Pineapple cake frosting

Pineapple cake frosting

Here I am sharing with u a simple pineapple cake frosting.  This is one of my favorite cakes. For making this pineapple cakes no need of any artificial essence. the frosting is bellow with detailed images and video. Please do try and send your feed backs in comment box.

pineapple cake

For making pineapple syrup

  1. Water ¼ cup
  2. Sugar ¼ cup
  3. Pineapple chopped ½ cup

Add sugar, water and chopped pineapple in a sauce pan and boil until the sugar melted

Then remove from the stove and keep it aside to cool.

How to make perfect whipped cream

  1. Whipping cream 1 cup

Beat whipping cream for 1 minute in low speed. Then beat in high speed for about 4 to 5 minutes.

After about 4 minutes it becomes too thick. Do not over beat.

Before beating the cream kept it in room temperature for 30 minutes.

Cake frosting

Cut pineapple flavor / normal sponge cake without any essence, cut it in to pieces.

Soak the first layer using pineapple syrup and apply whipped cream.

Then sprinkle chopped pineapple pieces.

Put the balanced cake on the top cake, apply pineapple syrup.

Then add whipped cream on the top and the sides. Refrigerate for 15 minutes to set.

White chocolate ganache / Colored ganache


  1. White chocolate 50 gm
  2. Fresh cream 50 ml
  3. Yellow Gel color 2 drops

In this time we want to make colored ganache.

In a sauce pan add equal quantity of fresh cream and grated white chocolate.

Then heat it on the medium flame, until its stars boiling. Remove it from the stove and mix well till the white chocolate completely melted.

Add yellow gel color and mix well.

Pour this in to the cake and level it.

Then decorate the sides and the bottom as per your choice. Here I am using grass nozzle and leaf nozzle.