February 2015

potato masala

Potato masala is a very tasty and superb combination for poori.  There is yet another version of poori masala available without tomatoes and that is the one we regularly make at home for poori.  But this potato masala with tomatoes is not only a tasty combination for poori’s but it tastes great with dosa or chapathi’s also.  Potato masala is one of the easy to follow and tasty recipe.  Other

kadai paneer

Today’s recipe is another paneer based dish which is served as a sidedish for roti which all of you might be well aware of – Kadai paneer.  The name is “kadai paneer” derived from the way it is cooked.  In India, kadai means a “wok”, not like a Chineese wok, Indian wok is much deeper.  Among the many paneer recipes available, paneer butter masala, matar paneer, kadai paneer and palak paneer are


Pesarattu is a very classic and tasty dish from Andhra Pradesh.  Andhra pesarattu and MLA pesarattu are both famous breakfast dish.  Pesarattu is a very healthy protein packed breakfast dish made from green gram.  It is usually served with ginger pachadi or allam pachadi.  Both together it is a wonderful combination.  But sometimes, when I don’t get time, I prepare coconut chutney and today, I didn’t have coconut with me,

mangalore bonda recipe

Today’s recipe is a tasty snack – Mangalore bonda.  Bonda is a very famous South Indian snack which has got different variations in different regions.  There are various versions of bonda available like, bread bonda, urulakizhangu bonda, mutta bonda and so on.  Today’s special is another tasty bonda recipe from mangalore, which is very tasty, spongy and absolutely yumm… Serve it with some coconut chutney and you will definitely love

Coconut rice / Thenga sadam

Thengai sadam / coconut rice is a very tasty rice variety from South India.  Variety rice are always an interesting change from kootan and upperi.  It is easy to prepare and can be served with a simple side dish like potato roast.  This is one such dish which can be prepared during busy morning hours.  The flavor of this rice comes from the roasted coconut and the addition of cashews

rava uttappam

This is one of the easiest breakfast option and I make it very often whenever I run out of idli / dosa batter or when I want something instant.  As I have already stated, breakfast is very important in our daily lives and this is a perfect dish which you can make easily even when you are busy getting ready for office, or school.  Make this instant dosa easily  and

sweet corn pie

I am sharing a corn recipe –  sweet corn pie.  Here except corn,  I have made use of ingredients which are readily available at home, onion, tomato, garlic, pepper and cheese.  Try this and hope you like it.  Now to the recipe.. Ingredients required For dough all purpose flour / maida  – 2 cups salt – 1 teaspoon baking powder – 1/4 teaspoon butter – 1/2 cup cold water –

kadai cauliflower

Here I have made this curry in the way I usually make kadai paneer.  But I have added potatoes also along with this as potatoes are rich in starch and since this dish is prepared for kids, I had a feeling that more the usage of vegetables, much better it would be and potato is one veg which is liked by most of the kids. Ingredients required cauliflower –  1

cheera curry / Kerala style curry / dal palak curry

  Cheera is a Malayalam word for spinach.  This dish is an easy to make side dish for rice which has spinach, dal / lentils, coconut and cumin seeds as the main ingredient.  This is a very comfort dish which can be served with rice or with roti.  In this recipe, I have made use of palak, you can make use of other spinach varieties also.  Dal with palak is

Besan bread toast / besan toast

Besan toast is an easy to make snack or breakfast item.  It can also be considered as a very healthy snack for kids and adults alike.  Now a days, bread has become an important part in our day to day lives and there are numerous recipes which can be made with bread as a main ingredient.  Starting from simple bread omelette to sandwiches, every dish is tasty in its own

masala dal

Here’s another  recipe made with moong dal.  I had written down the recipe from some book (don’t remember the name as it was long back). While going through some old recipe books, I found this recipe and made it. It was a variation to the normal dal recipe in which coconut is not added.  This was a very flavourful recipe with the addition of coconut, cloves, cinnamon stick, onion and khus


Puliogare is a variety rice which is made out of tamarind pulp.  This is a famous delicacy of South India.  As I have already told you I was in Chennai for a few years and it was during my stay in Chennai that I learnt the process of making this wonderful rice variety.  It is very easy to make and very tasty too.  A sauce called as puli kachal (which

pink paratha

Paratha is one dish which is easily accepted in my family without any fuss.  .  Usually I pack aloo paratha, methi paratha, methi thepla, mooli parathas and so on.  Most of the kids being picky eaters it becomes difficult to give them the right nutrition.  I have already shared with you about my daughter and I have followed this method of grating the vegetables and adding it to the dough

palakkadan sambar

Today’s recipe is Palakkadan sambar.  Sambar is a very imporatant dish in South India.  It is served along with rice, with idli / dosa.  As I have told you before, there are various kinds of sambar available.  Most of them are made with sambar powder, but Palakkadan sambar is one made with freshly ground spices, and coconut which makes it very unique.  You can make use of various kinds of

Coconut chutney/ Thenga chutney

Today’s recipe is a very simple one which all of you might be familiar of – coconut chutney.  There is nothing new about this recipe and is a very big recipe to boast about.  But since I have shared the recipe of pesarattu, pongal and also I am sharing many South Indian recipes, I thought of sharing this recipe also.  Coconut chutney has a very important place in South Indian

payar mezhukkupuratti

Achinga payar mezhukkupuratti / long beans stir fry is a very commonly made side dish for lunch.  It is a very healthy and tasty side dish which can be easily prepared for lunch. Achinga payar is a Malayalam word for long beans.   Coming to the health benefits, long beans are low in fat content, is an excellent source of protein, fiber, folic acid and complex carbohydrates.  The addition of

Oats muesli

“Oh God… no time to eat”.  This is a usual word from most of the working women.  No time to eat breakfast, and a little bit lunch. And when they get time at night everything is had together.  This leads to a lot of health problems.  There is a saying “have breakfast like a king and dinner like a pauper”.  This is a rule which is not obeyed these days.  A healthy breakfast

vegetable oats porridge

In today’s world, oats has gained popularity and is considered as a very healthy breakfast.  They are low in calories , great for weight management, and helps to fight against diseases like breast cancer, type 2 diabetics, heart diseases and blood pressure.  It is also believed that oats can considerably reduce cholestrol levels in your body.  Oats contain a good quantity of magnesium, protein and dietary fiber,  which makes them

olan|kerala sadya recipe

Since Vishu is very nearby, I thought I would share some of our authentic sadya recipes with you and this is one among them.  I have seen my mother and grandmother preparing olan at home, I have tasted it and I loved the taste but I never thought of doing it myself.  Then finally I decided to make it when my mother came home this time.  With her guidance I

rava dosa

Every morning is a new beginning for us thinking about what to make for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  A breakfast provides us with the energy required for the rest of the day.  So I always make it a point to make my daughter to eat enough before she leaves for her school.  But as I have told you before about her food habits, she wants something new every day and