Chhattisgarh Chech Bhaji Recipe

Chhatisgarh Chech Bhaji Recipe

Chech Bhaji is very famous leafy vegetable of Chhattisgarh. It’s a Dark green leafy vegetable Its branch found in two colors red and white. In chhattisgarh its known by the name of Laali Chech and Safed Chech, Process of making both are same.Leafy vegetables are the source of many vitamins and also its full of fibre, It’s very healthy and tasty as well. We must add leafy vegetables in our diet. Even doctors suggest to eat leafy vegetables. It’s very easy to cook and only needed few ingredients, Lets Begin:


    • Chech Bhaji- 500 gm
    • Curd- 1 cup
    • Badi or wadi (black gram lentils)- 1/2 cup
    • Garlic- 7 cloves, chopped
    • Dry Red chilly 4 nos or to taste
    • Salt- to taste
    • Water- 1 cups

chech bhaji ingredients

How to make Chhattisgrah Chech Bhaji:

      • First pluck  the leaves from branches and wash it thrice, keep it aside,now heat oil in a karahi, add garlic and let it get brown,

yummy chech bhaji

      • Now add dry red chilli fry it till get dark brown color.

chech easy recipe

      • Now add black gram lentils and fry till it get brown

tasty chech

leafy vegetable chech

      • Now add 1 cups water and add chech bhaji mix it and cover the karahi. let it cook for five minutes and open it, you can see lots of water coming out from it.

crispy chech bhaji

spicy chech

delicious chech bhaji

chech bhaji easy to cook

      • Now add salt and curd mix them well and cover karahi. cook for 5-7 minutes and open it. you can check some water still there cook it without covering it until water evaporated and bhaji becomes dry and wadi becomes crisp.

famous chech bhaji

chech bhaji full of fiber

curd and chech bhaji

delicious chech bhaji

vitamin chech bhaji

nice chech bhaji

Now its ready to serve, We have it with chapati and rice.

lovely chech bhaji

Thank you guys do try and happy cooking.