Chicken dishes are a favourite in my family especially among kids.  So I always try to cook chicken in different ways . Today’s recipe is Chicken Varattiyathu which is very popular in Kerala.  I have already shared nadan chicken curry (with coconut milk) and Chicken Varutharachathu.  Both these recipes make use of coconut, the first one needs coconut milk and the second needs roasted coconut both of which I was in


Chicken biryani –  is a tasty rice dish which is widely made throughout India.  There are various variations to this biryani from place to place.  Thalassery biryani is very famous in Kerala whereas there are many varieties of biryani in Tamil Nadu like Ambur biryani, Thalappakatti biryani and so on.  Today, I am sharing an easy method of making this delicious rice dish. This method of making chicken biryani makes use


Today, I am sharing a very tasty and easy to make curry for rice which is made with snake gourd.  I have already shared the recipe of snake gourd curry, which was a Kerala style preparation but today’s recipe is a different one.  Here the spices and coconut is roasted and the curry is made.  This gives a nice flavor and taste to the curry.  Now to the recipe Ingredients


Today’s recipe is an extremely delicious prawns biryani .  Usually I make biryani in Kerala style but today, I wanted to try something different.  I started browsing for recipes and definitely I got many wonderful recipes out of which this one caught my attention.  The biryani is made using pressure cooker – a very easy to make one pot meal.  Final result was an extremely tasty, flavourful biryani.  Now to

tomato pulao recipe

  Tomato pulao – is an easy and tasty rice dish.  Apart from being an easy to prepare rice dish, it is also tasty and can be easily packed.  Serve it with some raita and done.  I usually make tomato rice and serve it with cucumber raita.  Now to the recipe…. Ingredients required basmati rice – 1 cup onion  – 1 tomato  – 2 (medium) water  – 1 1/4 cup

rava ladoo (with condensed milk)

Rava ladoo is a very popular Indian sweet dish. It is very easy to make and tasty too.  There are various versions of rava ladoo, but today i am sharing the easiest method of making it using condensed milk.  Now to the recipe… Ingredients required rava / semolina  – 1 1/2 cups ghee  – 1/2 cup fresh grated coconut / desiccated coconut  – 1/2 cup condensed milk  – 1 1/4

vegetable kurma recipe

Today, I am sharing a kurma recipe which can be served as a side dish for idiyappam.  Idiyappam as I told you before is a very popular South Indian breakfast item.  Though it is served with egg curry , chicken curry and so on, but vegetarians can definitely try this kurma recipe.. Ingredients required mixed vegetables  – 2 cups onion – 1 (big) ginger – 1 inch piece (crushed) tomato


Today’s recipe is another easy and tasty recipe which is available in all the restaurants in India – tomato soup.  Now a days, variety of soups are available in the restaurants and you also get packets available from which you can make soups very easily but I always feel that the soup which we make at home with fresh vegetables tastes great.  Now to the recipe.. Ingredients required tomatoes  –


Today, I am sharing idiyappam recipe, which is another popular breakfast item in Kerala.  It is made with roasted rice flour and coconut.  Idiyappam or nool puttu as we call it, is one of my favorite breakfast item.  Serve it with some potato stew or with kurma or with egg curry, it tastes great. Now to the recipe.. Ingredients required rice flour  –  2 cups water – 2 – 2


Stew / Ishtu is a Kerala based dish made with potatoes and is served along with idiyappam, appam, or in my place, it is also served with idli.  As with any other dish, this dish also has got different versions depending on the region.  Some make it with addition of whole spices, but in our place we cook potatoes in coconut milk without any whole spices.  It is not necessary

Peanut chutney / verkadalai chutney

Today, I am sharing another chutney recipe which is made with peanuts.  Peanuts are very healthy and with peanuts , coconut and other spices, you can make delicious chutney which can be served with idly / dosa.  Now to the recipe.. Ingredients required peanuts / kadala  – 1/2 cup green chilly  – 2 garlic   –  4 ginger – 1 small piece coconut (scraped)  – 1 tablespoon tamarind  – little

instant ragi dosa

Today, I am sharing an instant dosa recipe.  We all know that ragi is very rich in calcium and today’s recipe is a healthy yet tasty ragi dish.  It is nothing but dosa made with ragi.  Now you may think – Dosa ? It needs soaking, grinding, fermentation.  Lot of process.  But today’s recipe is a very easy, healthy and instant dosa recipe which can be made within a very

bittergourd stir fry

Pavakka mezhukkupuratti is a typical Kerala dish and one which I don’t prefer a lot.  But I think bitter gourd is one healthy vegetable.  Today, I am sharing a recipe that is prepared in my family.  Here I have added twice the number of onions as it will reduce the bitterness to an extend and also when you add tamarind extract, the bitterness again gets reduced.  Now to the recipe..

egg bhurji

Today, I am sharing an easy to make egg recipe – egg bhurji or mutta upperi as we call in Malayalam.  It is very easy to make and can be served for breakfast or for dinner.  I made it for lunch and served it along with pepper rasam.  Now, to the recipe.. Ingredients required eggs – 2 onion – 1 green chilly tomato  – 1 ginger  – one small piece

tutti frutti cake

Today’s recipe is a cake made with tutti frutti / candied fruit.  Candied fruit / tutti frutti is preserved fruit that has been dipped several times in concentrated sugar syrup.  This process preserves the original color and shape and gives it a smooth shiny coating, and a sweet taste.  I have added 1/2 cup of tutti frutti here in this recipe, but the interesting part is that you can adjust

pepper rasam

Pepper rasam is a very popular South Indian delicacy.  Though I am not a big fan of rasam, nor do I prepare it very often, but this is one such dish which tastes great with steamed rice.  Pour a teaspoon of ghee and it tastes yumm… Moreover this is a best medicine to cure cold and fever.  I usually grind the masala for rasam in mortar and pestle, but you

kadala curry

Today I am sharing the recipe of kadala curry or channa curry.  It is a very tasty accompaniment for puttu.  Kadala is a malayalam word for channa and here for this recipe, normal whole brown channa is made use of.  Puttu and kadala curry for puttu is a very tasty and healthy breakfast dish served in Kerala and is usually served with kadala curry.  Kadala curry can also be served with

vazhakkai varuval

Vazhakkai varuval is a very tasty side dish for rice.  Vazhakkai is a tamil word which means plantain.  Here raw plantain is made use of for making this dish.  As I told you before, this is a very tasty side dish.  I was very lazy to prepare an elaborate lunch, so made an easy lunch with pepper rasam, egg burji and some vazhakkai poriyal.  It was a very yummy combination,

idli with sambar

Idli / idly  – is a very popular Indian food.  It is a traditional breakfast in South India but very popular through out the country.  It can be considered as a steamed rice cake.  I always keep idli / dosa batter ready in refrigerator.  It makes my job easier during busy morning hours.  I have always noticed that whenever I have idli / dosa batter ready, I am not at

beans potato mezhukkupuratti

Today’s recipe is yet another easy side dish for rice made with a mixture of beans and potato.  This is a best way to make use of all the left over vegetables.  When ever I buy vegetables, I usually keep few beans, potatoes, carrots aside so that I can make use of it while making vegetable biryani, but some remains unused and then I chop all the left over vegetables