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how to make oats idli recipe

Idli is a common breakfast item in South India.  It is prepared using rice and urad dal and takes a long time for preparation with soaking, grinding, and fermentation.  But today, I am sharing an instant idli recipe made with oats.  Oats is healthy, rich in fiber, and when mixed with rava and other spices, it makes wonderful idlis that tastes great with coconut chutney and sambar. I have used


Instant rava idli is a very popular South Indian breakfast.  It is an instant and easy to make recipe.  It is made with rava or sooji or semolina.  Rava is mixed with dal and curd and steam cooked to make soft idlis.The method of making this idli is very easy.  Temper all the ingredients, add curd, little water mix well.  Add eno fruit salt or baking soda or baking powder

Sindhi Poha Recipe / Kanda Batata Poha Recipe

Sindhi-Style Poha Recipe / Kanda Batata Poha Recipe with Step by Step Pictures. Hello foodies. Looking for healthy breakfast recipes, are we? Today I sharing the recipe of Sindhi-Style Poha. This the one which is prepared at  my grandmother’s place and also my place. We like our breakfast filling and delicious and would go an extra mile to make it so. Poha is called beaten rice flakes in English. It

Upma Recipe With Step by Step Pictures

Hello buddies. Today I am sharing a very healthy breakfast recipe – Upma recipe with step by step pictures. Upma, a traditional South Indian breakfast dish, is a thick porridge made with semolina or sooji/rava what it is called in Hindi. Upma is a very nutritious breakfast. I made about 3 varieties of upma. This one is one of them. I intend to share the other two recipes soon. This is

idli with sambar

Idli / idly  – is a very popular Indian food.  It is a traditional breakfast in South India but very popular through out the country.  It can be considered as a steamed rice cake.  I always keep idli / dosa batter ready in refrigerator.  It makes my job easier during busy morning hours.  I have always noticed that whenever I have idli / dosa batter ready, I am not at

kuthiravalli ada dosa

Adai / ada dosa is a famous dosa variety in South India.  It with made with rice and other pulses.  The addition of pulses make it a very healthy and nutritious dish.   We usually make ada dosa for breakfast and serve it with avial.  Though, it can also be served with idli powder or coconut chutney but the avial gives a lift to the dish.  Today, I have made ada dosa

rava dosa

Every morning is a new beginning for us thinking about what to make for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  A breakfast provides us with the energy required for the rest of the day.  So I always make it a point to make my daughter to eat enough before she leaves for her school.  But as I have told you before about her food habits, she wants something new every day and

Paneer paratha recipe

Paneer paratha is an Indian flatbread made with whole wheat flour and stuffed with paneer / cottage cheese filling and flavored with Indian spices.  It is a very healthy breakfast or dinner option.  This paratha can be served with curd / raita or green chutney and pickle.  Usually I make idli / dosa for breakfast, but after trying stuffed parathas, there is no looking back.  Now we make parathas at

rava upma

Upma needs no introduction to a South Indian. It is a South Indian breakfast dish.  But apart from that I also make it in the evening for my daughter, when I feel that she hasn’t taken enough vegetables.  Here I have given the recipe for an upma made with semolina.  To increase the nutritional value, vegetables are also added to it.  Upma can also be made with vermicelli, poha, bread and so on. 

puttu upma

Puttu ularthiyathu / puttu upma is a traditional Kerala dish which can be prepared from fresh puttu or left over puttu.  I have already shared the recipe of puttu.  Puttu is a traditional breakfast dish in Kerala and is served with pazham which means banana and papad or with kadala curry (black chickpeas curry).  Puttu with kadala curry is a very tasty combination.  But sometimes at home, we have some

vermicelli upma

    Semiya upma / vermicelli upma is a popular South Indian breakfast dish.  It is made from vermicelli, mixed vegetables and other spices.  I try this recipe very often and is a hit in my family.  This is a very simple version of vermicelli upma with loads of vegetables and no extra spice powders added to it.  Not only for breakfast, it is great for snack also. In this