Crunchy Khuskhus Airsa

chrunchy khuskhus airsa recipe

Crunchy Khuskhus Airsa is a sweet from Chhattisgarh. It is our modified version of moist airsa. In this modified version of airsa crunch comes because of the khuskhus. I like it very much compare to moist airsa. When I was a kid I stick to kitchen when mom prepare airsa, later I always help in frying it. Today also me and mom both prepared it together. Lets begin


  • Rice- 1kg, Soaked
  • Jaggery (Gudh) – 750 grams
  • Khuskhus (poppy Seed)- 4 tbsp
  • Water- 1/2 cup
  • Oil- Required to Fry
  • Coconut powder- 1 tbsp

How to make Chrunchy Khuskhus Airsa

  • Wash rice three times and soak it all night. Take a cotton cloth in the morning and spred all the rice on it and on the fan , let it be dry.

chrunchy khuskhus jaggery sweet airsa from chhattisgarh

  • Once your rice dried; add some quantity of rice to the mixer jar and grind it to smooth powder

chrunchy khuskhus airsa jaggery sweet

chrunchy khuskhus airsa rice mixer

  • Sieve flour on a big container, so that you can contain a smoothest flour from the grinded one. do it with rest of the rice as well. Now keep the rice flour container aside.

chrunchy khuskhus jaggery sweet airsa tasty

chrunchy khuskhus airsa rice flower sweet

  • Next step is to prepare jaggery syrup. Add jaggery and water in a deep pan boil it on a high flame. After few minutes test the jaggery syrup. To test it take a small plate and add half of the water on it and drop a little of jaggery syrup, now with the help of your finger move it aside. If it moves clearly your jaggery syrup is ready.

chrunchy khuskhus airsa healthy jaggery sweet

chrunchy khuskhus airsa rice flour jaggery sweet

chrunchy khuskhus airsa sweet jaggery

chrunchy khuskhus jagri airsa chasni

  • Add syrup to rice flour, make a dough with it and put some oil on your hand palm, apply it over dough.

yummy tasty chrunchy khuskhus jagerry

chrunchy khuskhus jaggery delicious airsa

delicious chrunchy khuskhus airsa

  • Now heat oil for deep fry.

chrunchy khuskhus airsa homemade

  • Now make flat round shapes from dough.

yummy chrunchy khuskhus airsa

  • Now apply khuskhush on both the sides of flat round shape.

crunchy airsa

  • Take a puri maker, put two thick square plastic on it and put round shape under the plastic, close and press the puri maker.

crunchy airsa homemade

homemade tasty crunchy airsa

crunchy airsa with khuskhus flat

  • Now deep fry it on high flame.

jaggery airsa with khuskhus

fry khuskhus jaggery airsa

  • Then take it out on a container which has holes, dont forget to put deep container under the container.

chrunchy khuskhus chhattisgarh airsa

airsa with khuskhus

  • Cool it down, and you can keep it till one month as after one month it will become more dry.
  • Its ready now, sprinkle coconut powder before eating.

crunchy khuskhush airsa ready