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BREAD-ELAICHI GULAB JAMUN Hi all, I am NAS PARVEEN,today I am gonna present a simple dessert ,bread-elaichi gulab jamun INGRIDIENTS: Bread: 4-5 slices Milk: As per requirment Cardamom:3-4 nos Sugar: ½ cup Water: ½ cup Oil: 3-4 tspn PREPERATION: Cut the sides off the bread Tear off the bread into small pieces Pour milk little by little into the bread pieces and knead the bread to make soft and thick

Stuffed Banana (Sweet Pazham Nirachath)

Hi Friends, I am Rahana Rani To day Sharing with u South Indian Snacks in kerala (malabar ) Pazham nirachathu looksdelicious and banana vitamins wonderful snacks . If your are searching for a quick , simple , healthy ,filling andnutritious snacks, this might be a good it some times getting kids to eat banana can be a real challenge, so i’malways thinking of fun new ways to present it to

Pazham pori  Recipe / Banana Fritters Recipe

  Hi Friends, Today  I am Sharing Evening Tea Snack in  Kerala. It’s  very tasty yummy and healthy. The important snack in kerala  South Indian Recipe. It is  Sweet as have used  lots of Banana piece  and  Snack should be fine. Very tasty and healthy Recipe  So  we  try  it  very  easy  and  tasty please  try  it. The  Key for a  tasty banana appam is to be ripe banana it

Sughiyan Kerala Style-

  Hi Friends, Today  I am Sharing Kerala Tea  Snack Sukhiyan. It  is  deep oil  fried traditional kerala Tea Snack Made  From Green grams,Coconut and Jaggery   Filling .  This is  highly Nutrition food because the Green gram is a rich source of low fat protein and fiber on cup of mature , boiled Greengrams( Cherupayar) Countains around 14gm of protein and 15gm of fiber. It’s Very  tasty healthy and

Egg Ada

Hai, today im share with you a very simple and tasty Malabar snack called egg ada. Its a very popular snack, made by using rice flour n egg. Can use this is a breakfast dish and evening snack. Its a steamed food.  Steam cooking is a healthy and one of the best ways of preparing food. Steamed foods keep their shapes. I recommend all to try this recipe. Ingredients  To

Mango Pudding

mango pudding is dessert of indian origin usually served cold. This is simple dessert it is verry popular in hong kong where pudding is eaten as a traditional british food by shemeena Mango Pudding Recipe Mango Pudding Video Recipe How to Make Mango Pudding Ingredients Ripe mango 3 large condensed milk -half tin Sugar..half cup Milk 1 cup Gelatin 5ml Vanilla essence 2 drops Cheries 50gm (For decorating) Dates 10 sliced (For

Chicken Empanada

Empanada also called pastel in Portuguese is a stuffed pastry or bread fried or baked. This stuffed goody is very popular in many countries such as Spain, Indonesia, Malaysia, Latin America, etc. As I have said before, empanadas are popular in many countries the difference between their empanadas lies in the ingredients. In the Philippines, empanadas are usually filled with meats (pork, chicken and beef), potatoes, onions, carrots and cheese. By


Today’s recipe is yet another Indo chinese dish which is very easy to make at home – Chilli paneer.  Most of us might have tasted chilli paneer in the restaurant.  But it is very easy to make at home.  Easy, tasty and healthy. Here I am sharing a dry version of chilli paneer, but you can also make it in a gravy form.  Also, this dish can be made with

Spinach and Sweet Corn Tikki Recipe / Corn-Palak Tikki / Spinach and Sweet Corn Patty Recipe

Spinach and Sweet Corn Tikki Recipe | Corn-Palak Tikki | Spinach and Sweet Corn Patty Recipe Hey foodies! Today I am sharing an easy and healthy snack recipe. It’s the Spinach and Sweet Corn Tikki or Patty. This snack is the best way to make your kids eat spinach, if they do not like it. Besides, this is not a deep-fried snack. I have shallow-fried it in nonstick pan with very little

Black Forest Cake Recipe/Homemade Black Forest Cake/Black Forest Cake in Cooker.

How to make Black Forest Cake Recipe/Homemade Black Forest Cake Recipe/Black Forest Cake Without Oven Recipe with step by step pictures. Hi foodies! Christmas is coming closer here is a scrumptious homemade black forest recipe for you. This recipe of black forest cake is made without using oven or microwave. The cake is baked in a pressure cooker. This recipe contains eggs in its ingredient, if you are vegetarian avoid

Bread Roll Recipe/Stuffed Bread Roll Recipe/Fried Stuffed Bread Roll Recipe.

How to make Bread Roll Recipe/Stuffed Bread Roll Recipe/Fried Stuffed Bread Roll Recipe. Hi foodies! Here is a scrumptious and mouth watering appetizer stuffed bread rolls recipe for you. This is an easy and simple Indian recipe of homemade fried stuffed bread rolls. Here the spiced potato stuffing is covered with bread. Packed garam masala of everest brand is used, you can use any brands garam masala for this bread

Steamed Chocolate Biscuits Cake Recipe/Steamed Chocolate Craker Cake Recipe.

How to make Steamed Chocolate Biscuits Cake Recipe/Steamed Chocolate Craker Cake Recipe with step by step pictures. Hi buddies! Here is a homemade steamed chocolate biscuit cake recipe for you. This recipe is an easy and simple biscuit cake recipe. Fewer ingredients are required to make this cake recipe at home without oven. This cake recipe not requires oven, microwave or pressure cooker. Steamed sponge cake recipe where the cake

Thekua Recipe/Khajoor Recipe/Meethe Khastte Recipe.

How to make Thekua Recipe/Khajur Recipe /Khajoor Recipe /Meethe Khaste Recipe with step by step picture. Thekua is homemade cookies or a sweet snack popular in north and east India. Thekuas are mostly made on karwa chott and chatt pooja. Thekua comes from bihar and Jharkhand gastronomy. Thekua is an north Indian dessert. Thekua is a best tea time snacks. Scrumptious, crispy and crunchy cookies recipe that you can make

Soya Bean Kebab Recipe.

How to make Soya Bean Kebabs with step by step pictures. Kebabs are usually made of lamp meat and a popular appetizer served in the parties. Here’s a appetizing soya bean kebab recipe for the vegetarian eaters delight. Soya bean are the best substitute to meat and fish.Recipe of soya bean kebabs are the easy and simple to make recipe. If you want to switch to vegetarian diet than soya

Dahi Bhalle Recipe/Dahi Vada Recipe.

How to make Dahi Bhalle/Dahi Vada. Hi foodies! Here is homemade dahi vada/dahi bhalle recipe for you. Dahi bhallas are dumplings made of deep fried urad dal served with chilled yogurt and tamarind chutney. It is a popular street food and appetizer. Dahi vadas needs preparation to be done before hand like tamarind chutney. Here I have added tamarind chutney but you can also add green chutney. It too tastes

Aloo Chips Veg Twist

Hi all Today I am Sharing a snack from made of aloo chips. I like aloo chips/ potato chips a lot. We usually fry chips and eat it like that. I thought of mixing some veggies with potato chips. Its super quick and easy to cook. Just needed few ingredients and your yummy snack is ready. It can be new and super cool snack for your kid too. lest begin

Ajwain Papdi Recipe/ Papdi for chaats Recipe.

Ajwain Papdi Recipe/Papdi for Chaats Recipe. Hello foodies! Here is easy and simple tea time snacks recipe for you. Papdi is easy homemade snacks. Here I have used ajwain/carom seeds which add to the taste and aroma to the papadi. You can also use some other spices of your choice. Ajwain papdi is one of the best travelling snacks. This is a superlative namkeen recipe and a scrumptious Indian snacks.

Puffed Rice Chivda/Bhajke Poha Chivda

Puffed rice chivda / how to make bhajke poha chivda with step by step pictures. Puffed rice chivda/bhajke poha chivda is mostly made on diwali. Here I m sharing easy and mouth watering recipe of home made puffed rice/bhajke poha chiwda with you. Prep your ingredients to save time because in this process you need to fry the ingredients one after the other. Puffed rice/bhajke pohe is a maharashtrian snacks

Mathri Recipe

Mathri recipe / How to make crispy mathri recipe with step by step pictures. Hii!! Buddies today I am sharing mathri recipe with you. Mathri is a north Indian snacks. Mathri is a spiced cracker, made up of maida/refind flour but here I have also added wheat flour and sooji/semolina to it. Scrumptious and crispy mathris mystery lies in the masala or ingredients used to prepare dough and its frying

Karanji Recipe/Gujiya Recipe

Hi buddies!!! In diwali we all rush to prepare different snacks and desserts, while karanji requires a little more time and hard work. Scrumptious semicircular diwali dessert. Here, I am sharing my mom’s special recipe for karanji. Even I and my mom make karanji on Rajab. Rajab is the momedian festival, on this occasion karanji is had with kheer and it tastes delicious. Karanji contains the rich flavour of roasted