Stuffed Banana (Sweet Pazham Nirachath)

pazham nirachathu

pazham pori

Hi Friends,

I am Rahana Rani To day Sharing with u South Indian Snacks in kerala (malabar ) Pazham nirachathu looksdelicious and banana vitamins wonderful snacks . If your are searching for a quick , simple , healthy ,filling andnutritious snacks, this might be a good it some times getting kids to eat banana can be a real challenge, so i’malways thinking of fun new ways to present it to little ones who resist it . keep must to them healthy and strongpazham nirachathu is the malayalam word for stuffed banana. yummy snacks. so we try it very easy and tasty please try it.

How To Make Sweet Pazham Nirachathu/ Stuffed Plantain


  1. Ripe bananas – 2
  2. Oil
  3. For Fillings –
  4. grated coconut – 1/2 cup
  5. sugar – 100 gm
  6. cardamom powder – 2 tsp
  7. cashew nuts, pista , raisins – 50 gms
  8. ghee – 2 tsp
  9. For Batter-
  10. maida- 1/2 cup
  11. salt – one pinch
  12. turmaric powder- one pinch


pazham pori1

Stuffed Banana with step by step picture.

pazham pori2

heat ghee in a pan then fry cashews and raisins drain it on a kitchen towel . In a pan heat ghee then add grated coconut saute for few minutes in a medium flame.

In a pan heat ghee then add grated coconut saute for few minutes in a medium flame.

then add sugar in to it,saute well

saute well till sugar melts and the coconut become light creamy color.saute in  low flame.

then add cardamom powder and fried raisins, pista and cashews. mix well.switch off the stove and transfer the filling to a bowl.
pazham pori 3

In a bowl add maida salt and water.mix well and make a a fine thick batter.keep aside.

peel banana and make a shallow slit lengthwise(one end to another.depth should be made until center,near the seeds).

make a gap in the slit using fingers.take a portion of the coconut filling then gently fill coconut filling in to the slit,push the stuff inside the banana as much as you can

then just cover the slit with maida batter.

pazham pori 5

pazham pori 6

pazham pori 7

heat oil in a pan place the banana in to it.the slit should be down side.

after few minutes turn all sides and fry till banana becomes golden color.

serve with tea or coffee.

you can use egg instead of coconut or you can use both.Adjust sugar as per your taste.depends on the size of banana you can use more or less coconut.
pazham pori finish