Oats Uthappam recipe/ Simple Break fast Recipe

Oats Uthappam recipe/ Simple Break fast Recipe

Hi all today I am sharing with u my simple and interesting uthappam recipe by using oats.  Oats uthappam is a healthy breakfast. The main ingredients are oats, semolina and curd. You can serve oats uthappam with tomato chutney.

Lets see the making of oats oothappam bellow with detailed images. Please send your feed backs in comment box.

Ingredients for making oats uthappam

  1. Oats e 1 cup
  2. Semolina 1 cup
  3. Curd ½ cup
  4. Water 1 cup
  5. Ginger garlic paste ½ table spoon
  6. Cumin powder ¼ table spoon
  7. Salt to taste
  8. Onion finely chopped ½ cup
  9. Carrot finely chopped ½ cup
  10. Beans ½ cup


Just dry roast the oats and then put it in a blender, make a fine powder. Then transfer it in to a large mixing bowl.

Add curd, semolina and water as needed. Mix it well and make a thick batter.

Now add salt to taste, ginger garlic paste and cumin powder, combine well.

Heat a non stick pan and pour a ladle full batter and spread it (do not spread too much). Sprinkle the vegetables, if you want it a spicy you can add green chili also.

Cook it on the both sides for few minutes; you can make 2 or 3 uthappam at a time that depending on the pan that you are using.

Now its ready to serve with chutney or any gravy.

Oats Uthappam recipe/ Simple Break fast Recipe