rava ladoo (with condensed milk)

Rava ladoo is a very popular Indian sweet dish. It is very easy to make and tasty too.  There are various versions of rava ladoo, but today i am sharing the easiest method of making it using condensed milk.  Now to the recipe…

rava ladoo

Ingredients required

rava / semolina  – 1 1/2 cups

ghee  – 1/2 cup

fresh grated coconut / desiccated coconut  – 1/2 cup

condensed milk  – 1 1/4 cup

cardamom pods  – 2 – 3

milk  – 1 tablespoon

cashewnuts  – 10 – 15

raisins – 10


1.  In a pan, heat 1 teaspoon of ghee and add fresh coconut.  Saute nicely till it becomes light brown in color.  If you are using desiccated coconut, then you can omit this step.  Transfer it to another plate.  Wipe the pan with a tissue or a clean cloth.

2.  In the same pan, add ghee.  When ghee is hot enough, add cashew and fry till it starts changing color.  Transfer it to another plate.  Next add raisins and once it puffs up, transfer it to another plate.

3.  Then add semolina / rava and roast nicely on medium flame till it becomes light golden color.

4.  Then add roasted coconut and saute for few more minutes and then add roasted nuts and cardamom powder.  Mix well.  Then add condensed milk.  Mix well. Turn off the stove.

5.  Leave it aside to cool.  When it is warm enough to handle, take small portions and make small balls.

6.  Rava ladoo with condensed milk is ready.