Hershey's Cocoa & Salted Caramel Milkshake Recipe

Hershey’s Cocoa & Salted Caramel Milkshake Recipe with Step by Step Pictures. Hello foodies! My salted caramel madness is still on! Previously I shared the recipe of lusciously, silky, gorgeous salted caramel. Thereafter, I used it to make Salted Caramel Cappuccino. Now I am sharing one of the most sumptuous milkshake recipes I have ever made! Rich, thick, cold, creamy with intense flavor of salty caramel and bitterness from the

Salted Caramel Cappuccino Recipe

Salted Caramel Cappuccino Recipe with Step by Step Pictures. Hi again, foodies! As promised, I am back with another decadent drink recipe made with salted caramel sauce.Today I am sharing the recipe of Salted Caramel Cappuccino. Winters are here and now you can enjoy all your favorite hot beverages and keep warm. This is a building on recipe. You need to have a couple of things prepared in irder to make this


Today’s recipe is mango milkshake – a refreshing drink which is liked by many people.  It is very easy to prepare and needs just a few steps.  Moreover, it is healthy and filling. Peel and chop the mangoes, blend them along with milk.  Mango milkshake is ready.  Here I have added 1 teaspoon of sugar.  But this step is optional.  If you feel that the mangoes are sweet enough, then

Virgin Mojito Recipe

Hi, foodie fellas. You might have noticed a string of mocktail recipes that I had posted recently until it started raining. Well, guess what? It didn’t rain today and the Sun was shining with all its might again. So I am adding another gem to the mocktail crown. This recipe is for Virgin Mojito that I made today. It’s a mocktail, hence, non-alcoholic, and can be enjoyed by kids and

Hand-Beaten Coffee Recipe / Indian Cappuccino

Hello, dear buddies. Today’s recipe is a much requested one. It’s the recipe for Hand Beaten Coffee, also known as Indian Cappuccino. This coffee is deliciously creamy, rich and frothy. A bit time-consuming but you can make the concentrate in advance. Beaten coffee is very different from the regular coffee we make at home using instant coffee powders. This one is certainly a nice upgrade, because of its opulence and

Jam Jar Oreo Milkshake with Ice-Cream Recipe

Hi again, foodies. Summer is getting brutal with every passing day, isn’t it? Let’s combat the heat with something cold and soothing. Presenting to you the Extra Thick Jam Jar Oreo Milkshake! Oreos are the most beloved little cookies and boy oh boy they are so versatile! You might have seen many recipes that use regular Oreos with the vanilla cream filling. However, I used the one with chocolate cream

Mango Milkshake Recipe

Hi again. I am back with another cool recipe, this time it’s a milkshake! Mango milkshake is one of my favorite milkshakes of all time. It’s nutritious and filling at the same time. When you pick mangoes for making mango milkshake, use good variety. Choose mangoes that are not fibrous. They should be ripe, firm, fleshy and juicy. Alphonso mangoes are your best bet. But if you do not get them,

Aam Panna Recipe / Raw Mango Cooler Recipe

Hi again, foodies. Looking for a quick summer cooler recipe, are we? It’s May and India is experiencing the typical, extremely scorching summer. Hence, it becomes necessary to make summer coolers at home rather than endlessly glugging store-bought aerated soft-drinks. Not only homemade coolers are refreshing, they are nutritious too.   Today I am sharing the recipe of Aam Panna. It is the most amazing summer cooler made from sour

Watermelon Gingerade Recipe with Step-by-Step Pictures

Hello again, dear buddies. Hope you are having a great start to your weekend. So I am back with another summer special recipe. It’s a cold, fruity beverage, the Watermelon Gingerade. Watermelons, especially the red ones, are so very refreshing. Their flavor, sweetness, and color will make you go crazy for it during the scorching summers. That’s what lends this drink it amazing bright red color. For some flavor, I

How To Make Mango Lassi

Hi again, foodie fellas! It is a beautiful sunny day, isn’t it? It’s Saturday afternoon and the Sun is shining bright with all its might, as April approaches its end. Speaking of April, the summers here are pretty rough and not to mention hot. When we are feeling helpless about the heat, again, food comes to our rescue. I prepare a variety of summer coolers during the hot days; Lemonde,

Thandai Recipe

Hello folks. Festivity is here once again, and I am here with a very special recipe for the occasion. It’s Holi, the festival of colors that would be celebrated tomorrow. Food is obviously the most important aspect of celebrations, and Holi has its own special menu. Gujiyas, thandai, jalebis, ghears and what not! Today I made two such very special Holi recipes, which I am sure you would love to

Lemon Iced Tea Recipe

I love to have beverages with my meals, especially with snacks. Sandwiches, nachos, fries and sizzlers are incomplete without a tall glass of iced tea on the side. I like the lemon iced tea that I make from the store-bought iced tea powder. So I said to myself, why not make iced tea from scratch at home. I tried 5 to 6 different recipes of iced tea and this one

Banana-Almond Smoothie Recipe

Not a single summer-day goes by without a Smoothie or Iced-tea. But why wait for summers to slurp on these amazing coolers? I often make smoothies, milkshakes and iced- teas throughout the year. Today is about banana smoothie recipe, which is incredibly quick and simple. I added some almonds to make it healthier and tastier. Coarsely ground almonds also render a great texture to the smoothie. Full-cream milk is better

Ginger-Pandan Leaves Tea Recipe

Ginger Pandan Leaves Tea, Summers have faded away. The mere look at the cloudy sky makes us crave for a cup of piping hot tea. What’s more comforting than having onion pakodas with tea after coming home tired from work? It gets even better with flavored tea! Are you a fan of flavored tea as well? Well, this is your lucky day! Because, today I am sharing the recipe of