Yema Cupcake

Yema cupcake is a popular dessert. This sweet and delicious custard dessert is very popular in the Philippines. A baker from Luzon started the Yema craze. I have never tried the infamous Rondillas Yema cake from Tayabas, Quezon so I can’t compare if my version is similar or not. Anyway, whether it is on the same level of the famous Rondillas Yema cake, I really don’t care.  The most important

Shrimp Pasta Recipe

Sunday is family day. It is the time for all members of the family to eat together, watch movies and just spend time together. My husband who is a seaman always travel out of the country so we try to cherish every moment when were all together. I want to make our family time extra special by serving them good food. Shrimp pasta recipe is a quick and easy pasta

Pesto Pasta Recipe

Pesto is a sauce that originated in Genoa, Italy and traditionally consists of basil, garlic, pine nuts, parmesan cheese and blended with olive oil. This sauce is traditionally prepared using a pestle and mortar wherein the pine nuts and garlic are put in a mortar and grounded or reduced to a cream. Today, there is no need to use pestle and mortar as basil, nuts and the rest of the

Brownies Recipe

Chocolate brownie is a baked square dessert that originated in the United States. It was developed at the end of the 19th century and popularized in Canada on the first half of 20th century. This baked dessert is a cross between a cookie and cake in texture and comes in varying forms. This brownie recipe is similar to many brownies recipe online except for the fact that my version is

Tortang Dilis (Anchovies Omelet)

Tortang Dilis is a simple fish omelet dish. This fish omelet dish is simple to make just like the other omelet dishes that you are familiar with but instead of veggies or ham we will use fish. My mom often cooks tortang dilis when I was a kid. I grow up eating all kinds of dilis dishes from kinilaw to paksiw to tortang dilis. It is my dad’s favorite food

Sinigang Na Isda Sa Kamatis

Sinigang is a popular Filipino food. It is a common food in the Philippines and practically everyone I know can cook sinigang. There are many sinigang variations from pork to beef to fish. My favorite is pork sinigang but from time to time, I would use bangus. This time I used tilapia, another popular fish in my country. This Sinigang na isda in kamatis is different from the usual sinigang

Stingray Recipe

Stingray or Pagi in tagalog is a Filipino delicacy. This pagi recipe has the meat simmered in coconut milk, which is the favorite of Pinoys, especially Bicolanos who are known for their love of spicy food and the used of coconut milk.  Stingray or Pagi is one of the most underrated seafood, probably because it is restricted. When it comes to seafood’s, most Filipinos only know popular fish such as

Homemade Skinless Vigan Longanisa

I love longanisa but I prefer Vigan’s longanisa. The first time I tried Vigan’s longanisa is when I went to Ilocos Norte for familiarization tour of Pagudpud and Fort Ilocandia. We stayed one night in Vigan and in the morning had breakfast in a local restaurant that serve longanisa. Ever since I tasted their longanisa, I never tried any other longanisa because for me, it is the best. The smell

Nutella Cake

I love Nutella! This is one of my favorite spread for breads, biscuits and frosting for chocolate cake. Nutella is a famous brand and well loved by many people across the world. It tastes just like my favorite chocolate Ferrero. This Nutella cake recipe is one of the easiest and quick chocolate cakes to make. It is also the most delicious and addicting chocolate cake I ever tasted.   I

Custard Cake Recipe

Custard cake is one of my favorite cakes just next to Sansrival and chocolate cakes LOL. In the Philippines, many bakeries or panaderya sell this by the slice. When I was a kid, I always buy a slice or two because one slice is not enough. Today, a whole cake is not enough for me and my family. I and my kids would hurry up eating our slice of cake

Eggplant Tempura

I am a big fan of Japanese cuisine. My favorite is tempura, the most popular Japanese dishes. It is the first thing I ordered every time I dine at Saisaki and Tokyo Tokyo. In fact, even when dining in buffet restaurant I always grab a piece. I want to satisfy my cravings for tempura but I don’t have any shrimp in the fridge. So, I decided to turn the eggplant

Homemade Sausage Recipe

Longaniza or sausage is a favorite breakfast food of many Filipinos. Longaniza or longaniza is similar to chorizo and Portuguese linguica. It is available in many supermarkets and wet markets across the country. If you don’t like buying premade sausage then this article will teach you how to make homemade sausage more popularly known in the Philippines as longanisa. Making homemade sausage is tricky because a lot of things could

Mocha Chiffon Cake

I love chocolate cake but there are times when I just want to eat mocha cake especially if it’s from Goldilocks. In the Philippines, Goldilocks is well known across the country for its mocha cake. This popular bakeshop has been around for many years. I still remember when I was 10 or 11 years old, my parents would often take us to Goldilocks to have lunch. Take note, they don’t

Steamed Banana Cake

Steamed Banana Cake is a type of baked item made with ripe bananas. This type of sweet cake usually served with chocolate icing, cream cheese icing or plain unfrosted. In my opinion, banana cake is best served unfrosted because it is good to eat even without icing or frosting. If you are looking for quick and easy steamed banana bread or banana cake recipe, you can try this recipe. Banana

Garlic Butter Shrimp Recipe

Looking for quick and easy shrimp recipe? This garlic butter shrimp recipe is easy and quick to prepare but most importantly, it tastes good. I love this dish and I know that many people loved eating shrimps cooked in butter and garlic. In fact, this dish is very popular in night market eateries and restaurants. Shrimp sautéed in butter and garlic is very tasty and easy to cook. If you

Shrimp Balls in Sweet and Sour Sauce

I love shrimp balls. My family often dines at Kowloon, a popular Chinese restaurant in the Philippines. My parents would order a serving of shrimp balls in sweet and sour sauce. Well, I think it was sweet and source sauce. LOL! And I would always eat these shrimp balls, my favorite food from Kowloon next to siomai and chicken feet. When I moved to the province, there is no more

Homemade Pancake

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day so I make it a point to prepare hearty and heavy breakfast for my family. Rice is a staple food in the Philippines, probably why breakfast usually consists of fried rice, egg, tapa or longanisa. For the kids, I would often serve pandesal or pancakes with maple syrup and butter on top. Large box of readymade pancakes is around

No Bake Chocolate Cake

I love chocolate cake, one of my comfort food. I know not many people can resist a delicious, rich chocolate cake. So, I am sharing my no bake chocolate cake recipe. You read it right! There is no need to bake the chocolate cake because you will steam the cake using a rice cooker or regular steamer. In the Philippines, not every household have an oven so people have to

Chocolate Frosting

The internet is loaded with chocolate frosting recipe. In fact, there are lots of claims for the best chocolate frosting. So, I will not make such claims but one bite of my cake with chocolate frosting, every one of my kids commented that they tasted the best cake. I swear they are not just trying to please me because I am their mother because they ate the cakes and they

Chicken Kiev

Chicken Kiev is a dish that you will not mind eating everyday. This dish is tasty, inexpensive and easy to make. In fact, my kids love my version of this famous chicken dish that is invented by a Russian chef. In the early 1800s, a Russian chef created the first chicken Kiev. By the way, Kiev is the capital of Ukraine. This dish was called Chicken Kiev for marketing purpose