particular season and


Today’s recipe is an easy dessert made with beetroot – beetroot halwa.  It is very easy to make and delicious.  Just grate the beetroots, saute it in ghee, cook in milk, add sugar and ghee, mix well.  Halwa is ready.  Apart from being an easy to make sweet, it is healthy too.  Beetroot has got natural nitrates and it is believed that beetroot juice has the capacity to reduce blood


Capsicum besan subzi is a Maharashtrian style dry side dish which can be served along with rice or with chapati/ roti.  It is very easy to make and makes use of very few ingredients.  Eaten raw, bell peppers are sweet and crunchy but becomes soft on cooking.  Bell pepper / capsicum with a great blend of spices, makes a very enjoyable side dish.  This can be a complement with any dish.


Meen mulakittathu is a tasty Kerala style fish curry also called as nadan fish curry which can be served with rice.  Meen is a general Malayalam word for all kinds of fish.  But it tastes great when served with kappa puzhungiyathu or Kerala style mashed tapioca.  It is also called as meen mulagu curry.  It is very easy to make and makes use of very few ingredients. Nowadays, cleaned and cut


Sunday is a special day for me as the entire family gets together for lunch.  So usually it will be a non veg day at home.  All the other days I normally prepare vegetarian dishes. But sunday will always be different.  I have already shared nadan chicken curry and mutton curry or other non vegetarian recipes you can find it here.  So this sunday, I prepared green chicken which was there in


Gram flour ladoo / besan ladoo is a tasty ladoo made with besan or gram flour.  It is very easy to make and requires very few ingredients mainly : besan or gram flour, sugar and ghee.  You can also add any nuts of your choice, but that is optional.  This is a delicious and rich sweet which can be prepared during diwali. The secret to this recipe lies in the


Idli is a very healthy breakfast dish made in South India.  It is served with chutney and sambar.  But the process of making idli requires soaking, grinding and fermenting which takes a lot of time.  But this idli recipe is an instant, easy to make and healthy idli made with oats.  Take care to roast oats in low flame till you get a nice aroma.  Otherwise, idli will be sticky.