Manju Modiyani

Pithla Recipe

Hi again, dear foodies! Today I am going to share the recipe for ‘Pithla’, which is one of the most iconic preparations from Maharashtra. Pithla is a side-dish made from gram flour, tempered with spices and cooked to perfection. Pithla is usually had with jowar bhakri,i.e., the flatbread made from pearl millet. Pithla and bhakri is the most cherished duo in the world of Maharashtrian food. We have always had a

Gajarachi Koshimbir Recipe

Hello buddies. Today I am sharing the recipe of ‘Gajarachi Koshimbir’. It is a Maharashtrian recipe and has carrots as its main ingredient. Carrots are called gajar in Marathi. Summers are here and koshimbir is something a lot of people enjoy. It’s a good break from the plain old salads. I like my carrot koshimbir cold and they provide a momentary respite from the hotness of food. This one has

Gheeyar Recipe / Ghear Recipe

Hi again, foodie buddies! Hope you are having a ball today playing with colors and enjoying special food on the occasion of Holi! We have been making preparations since yesterday, making sweets and beverages that are enjoyed at our place with great fervor. Yesterday, I shared the recipe of Thandai, which you can find here. Today I am sharing the recipe of Gheeyar or Ghear. It is basically a Sindhi specialty.

Thandai Recipe

Hello folks. Festivity is here once again, and I am here with a very special recipe for the occasion. It’s Holi, the festival of colors that would be celebrated tomorrow. Food is obviously the most important aspect of celebrations, and Holi has its own special menu. Gujiyas, thandai, jalebis, ghears and what not! Today I made two such very special Holi recipes, which I am sure you would love to

The Best Carrot Cake Recipe

Hello folks. Hope you had a lovely weekend. Like any other Sunday, yesterday was special too. I baked a carrot cake under my Mom’s supervision. There is a very popular saying. “When you cook, follow your heart. When you bake, follow the recipe.” Apparently, Mom doesn’t believe in it. She loves to experiment with baking too and would alter the recipes as she deems fit. This recipe is adapted from

Cheese-Filled Veggie Cutlets with Spring Onion Dip Recipe

Hello again buddies! It’s been a really fun-filled week for me, or rather a food-filled one. Mom and I have been on baking spree and ended up baking four different cakes in the span of two days, the recipes of which I will share soon. And just right now we both finished making yummilicious cutlets. Who doesn’t like cutlets that are crispy on the outside and have a center flooded with

Pista Kulfi Recipe / Pistachio Kulfi Recipe

Summer is here and what’s a better way to welcome the season of fun with delicious, chilled desserts and drinks. Today’s recipe is pista kulfi / pistachio kulfi. Kulfi is an Indian ice-cream, which is like egg-less ice-cream. It is made from milk by reducing it. Something to thicken up the milk is also used; milk powder or cornflour. I added some unsweetened khoya because it yields a richer and

Mysore Masala Dosa Recipe

Hello dear foodies. Hope you had a great Saturday feasting on delicious food! So coming to today’s recipe, it Mysore Masala Dosa! One of my all time favorites, this south Indian delicacy is popular across the nation. Mysore Masala Dosa is a bit different from the usual Masala Dosa. Mysore Masala Dosa is spicy and it gets its heat from the special chutney that is applied onto it. The potato filling is usually a

Veggie Delight Pizza Recipe

Hello folks. Weekend is coming and most of us are always looking for something special to cook during that time. So today’s recipe is a vegetarian pizza recipe. Believe me when I say that this is a real treat for the vegetarians out there. It has everything you would want on your pizza. Hence the name – Veggie Delight Pizza. Making pizzas from scratch can be quite a task. So

Dhaba Style Dal Makhani Recipe

  Hello foodie buddies! I hope you had a great Sunday and enjoyed delicious food. Sundays are always special. I have a lot of free time and hence I always make it a point to cook something nice, and kind of comforting. This Sunday I prepared Dal Makhani, and that too dhaba style. I served it with Jeera Rice. That’s how they prefer it at my place. Dal Makhani pairs

Sev Recipe

When it comes to Indian street food, sev holds a very special spot. It looks a lot like vermicelli and is made from besan or bengal gram flour. You can find a lot of varieties of sev; thin, thick, salty, spicy, sets-my-mouth-on-fire- spicy etc. It makes for an amazing garnish for bhel-puri, sev-puri, ragda-pattice and many more delicacies. Sev can be had as is. It tastes equally delicious as you munch

Brine for Chicken Recipe

Have you ever wished that the chicken you cooked were juicier and more tender? It often happens with many of us that no matter how much we take care, chicken often turns out to be stringy and rubbery. This is primarily because of the age and quality of chicken we get here, as well as how long we cook it.  Nevertheless, we seldom get desired results, until now! Today I am

Aloo-Tikki Sandwich Recipe

Hello dear foodies! I am back again after a long break and this time with a yumilicious sandwich recipe! Like I said before, sandwiches are a quick fix to your hunger pangs. You can create a sandwich out of anything if you have the basic ingredients at hand. This time I made Aloo- Tikki Sandwich. Potato sandwiches are too mainstream, and so I decided to first make a delicious patty

Fried Chicken Strips with Hot 'n' Sweet Cheese Dip

Hello dear foodies. Today I am sharing the recipe of fried chicken strips. This fried chicken is quite similar to what you get in KFC, only tastier and more pocket-friendly. It is very important to brine the chicken before you deep fry it. It will get cooked easily, faster and won’t have a stringy or rubbery texture. Brining is the technique which involves preparing the brine and soaking the chicken

Soy Chunks with Mixed Veggies Recipe

Hello foodie buddies. Time to cook something healthy for the family! I’m here with yet another delicious and nutritious recipe, consisting of soy and veggies, full of goodness! This one is basically a Sindhi recipe, and needs to be nicely sautéed for a little longer time. But you will be happy with outcome and the taste will justify the few extra minutes in the kitchen. I have added whatever veggies

Hara-Bhara Pulao Recipe

We Indians happen to love our rice. It doesn’t matter which part of the country we belong to, our love for rice is eternal. The versatility of rice is the reason behind our undying affection towards those long and fragrant grains of milky-white goodness. Have it plain, temper it with cumin, make biryani and pulao or simply make a dessert with rice; it tastes great anyway. I love the idea

How To Make Kolhapuri Chicken Curry

Hello buddies. I am back again; this time with a scrumptious chicken curry recipe. Kolhapuri dishes are known for setting your tongue on fire and then may be making your eyes water. But you just cannot help eating them because they are so luscious and irresistibly delectable. Kolhapuri chicken curry is one such delicacy that is hugely popular at the restaurants in Maharashtra. My family just loves spicy food and

Garlicky Paneer and Veggies with Fried Noodles Recipe

  A few days back I was sipping on Manchow soup at the restaurant with my friends. It was a really well-made soup, loaded with finely shredded vegetables and perfectly balanced in taste. The topping of fried noodles was very crispy and lent a nice texture. Then I just thought to myself, how about I make a bowlful of fried noodles and pour stew over it? The stew will have

Sindhi Kadhi Recipe

Being a Sindhi I have a strong affinity to some Sindhi delicacies. Sindhi kadhi, tomato kadhi, fried potato-capsicum, potato-okra, seal phulko, and the quintessential Sindhi Papad are the things I can never say no to. Sindhi kadhi is prepared at least once a week in our home. It’s our go-to recipe when we want to have something soupy, tangy and spicy. We like the kadhi spicy, so this recipe calls

Home-Style Tomato Soup Recipe / Indian-Style Tomato Soup

Hello dear foodies! Isn’t the weather out there getting lovelier with every passing day? Winter is on its way and the craving for delicious, hot and comforting food has already started. So why not begin with our winter food fiesta with hot and yummy tomato soup? Soups are so comforting, keeping us warm and full. Having a bowl of soup with our meals is a great way to cut back